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Yonge/Eglington Dinner Recommendation?

Let me clarify - I was speaking/recommending in the context of eating at Zucca. In their kitchen, the virtues of fresh pasta shine. And especially since OCKevin will be visiting for the first time, I advised that he confirm he's getting the fresh over the dried (the one or two dried pasta choices available are - as I've been told by Zucca staff - usually those which require a lot of labour to prepare fresh and so they opt to just bring it in...)

Of course, this board is all a matter of individual opinions... and I agree with your statements in general re dried/fresh-apples/oranges.

Hope this helps.

Yonge/Eglington Dinner Recommendation?

Zuuccccccccccccaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Don't walk anywhere else. Okay, walk. Check, even. But when you dine, do it at Zucca.

A couple of other things about Zucca:

1) Most (not all) of the pasta is made fresh daily in-house - if ordering, be sure to check with your server that your choice is of the freshly made...

2) My very favourite pasta is the simplest one there - ciriole al pomodoro piccante (first on the Primi part of the menu here: I always recommend pasta lovers visiting Zucca for the very first time to try this... someone on this board once also mentioned that you can ask for a "one-and-a-half" sized order if you're hungrier. They indeed do that, and I get it every time and polish the plate.

I think this is the best Italian resto in Toronto.

Looking for organic whole cranberries - fresh or frozen

I called Qi a few weeks back and was told that the ones in stock were "all natural" and not organic. Seems you saw otherwise and so perhaps things have changed since a few weeks ago... thanks for the lead, FG.

Looking for organic whole cranberries - fresh or frozen

In fact I tried emailing them a long time ago and, if memory serves, had the same problem as you. Thanks nonetheless for the link.

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

On Yonge, NORTH of Eg, this is the best Italian resto.

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

Sapori is owned by the two brothers who had my sorely missed La Bussola on Bathurst (near Lawrence). I finally got to Sapori recently and can't say that I enjoyed it. Starter bread overloaded with garlic and oil. Pasta was not bad, but nothing special.

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

Ten years ago, Coppi was outstanding. In those days it was my go-to place for Italian... but then it seemed to go down a little for my taste. I've been back a few times since and have enjoyed it for sure, but it still does not seem what it used to be.

Fausto is amazing and always interested and concerned for your good dining experience. I miss the rigatoni with pesto and potato (I think there's a variant of that dish still on the menu, but it's not as good now). As well, the complimentary rosemary bread which was "bottomless" is no longer. A different bread is served.

Tiramisu: 10/10 (I think that's still the case)

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

It's really tough to beat Zucca. I usually order what may be the most simple (and IMO tastiest) item on the menu: ciriole al pomodoro piccante (freshly made daily on premises thick noodles with tomato fillets, basil, fresh peperoncino and olive oil). If hungry, tell them you want a portion-and-a-half (not on the menu, but they'll gladly do that). Regular portion is a mere $13!!

Of all the Italian restos I've been to in Toronto, Zucca is by far my fave.

Romantic dinner for vegetarians

Most definitely indeed. I took my gf there last Valentine's Day and it was perfect.

Getting chefs to do romantic dinners at your home.

I'm not surprised. The figure I gave was ballparked by a very reputable restaurateur I know, but I had a feeling his quote was low. Thanks for the more accurate projection.

Getting chefs to do romantic dinners at your home.

I don't know of any off hand, especially if you want them on Valentine's Day specifically (not sure based on your posting) - then they'd have to leave their fully-booked restaurant, and I highly doubt that would happen.

However, on a given regular night, this is possible. If hiring a reputable/marquee chef, I'd expect a dinner for two like that to run you somewhere between $500 and $1000 (chef's time, product, etc.) but this is just a guess.

Looking for organic whole cranberries - fresh or frozen

Thanks a bunch, FlavoursGal! I'll definitely check it out.

Looking for organic whole cranberries - fresh or frozen

These are typically sold fresh seasonally... and now the season is over. Anyone know where in Toronto they might be sold frozen? The brand I'm used to buying is called "Tree Kids" (organic).


Thai Restaurants w/ seafood-Any Suggestions?

I second Sorn Thai. It's some of the best Thai in the city, and made by Thais! Also, a bit north of the city on the NE corner of Yonge/Royal Orchard (just south of Hwy 7) there was an excellent Thai resto in a little strip mall. I cannot remember the name, but it was delicious and authentic.

House of Chan: best steaks in TO

Hey, it's all one's own opinion!... I should clarify one thing - in particular, it's Tulip's beef tenderloin steak that's outstanding. I can't comment on any other cuts. And I've been a vegetarian for five years, so I can't double check anymore. lol.

House of Chan: best steaks in TO

If you want a steak that's truly great, go directly to the Tulip. If you want a steak that's got a reputation, go to House Of Chan.

east end breakfast

Of all the places mentioned so far, I'd highly recommend these:

Leslie Jones (brunch)
Pulp Kitchen (brunch)
Tulip (typical breakfast, really best for steaks and watery spaghetti, which is a perfect comfort spot-hitter every once in a while)
Cafe Vert

And if you decide to venture 7-10 minutes north, I love Jules Patisserie on Mt. Pleasant for a casual sit down brunch. As well, they have the best croissants in the city and they don't run out by 10am!!!

Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto?


1) Zucca - fresh linguine pasta with tomato sauce. The best in Toronto, and if you're hungry like me, ask the server for the "one and a half portion" (not on menu). Generally Zucca is very accomodating to any special wishes - including veg.

2) Thai - Sorn Thai - Cashew Orange Tofu w/ mixed vegetables, Spicy Thai Rice Noodles w/ Tofu


1) Fressen

2) Pulp Kitchen (Meat Lovers burger is indistinguishable and BY FAR the best in Toronto


3) Boom Shiva

4) Happy Buddha Chinese/Vietnamese - IFFY - but Spicy Sesame (mock) Chicken over broccoli is now famous and officially a personal addiction.

What's the BEST restaurant of 2006?! Let's hear the nominees!

I second Trevor - especially if this voting is specific to restos which opened in 2006.

Atmosphere, service, value and menu are top notch.

Also, may I add Sushi Marche for amazing takeout sushi. Hey, there are two tables by the window... so it counts as a restaurant!

ice-cream parlours???

Forget the parlours.

Go to the frozen section of any good grocery store or health food store and get a hold of Mapleton's Organic Ice Cream, which is made on an organic Ontario dairy farm.

Limited flavours, but fresh and real if that's what you're after... be sure to let it sit for about 10 min. before serving! They also have fro-yo, btw.

Best chef with the worst service in toronto?

Here's a thread I started a while back that may help with this issue:

Sushi in Yonge & Eglinton area

sadly, this area (and pretty much our city) does not have such great sushi... sushi rock and all the others in yonge/eg are average at best (except i haven't tried blue zen), so it's really just a matter of which average one likes most... one of the best sushi places in toronto is sushi marche on queen east - very casual but fantastic on quality, taste and value. and still, even sushi marche does not compare to vancouver sushi. i realize the poster asked for yonge/eg, but anyway...

Sushi in Yonge & Eglinton area

if in the yonge/eg area you will be, go to sushi rock cafe. there's really not much in the way of great sushi around there otherwise. edo at ave/eg is popular, and decent as well - a bit pricier however.

who's got better bread Cobs or Epi? (bayview & millwood)

Epi is better than COBS by a small margin. As well, though I don't know this either way re Epi, I can say that COBS' ingredients are often chemical-heavy. Check out the pdf nutritional info/ingredient lists on their website. Also, I find COBS' sweets just TOO sweet.

If you're into artisan breads, and just good and WHOLE overall quality, you should probably avoid both. But if choosing one, I'd go with Epi for sure.

In the area, try some of the French bakeries/patisseries. As well as Bagel House - they may have some okay breads.

Thai restaurant suggestions

Sorn Thai - Yonge at Briar Hill (a few blocks north of Eglinton). Outstanding quality - of the best Thai food in the city, excellent value and a very cheerful atmosphere. If you love Thai food, definitely worth going out of your way for this place. I agree that lots of the other restos mentioned on this thread are overrated. Hard to find great Thai in Toronto - this is one place you can.

Red Velvet Cake

Try the following:

Eini Cupcakes (fantastico! see if they'll make custom red velvet flavour) -

Marmalade Cake Company - - they may also custom make red velvet.

Or, go to Magnolia Bakery in New York - huge slices of red velvet cake!

Vegetarian at Yonge & Eg?

For other veg options, try:

Bacaro on Eglintion - fast and somewhat upscale Italian takeout with some veg options

Same with other Italian/Pizza around there (Madanto's margherita slice is a favourite of mine in the area)

Yummi's - good falafel, lots of good salads, etc.

Subway's FANTASTIC garden veggie patty sub!!! So under the radar and so incredibly tasty! I never order meat subs there since discovering this one. Make sure they heat the patty for at least 1:40 if it's a 12" sub you order.

Vegetarian at Yonge & Eg?

Happy Buddha can be very good - but you have to know what to order. Things I love:

Sesame spicy mock chicken over broccoli. Fantastic flavours and mock chicken is very convincing... better tasting than real meat by a mile!

Satay kebabs with peanut sauce. The sauce is excellent, same on meat texture.

Rice noodles with vegetables and mock beef.

Fried rice. A classic and now egg-free.

Fried Banana dessert. Unhealthy, but delish

All soups, except wonton which is just okay.

Who makes the most authentic pain au chocolat in Toronto?

Not sure if it's the best, but it has to be a top contender: the pain au chocolat at Jules (on Mt. Pleasant). I have been taking a little croissant/pain tour of the city and have to say that Jules rates very highly on both. However, Clafouti wins on the butter croissant - I think theirs is the best I've had so far. In an another thread, I declared Pain Perdu as the best croissant, but now I'm retracting it - too flaky. Clafouti is the perfect blend of crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! And I would agree that their pain au chocolat is nothing special -- definitely try Jules.

leslieville, danforth, king east recommendations

Leslie Jones (Queen East between Leslie and Jones!)

EXCELLENT and just right in every way.