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How to Cook Wild-Killed Venison

Both a friend and a brother-in-law are hunters, so I'm lucky enough to be the recipient of some nice cuts of venison several times a year. My husband is very averse to gamey tasting food, so I've been very careful about the way I prepare it. This was my most successful recipe so far, but it contradicts the advice given by the article's author. I cooked mine in a tagine (but you can substitute a slow cooker or Dutch oven). Here's the recipe:

We made that one with bow-hunted venison, and he loved it. Then we used a sirloin steak that his brother gave us, it was gunshot-obtained. We marinated it in olive oil, herbs, and salt and pepper, then cut into medallions and flash-fried in a pan, drizzled with a mustard-apricot sauce, and served with rosemary potatoes and chard. That was pretty delicious, too.

Jan 19, 2012
gypsyesquire in Features

Sripraphai overrated

Two words: Jungle Curry. We are very picky about where we eat because my husband is a trained chef and my hobby is preparing healthy tasty meals at home, and we jump at the chance to go to Sripraphai. When friends recently had a baby, we treated them to home delivery meal of all kinds of Srip dishes. We love the dried pork, the massaman curry, and the fish cakes. We've had a few blah dishes, but there's so much on the menu that we love and even more that we have yet to try, I have to think that the blah dishes are just like any other restaurant--things other people like, anomalies, or standards that go well with something that I didn't know to order. And as for the service, we've always found them pleasant and accommodating. It's not a place where you get quick service, but when the food comes, it's worth it.

64-13 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Jan 11, 2011
gypsyesquire in Outer Boroughs

Cooking with reconstituted pepian mole

I traveled to Mexico City last year and brought back lots of mole paste, and several bags of mole powder. Certainly, the mole paste is preferable, but I figured I could store and use the mole powder at a later date.

Now I can't remember how the vendor told me to prepare it.

Does someone have ideas about how to use pepian powder to make a tasty mole dish? This is the green pepian powder, and I'd love to make a chicken dish.

I blogged about a mole that I made shortly after I returned here:


May 07, 2009
gypsyesquire in Home Cooking

Fresh Ideas for Sugar Snap Peas

I recently made a delicious dish with fresh snap peas:

May 07, 2009
gypsyesquire in Features

Green markets, vanilla beans, and mole

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who responded. I had an excellent time in D.F. (ha ha...I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out!) and managed to go to both Xochimilco and Coyoacan. Thanks to a lovely woman at my hotel (not a super hotel, but the people were very nice--Hotel Sevilla, not the Palace, mind you, about $50 a night). The metro in Mexico City is astonishingly easy and pleasant. I've taken public transport in lots of cities all over the world, and I found this one the most agreeable. Granted, I speak some Spanish, but even without, I think it's fine. I took a train to Taxquena (sp?) and then a tren Ligero to Xochimilco. The station was under construction. so the train stopped one station away which worried me, but the walk was pleasant. I bought a lot of different kinds of mole, but couldn't find vanilla beans to save my life (I asked everywhere). I took a ton of pictures, and plan to post the best of them on my blog:

I stopped at a restaurant to get some pollo con mole, and the owner was not busy so he gave me some suggestions about how to prepare the mole. Unfortunately, he said that his secret was to add some sweet galletas to the mix, which I will probably not do.

I would love it if someone could post a good preparation for both the powdered mole and the paste.

I did make it to Coyoacan, which was a bit more difficult to navigate to be honest, but a shorter trip from where I was staying (blue line, san cosme). I took a train to Hidalgo, and from there to Coyoacan. Then took a minibus to the market..all in all, about 5 pesos. Amazing. The market in Coyoacan was not as impressive as Xochimilco, but the area was charming. I was able to find vanilla beans (man, are they expensive!) and I also found an organic cafe that had really really good food and bread. Beautiful outdoor seating as well.

If anyone wants more information, I'd be happy to share it. I plan on blogging about it when I return.

Thanks again!

Aug 04, 2008
gypsyesquire in Mexico

Green markets, vanilla beans, and mole

THANKS so much, everybody! I was despairing for a reply, since I waited to long to post on Chow. I'm here in Mexico City, and skipped out on a meeting this afternoon to stroll through just a regular old market right near my hotel (Sevilla--not the palace!) They had mole, but I wanted to wait until tomorrow to get it.

The people at the conference hotel told me not to walk, which was ridiculous...the neighborhood is fine. It was 20 minutes walking along fine streets, and the taxi would have cost 100 pesos!

People here recommended Xochimilco, and now I have directions to go there, so I think that's where I'm headed. Sounds like its about 1.5 hours from where I am in Mexico City. What do you think? Can I meet all of those requirements (mole, vanilla, and pictures) in that place? How far away is Coyoacan from Mexico City? And, another strange question, what the heck is D.F.??

Aug 02, 2008
gypsyesquire in Mexico

the BEST Granola. Ever.

Sesame seeds add a fun boost to this recipe. I've got a recipe for "the best granola ever" modeled on homemade granola that my partner and I had at a beautiful hotel on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The recipe is here:

Jul 31, 2008
gypsyesquire in Recipes

Green markets, vanilla beans, and mole

I am going to Mexico City for four days for work and have the day free this coming Sunday. From the Lonely Planet message board, someone suggested day trip to a small town outside Mexico City for some fresh mole that I could possibly bring back with me.

Can anyone help me out and tell me

1. Is there a green market I can visit in Mexico City on Sunday to take pictures and get some fresh fruit?
2. Is it possible to bring mole back?
3. Where can I buy some real vanilla beans in Mexico City? Is there a nice gourmet food shop? I'd also like to buy some nice vanilla extract.

Jul 30, 2008
gypsyesquire in Mexico

black lentils - vegetarian recipes?

Hi, JenMarie,

Your recipe sounds amazing....but are there too many flavors that it drowns out the unique taste of the beluga lentils?

May 14, 2008
gypsyesquire in Home Cooking