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best fried chicken?

any recommendations for fried chicken in brooklyn?
I have an urge for it. what are some favorites?

chinese take out in brooklyn heights

any recommendations from people that live/work in the neighborhood?
I am over due for a some yummy, and not too greasy lo mein.

Ignazio's Pizza

I went last night with some friends.

Shared three pies: the white pizza, so delicious, and my favorite.
the bacon, avocado, and tomato, i think it was strange to have avocado.
the shrimp specialty pizza, also yummy.

we drank a red wine from brooklyn oenology club, soft and good with the pizza.

grimaldi's can't compare. why wait on that long line?

passover dinner in a restaurant

Hi everyone,

I have to say that:

yes it was crazy (in a fun, kitschy way)
it was quite yummy
and although not cheap, the portions were big, and I have an entire portion of their skirt steak in my freezer because the appetizers filled me up.

my group had lots of fun!

Apr 09, 2009
brooklynfoodgal in Manhattan


Had dinner at Thomas Beisl yesterday. Have been there several times over the past year and must say that the food is an improvement from a year ago.

We both ate the chicken liver terrine, I had the chicken paprika with spaetzle, friend had goulash with spaetzle. Desert was apple strudel and kaiserschmarren.

everything was tasty and authentic, portions were good. at $23 a person, with quality and portion size it was a good deal.

passover dinner in a restaurant

Thanks everyone.

I decided on Sammy's Roumanian in the LES, it should be nicely crazy and hopefully the food will be good.

a good pesach to everyone!

Mar 17, 2009
brooklynfoodgal in Manhattan

passover dinner in a restaurant

Hi everyone,

I am looking for dinner option for passover this year.

anyone know of any restaurants in manhattan or brooklyn for a cool atmosphere, doesn't have to be kosher.


Mar 13, 2009
brooklynfoodgal in Manhattan

Carroll Gardens rut...its a good thing!!!

Interesting Carol Gardens,

I have to say, having been to pit stop several times, that it wouldnt be a loss if it closed for good. The food isnt great, service lackluster, and the play area seems dangerous.

pizza recommendations in ft. greene area

has anyone tried not rays?

pizza recommendations in ft. greene area


I recently moved to ft greene and wondered if anyone could recommend a place for pizza delivery.

thanks in advance!

Fairway's Lobster Roll - a report


Just went to Jordan's 2 weeks ago, looking forward to a lobster roll.
was very disappointed with having to squeeze out the mayo from a packet, that is ridiculous. I wouldn't tell people to go there for a lobster roll.

i havent tried the other places mentioned, but fairway and mary will be on my list!

suggestions for dinner in brooklyn heights

Thanks guys,

we ended up going to Noodle pudding, which i have been to before,

pretzel bread at Almondine (DUMBO)


I cant resist the pretzel roll, it is a dangerous obsession!

suggestions for dinner in brooklyn heights

Hi everyone,

I am new to bk heights and wondered if anyone has any favorites in the area.
It seems as though there aren't that many restaurants in the area.