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Best tasting menu lunch in the peninsula?

I'm looking to take my wife out to a very nice lunch in the peninsula. Preferably a tasting menu but frankly anything will do. Any ideas? This would be on a weekday.

Neopolitan-style pizza in peninsula?

Both sound great, thanks for the recs.

Neopolitan-style pizza in peninsula?

We liked Amici's but it wasn't quite the same. Also a separate observation - Amici's seemed overpriced and expensive for what you get. I've heard of Speederia a few times now so we'll have to check it out.

Before we moved down, I classified Mountain View as South Bay also but I've found that most people refer to it as the Peninsula so it just stuck. We also tend to eat more 'north' than 'south' of here for some reason so we generally look for Peninsula recs.

Neopolitan-style pizza in peninsula?

We moved to Mountain View last year from SF and one of the foods we miss most that we just can't seem to find around here is Neopolitan-style pizza. Our faves in SF were A16, Pizzeria Delfina, and Pizzetta 211. Is there anything around here that's comparable?

French bistro rec in Palo Alto/Mt View/Menlo Park?

Hi - I'm looking for a nice French bistro to take my wife for dinner. Ideally the restaurant would have steak frites and mussels but it's not required. As a comparison, our favorite French bistros in SF are Plouf and Cafe De La Presse.

Searching the boards and Yelp and I came up with:

Bistro Elan
Bistro Basia
Left Bank

Any thoughts on these? Left Bank seemed like the closet fit but the reviews were terrible.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Dinner for 10 this weekend in SF?

I'm looking for a fun, moderately priced restaurant (entrees $15-$20) for a friend's birthday this weekend in San Francisco. Full bar with lively atmosphere (but not too loud), able to accommodate 10 with a last minute reservation. Any suggestions? Preferably contemporary American or Asian fusion but any cuisine is game. Thanks!