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Birthday in Paris-where to eat?

Souphie, My husband and I are older parents so we have always taken our children to nice restaurants and expected the manners and behavior to accompany. They both have more of a sophisticated palette than most their age. Neither has ever enjoyed McDonalds - thank goodness! It is hard to get my son (14) out of tennis shoes at the moment - from the feet up he looks good! We like to try different foods, etc. Hopefully, we are not the typical American tourists - we are respectful of other countries, their customs and culture. I have read the boards and have my books - it almost seems overwhelming to navigate Paris and the restaurants. You seem to always have good and sensible advice - any you could offer would be much appreciated. Thank you.

May 20, 2009
comet72 in France

Birthday in Paris-where to eat?

My husband, 2 children (10 and 14), and myself will be in Paris during the first week of June. My husband will have a birthday while there - also, our first trip to Paris. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to offer. Can my son wear tennis shoes in restaurants? Thanking you in advace.

May 13, 2009
comet72 in France

Dressing in Paris [Moved from France board]

We will be staying at the Park Hyatt in Paris. I have been reading all the posts I can find and I have the Pudlo Paris. Hopefully, that will get us to some interesting places to eat. However, I don't recall seeing anything about the dress in Paris and the restaurants. If someone could give me direction in that area I would appreciate it.

Apr 26, 2009
comet72 in Not About Food

Pralines in New Orleans

Have you ever tried Pralines by Jean on St. Charles? I think they are wonderful - having grown up in New Orleans I have tasted a lot of pralines. However, everyone has their own favorites, but this is definitely one to try.

Apr 06, 2009
comet72 in New Orleans

Pralines in New Orleans!

I have never cared for pralines - gasp! I am a transplanted new orleanian in Houston. I received a present of all things - pralines, from one of my new orleans friends. The presentation was very pretty and different from the other vendors. I did venture a taste - the pralines were unbelievably delicious. I ate two immediately. Anyway, I was in New Orleans this past Friday and went by the store and ordered several dozen for Houston friends. Pralines by Jean which is on St Charles. There is also a website - she has been in business for a while, but just thought I would let the chowhounders know about the fabulous pralines.

Mar 01, 2009
comet72 in New Orleans

Three days in Kansas City-where to go?

We will be staying in the Marriott downtown or the one near that area. LC's sounds great as barbecue in KC is a must! We are open to whatever - dressy, casual, neighborhood, etc. We are adventurous in trying new eateries and food. We currently live in the Houston area, but I grew up in New Orleans. Thanks in advance for suggestions, etc.

Three days in Kansas City-where to go?

We will be in Kansas City staying at the Marriott. Arrive on a Saturday in a few weeks - three full days - suggestions please. We will have a car. Thank you.

Three Days in Kansas City in September

I would appreciate input as to where you would eat in the 3 days we will be in Kansas City. Thanking you in advance.

Best of New Orleans

I spent most of my life in nola since the mid 60's though mid 90's. I no longer live there, but our best friends do and we are there frequently. I feel August is greatly overpriced and "over-recommended". Lillette is basically a nice sandwich lunch establishment - it can be found in any city. Commander's is an old nola establishment, (the first place I ate in nola), it has been great and not so great through the years - however, I would definitely recommend it over Antoine's. I think Upperline is good, Brigtsens is excellent, Clancy's is basically an overrated public club for the uptown crowd, Bayona is excellent, I will agree to avoid Emerils, Cochon is very good, I actually had a good experience at Bacco, Stella is a hit or miss, Galatoire's is an institution - fun just to experience the show, etc., if you venture across the lake I like La Provence. Haven't visited many of the new bars in town - Have fun and enjoy yourself -

Jul 01, 2008
comet72 in New Orleans

3 days in Kansas City in September

I have been reading some of the posts regarding BBQ and it sounds as if LC's is the best to try - we were in Kansas City about three years ago and tried Arthur Bryants. It was ok, but I wasn't that impressed. We also ate at Stroud's - great food and really nice personnel. At this point, we made a reservation at The American Restaurant - is it good or a tourist attraction? I would welcome any recommendations or thoughts - I don't mind driving outside Kansas City to other locations. Thanking you in advance.

Clancy's Club

I grew up in New Orleans, but now live in Texas. I still visit New Orleans quite frequently and visit the different restaurants. We celebrated my son's birthday in New Orleans this past weekend - his favorite restaurant has always been Clancy's. We made reservations one month ahead of the day he requested. I lived in uptown New Orleans for many years in the 80's and was a very frequent visitor to Clancy's. I have read several posts on Chowhound through the years regarding the "clubby" feeling of Clancy's. I never agreed since I had never been a victim of that treatment. This past Friday, May 9, my son and I received horrible service and did feel that we were intruding on a private club. We were both cordial and polite, but the treatment was not reciprocated. While there, I spoke quietly to the maitre de and explained the situation - he responded by telling me the waiter assigned to our table had been with the restaurant for 13 years - at this point, I responded that I had also been a customer a lot longer than that. The service was even worse after the conversation. No one attended to our table. We finally left and had to ask the maitre de to get our check. Unfortunately, my son has always loved that restaurant since he was very young - we will not return. The previous evening we dined at Brigstens - absolutely wonderful as well as the service. Saturday evening we went to Lacombe and dined at Sal and Judy's - just as good as ever. Too many excellent establishments to eat in the New Orleans area with service to match to waste time and money at Clancy's.

May 13, 2008
comet72 in New Orleans