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Myrtle Beach Valentines day weekend

Go to website: You can find a list of some restaurants and their offerings for that special night!

Feb 01, 2013
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Myrtle Beach birthday dinner

I second Chive Blossom Cafe or Bistro 217 in Pawley's.

Sep 16, 2012
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Chive Blossom Pawley's Is.

I love Chive Blossom for lunch too! The soups are always good and love that you can do tastings of each.

May 26, 2012
BeachBacchus in Southeast

NYKers Charleston to Myrtle Beach please help with Myrtle Beach suggestions

Having lived in the DC/MD area for years (and grown up catching/cooking MD's best seafood), I'm sorry if I sound like a snob and say I haven't found a seafood restaurant I like. MB was a shock, but I've found a few favs - Chive Blossom, Bistro 217, and Mama Rue's (Jamaican & blues), all in Pawleys Island. In MB - Habibi's Cafe (Lebanese), Aspen Grille, Indo (Thai) in MB and Rivertown Bistro in Conway.

Feb 13, 2012
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Myrtle Beach SC to Supply NC - any 'don't miss' spots?

I second Cafe Old Vienna. On King's Hwy above 37th St. in a shopping center. Very small but good and authentic.

Cafe Old Vienna
3901 N Kings Hwy Ste 5, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Sep 26, 2011
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Trader Joe's Holiday Items. What are you looking forward to? [old]

I've not lived near a TJ in a few years but will be visiting close to one right after the Christmas holidays. What are the chances that these 'favorites' will be there one or two days after Christmas day?

Nov 30, 2009
BeachBacchus in Chains

Costco/Kirkland Mac&Cheese

They offered samples once - YUCK!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2009
BeachBacchus in Chains

Pawley's Island (am I on the right board?)

I"d suggest you try Chive Blossom Cafe. Their soups are outstanding!

TGI Fridays $5 Sandwichs and Salads??

I don't usually do that type of chain, but I had a gift card so... We thought there would be small portions, but they were regular size. We had the Mediterranean salad - large, plenty of olives and feta and no iceberg! I had the Asian chicken wrap. It was plenty spicy, full of chicken, but on a crusty spinach wrap -- not that I'd expect a rice paper wrapper. DH had a Chipotle steak sandwich - it was pretty big. I surprised myself by thinking that for the price I'd try it again. Don't know how long the limited time is tho.

May 05, 2009
BeachBacchus in Chains

Any actual Chow-like places in Myrtle Beach?

I agree, Salt Creek Cafe is good. For Asian/Thai, try Black Thai. They'll give you a choice as to how hot you want your dinner. Mr. Fish is outstanding - try the shrimp platter - fresh, good-sized, with just a very light coating. Sun City Cafe is good also. ]
On, you'll find lots of recs and info on what's happening with new and established places. Today they mentioned New York Diner on 17 bypass near Inlet Square Mall - sounds interesting.

Apr 28, 2009
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Rita's - Is it really "Happiness"?

There are times when you just NEED something over-the-top sweet. My fav is the chocolate and coconut! Like a frozen Mounds bar!

Mar 18, 2009
BeachBacchus in Chains

myrtle beach newbie

2 recs - SeaBlue and City Bar. Both have small/large plates to share and good atmosphere.

Chinese in Myrtle Beach!?!

I've heard from coworkers that Hong Kong isn't bad. It's not a buffet and is either in NMB or Little River.

Myrtle Beach food economy will get you to their site and then you can click on The Ritz Book and download the form.

Myrtle Beach food economy

There are daily ads in the local paper, but fewer now that the weather is going to turn warmer. There are also coupon books to purchase that offer 'buy 1 entree get 1 free' or 'buy 1 get one 1/2 off' that include high end restaurants. One that I have is the Ritz book and it cost between $20-30 but offered lunch as well as dinner deals. Last year there was another one that could be purchased at Walgreen's but I haven't looked for it. It was about $15. They both included deals for golf.

North Myrtle Beach Eats

I'm from MD originally, and most crabs will be really light this time of year. Backfinz in Murrell's Inlet is a MD-crab place. Never been there but when looking at their website it appears to be the real deal. Probably miore than a half-hour drive tho.

Feb 03, 2009
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Lunch on Saturdays in Charleston

I know this is last-minute, but we decided to run to Charleston this Saturday and there doesn't appear to be many places open for lunch. 39 Rue de Jean was recommended but it's closed too. Does anyone have any suggestions of some place comparable? Thanks

Chick trip to Myrtle Beach

Chestnut Hill has a good brunch too.

wine stores in Myrtle Beach?

Greene's on King's Hwy (near 30th Ave.) has a good selection. If you're willing to venture out a bit, go up 501 to Wine Styles in the Carolina Forest shopping center. They're a chain, but they have some interesting wines, knowledgable staff, and wine tastings on Thursdays and Fridays.

good places to eat in myrtle beach

Near the Old Pavilion (801 Main St) is Sun City Cafe. Small place with small menu but everything is super. Caribbean/Mexican style food includes tacos (fish, chicken, steak, shrimp or combo) and my favorite the Sun City Chicken - baked lime-cured, chicken breast w/a spinach-cheese sauce. Prices are reaonable.

Fruit Picking nr Myrtle Beach

Indigo Farms (off route 17, just over N/SC state line) should have fruit. They have a stand at the Myrtle Beach market and were telling me that you can go and pick blueberries now at about $2.50, which was half the price they were selling at the stand.

Myrtle Beach, SC - OK Hounds - Lets update the rec's for MB

Sun City Cafe -- near the old Pavilion. One of the best locals' places; very seldom mentioned. The chicken actually tasted like chicken.

Jun 18, 2008
BeachBacchus in Southeast

Myrtle Beach Groceries

Lowe's (not the home improvement store) has a great variety of cheeses. It's in Surfside in South Strand Commons which may not be convenient, but they're very knowledgeable.