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Anyone familiar with the Bloor & Mill Rd area (Etobicoke)?

The buzz around the plaza had a Dollarama going in there, but it doesn't seem to be progressing at all.

There is a decent Longo's on Ponytrail not too far from there.

Food Trucks' Food

I've been stopping by the Food Trucks at Sony Centre fairly frequently over the past couple of months.

Biggest Hit: Porchetta sandwich with home-made chips from Per Se

Biggest Miss: Brisket Sandwich soaked in what I think was canned soup from Caplansky's

Notable Mention: Cheddar, apple, bacon and maple syrup grilled cheese sandwich from Gorilla Cheese.

Un-Notable Mention: Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos and tacos. Enough already!

Vernor's Ginger Ale

I know you're looking for bulk, but as an aside, I noticed the other day that the Caplansky food truck offered Vernor's.

Duggans is closed (permanently)

Walked in there a couple of months ago. Stood around for a while, none of the staff seemed to want to talk to me. Looked in the fridge but didn't see anything too interesting. Left.

CNE recommendations?

Best thing we had were the Kimchi Fries from Far East Taco (fries, cheese, bulgogi, kimchi). For food trucks we hit up Buster's Sea Cove for fish tacos, and Gourmet Gringos for short rib mole tacos. Both were good. Also enjoyed some cupcakes from a truck whose name I forget.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

The funny thing is that the restaurant that used to be in that location, Manna Korean, was almost the opposite. The food was good - Korean home cooking - but the reason we kept going back was the owner. She would remember us, even if it had been months since we were last in. Despite doing the bulk of the cooking and all of the serving, she would always take time to talk, joke, tell us what we should have to eat, and sometimes how to eat it.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Not necessarily true that they treat you nicely if you order a lot.

We used to go there a fair bit when it first opened. Then one day I went in to get food to feed my family of three and my two parents (it was my birthday). Paul refused to give us the food we wanted. He said there would not be enough left to serve other customers. Though I personally don't agree with refusing to sell food you have in stock to people who have money in hand, it was the rude and abrasive way we were told that sealed it for me. We have not been back since.

Where to find Gummy Candies in Toronto

Starsky ( ) carries Haribo gummies.

Allan's Misty Mints

Found them last year at my local Home Hardware. Really.

in need of an ice cream truck for sunday!

Off on a tangent, but other, possibly more viable, options would be Smoke's Poutinerie or a Tiny Tom Donuts machine. Just a thought, either would be as impressive as an ice cream truck, and I'm pretty sure both rent for private functions.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

We frequented the restaurant that was previously at that location for years (Manna Korean). The food was very good, but the main reason we kept going back was the friendliness and hospitality of the owner. Now it has been replaced by an establishment that, though we have enjoyed the food we've eaten there, we will not go back to due to one too many run ins with a cranky Paul.

Blood Sausage / Black Pudding in Toronto?

Pretty sure I saw blood sausage at Starsky (Mississauga location) the other day.

2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

Where to buy duck sausage - Toronto & GTA

Opposite end of town, but I've seen them at Medium Rare.

Medium Rare
5241 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9B, CA

Chicken and waffles? (Toronto)

Went there a few months ago. Did not have the chicken and waffles, but found the food to be very plain and uninteresting. The waffles were not bad, but nothing special. We were the only people there, yet the kitchen still seemed to be struggling.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

They open at 11:30am. I think they close at 7ish on weekdays 10ish on weekends, or whenever they run out of food.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

We were the first customers in today, so they hadn't yet realized that the cooking times had been compromised. So they took our order and had started preparing our plates when they realized the brisket and pulled pork weren't up to their standards. My wife had ordered pulled chicken, so it was fine. I had ordered pulled pork and brisket. They refused to serve the pulled pork as it was not up to their standards, so I got pulled chicken instead. They explained that the brisket was a little more chewy than they wanted. I asked for the brisket anyways and subbed pulled chicken for the pork (they didn't charge me for the brisket). The chicken was awesome. The brisket was full of flavor (super-smoky), and though not overly tender, not overly chewy either, so I can't wait to try it when it is up to their standards!!! The sides were all good, especially the beans.

