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looking for the best resort in ontario...

...summer time resorts in ontario to vacation for the summer...the best in high end food is a must!!!
anyone have a list of them they can send my way?!?!?!

looking for the best resort in muskoka

either for the winter or summer. anyone out there familiar with that area and places to stay and eat? $$$ is no object. just want a high end relaxing vacation.

looking for amazing italian restaurant in london ......

. want to eat at a real authentic home made italian joint.

anybody know any . also with really good wine too.

Jun 23, 2008
minnowfish in U.K./Ireland

pick yr. own mushrooms......

i want to find some wild edible mushrooms to cook with but i just can't seem to find any place to pick your own around ontario. does pick your own mushroom farms exist?

or is it something i have to chance upon in the woods?