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Best Bloody Mary?

Hook in Georgetown has a bacon Bloody Mary- I haven't gone for it, as I prefer a more simple yet spicy BM, and they have those too. Also good for BM's is Founding Farmers.

Dessert Bar for wedding- need bakery that can do it!

I am getting married in June and am saying "no thanks" to a big, expensive wedding cake that no one will eat, and "hell yes" to a dessert bar with mini cakes, mini pies, cookies, tarts, and chocolates instead. Our reception is at a private club, and they are upcharging ($7 per person!) to do this for us... I'd rather use a bakery, but cannot for the life of me find a bakery that makes "mini" anything. Whole Foods DOES make what I want- but I cannot even tell you what a nightmare they have (sadly) been to work with, and trust me- I am nice, accommodating, and easy. The catering manager told me that the bakery "is inconsistant and hard to work with," but asked me to come back after Easter/Passover. No thanks! Does ANYONE have any ideas about a bakery or a caterer who can do a dessert bar for a wedding!? Thanks! :)

Cooking Clubs?

I would love to be a part of one! Let me know if you start one! :)

Crawfish Boil/Clambake!?

No- b/c that's where i'd usually look- traveling pig roast companies usually do crawfish boils as well.,

Views on Vintage Virginia wine fest?

I've attended the spring Vintage VA winefest, and the late summer VA Wine Fest every year, for the last 6 years. The price is EXCEPTIONAL considering you can do unlimited tastings at the near 60+ wineries in attendance; not to mention that there is usually decent music, and good local artists/vendors. It's certainly worth it- and the day out of the hustle and bustle is just as nice. The wine is usually sold cheaper @ the festivals, than at the wineries themselves. Tip: depending on the weather, dress for it to be blazing hot! Another tip: the best festivals are those that I've attended when it's been raining. The attendance is dramatically lower, you get personal attention at the tasting tables- and they give you better deals! Have fun!

Unique Appetizers?

Eat Bar, at Tallula, in Arlington. VERY cool atmosphere, and a varied arrangement of apps. Plus, great wines. The best part: they have a new bartender there who is an "experimentalist" - she infuses her own alcohol (think lavender vodka, and cucumber gin). SO worth the trip!

traditional Italian

Absolutely Tutto Bene in Arlington/Ballston. It's authentic, very cozy on the interior (don't let the location - next to the Mercedes dealership- fool you), and the Seafood Special pasta, which is not on the menu, is excellent! Another option; just down the road from Tutto Bene, is Ristorante Alpine, which- oddly, looks like a chalet, but is very traditional Italian. Good luck!

Tabard Inn or Old Ebbitt for dinner? Or M&S?

Absolutely, positively not M&S. Tabard is my choice. Old Ebbitt is insanity right now b/c it's the height of tourist season- and all the hotels tell the tourists to go there as it's "very DC" (odd, since that's not at all what I would call it, as a DC-native). I walked past it twice in the last two weeks- and the wait was over two hours, according to folks standing outside; no reservations. Clyde's in Gallery Place might be the better choice, honestly- if it's seafood, crab cakes, and oysters you want...

Crawfish Boil/Clambake!?

Does anyone know of, or have you ever used, a catering company in the DC/MD/VA area that brings a crawfish boil/clambake to your house- similar to the traveling pig roasts? Would love a name and a number! Thanks! :)

Friday Graduation Meal-Haven't Made Reservations yet!

While I'm not a fan of the fact it's in a hotel; 15Ria is a great spot for dinner- solid menu, creative pairings, and a decent wine list. Not to mention, close to Dupont (15th and Rhode Island - hence, the name).