Apparently the story was that the gas man was supposed to come this morning and do some work on the gas meter. He came late and stayed longer than expected, throwing off all of their cooking times. They cook everything fresh, so pretty much everything is timed down to the minute.

I would imagine that they had a slow lunch rush due to the cooking issues, so if anyone plans to stop by to pick up dinner tonight there should be plenty left (they have been frequently selling out of many of the meats).

Will go back soon to try the brisket again, the pulled pork, and the smoked meatloaf.


Popped in to the Bremner Rd (Toronto) location yesterday for lunch. $6 for a personal pizza and a drink. You can order any pizza on their menu and they make it fresh for you. Sure beats a slice that's been sitting under a warming lamp all day. The only problem was that I only had a half an hour for lunch. The pizza came pretty quickly, but I burnt my tongue scarfing it down : ). It will certainly be my go to lunch place when I'm working in that part of town!!!

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

Crap. That really sucks.

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!


Korean restaurants in Toronto?

Check out the thread on Manna here -

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

Thank you redearth for starting this thread, it reminded me that I hadn't been to Manna for a while.

My wife, baby (10 months) and I just enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Manna (yes, the baby ate a bit of everything). As usual the food was fantastic, and the owner was as welcoming as ever. Despite it being six or seven months since we were last there, she remembered everything about us and was great with our baby. She did say that business had been very slow this year. I did not have the heart to ask whether she thought she might close.

I can't agree with redearth enough, GO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT.
We had dumplings, Pajun, a spicy noodle dish, and tea, for under $30. So it won't break the bank to give it a try.
If you are a Korean food fan, Manna is a different twist on it (homestyle).
If you are not a fan of spicy food there are plenty of non-spicy options such as the dumplings and Pajun, and the amount of heat in a dish can be easily adjusted to your liking as everything is freshly made.

The food alone is worth the trip, but if that's not enough, after a visit or two you can't help but fall in love with the owner. So I really really hope this place stays alive so that I can enjoy many more meals there.

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

Found the phone number, thanks to Google Street View (it's on the sign). 416-233-7032.

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

4925 Dundas St W, Etobicoke.

Dundas just West of Burnhamthorpe, just East of Kipling.

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

I believe it is open 7 days a week, and is open for lunch. I had a phone number for it, but can't seem to find it right now. I'll post back if I do.

Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

My wife and I have been frequenting Manna for years, though admittedly with a young baby in the house, we have not been there for a while. We have never had a bad meal there, and the owner always makes the experience enjoyable. We’ve brought many friends and family members there, and hope this rumour of closing proves to be untrue.

Our standby dishes are the Pajun (seafood pancake) and the Be Bim Bop (rice). The owner is always helpful with suggestions and assisting us with navigating the menu. Last time we went I had a cold and she made me a SPICY beef soup that blew the cold right out of my head!! She is very generous with her sides and always has a new one to try. Her house Tea is also quite tasty.

We will definitely be going again soon!

Anniversary Lunch – Meal/Adventure?

Their lunch tasting menu doesn't look too bad, it's a possibility. Thanks jlunar, I'm used to seeing you over at RFD!!

Though a tasting menu would be fun, any "experience" would be good. My wife just mentioned the 360 restaurant at CN tower. It certainly would fit the experience label, but I went there years ago and the food was good, but not very interesting.

Any other suggestions folks?

Anniversary Lunch – Meal/Adventure?

Sorry, forgot to specify GTA.

Anniversary Lunch – Meal/Adventure?

Wife and I are trying to find something to do for our anniversary (Sept 8). Due to babysitting timing it will need to be in the morning/afternoon. We were going to do lunch and a show, but there really doesn't seem to be much playing right now. So, plan B is a meal experience. I am talking about a tasting menu, or dining experience of some sort that will take maybe 2 to4 hours and make for an enjoyable afternoon. I'd prefer if we kept it under $200 if possible (wife won't be drinking, I will have a beer at most).

Any advice would be much appreciated.

ONTARIO Beers worth trying

+1 for Black Oak. Recently visited their brewery (which has moved from Oakville to South Etobicoke). These guys really give a crap about the quality of their product. I am currently hooked on their summer beer, which is a wheat beer with coriander and orange zest.

Danforth Gems

Haven't been in a long time, but I have always enjoyed the Silk Road Cafe ( ).