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San Francisco Dish of the Month July 2012: Nomination Thread

When choosing a cookbook of the month, besides the topic ,I consider whether I own the book or whether it is available at the library (number of copies etc).

Perhaps it would be nice to know for these dishes where some of the restaurants that are considered good are located so we can make a calculated guess -- how far we will travel, how many restaurants within a certain distance etc ; so when I would vote for a dish I would look at which dish I'm most interested in and then factor in some other considerations.

Jun 28, 2012
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Local Cafe: new restaurant/cafe on Piedmont Ave.

We went for lunch; a crowd kept coming in; not crowded but people knew the place was opened. My husband had a meatball sandwich; his comment "It was good, but I wouldn't return for it." His sandwich didn't come with any sides. I had a very small salad for $9.50; it was with little gems, bacon, ham and cheese. The dressing was very good. Nothing about the other ingredients stood out.

It seems to be for the take out crowd; salads and sandwiches. A very pleasant staff and a pleasant room to sit in. The prices are on the high side for what they are offering.

Aug 23, 2011
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Plum restaurant, Oakland lunch report w/ pics

We also went to Plum for lunch several weeks ago. We had similar items, felt the salad was boring, the beefcheek burger was messy and not very tasty (or at least for our taste). We ordered two soups which were wonderful. We also requested bread with the soup, which never came. We did not like the added on service charge (plus it is added post tax so the service charge is quite generous)-- since service was being ignored-- no one ever came over while eating our soup to ask how things were.

Plus the bench seating and shared tables could be fun, but as you age this getting up and down when others want to exit or enter the bench can be less than charming. We liked the way the place was decorated, plus the noise level was quiet and we could actually have a conversation.

We'll come back at dinner; perhaps it was the limitation of the lunch menu. We'd also go back for the soups-- which were quite good (brussell sprout and pancetta -- the other was a squash soup).

Dec 31, 2010
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Consumer Reports Investigates Exploding Pyrex

I had a glass bakeware product disintegrate in my hands. I took the glass out of the oven and it literally shattered in my hands. There was glass everywhere. Fortunately I was able to clean up and no harm was done to me....but I'm retiring the rest of my glass bakeware after the report in consumer reports. It is not worth taking a chance that the next time something happens the glass shatters and winds up in my eye or some other bad scenario. When the baking dish shattered I thought it was a defective dish and did nothing; but now that it has happened to many others, I'm not willing to take the risk any more.

Dec 10, 2010
SueF in Cookware

Where to find good yellow corn on the cob? [moved from General Topics board]

I get my yellow corn at Market Hall Produce - in Rockridge. It's always on ice.

Market Hall Produce
5655 College Ave, Rockridge, CA 94618

Jun 22, 2010
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Birthday Dinner In East Bay

We celebrated my birthday last night at Gather. The atmosphere was very nice without being formal and prices are moderate. We had a delicious fish dish and other vegetarian dishes ( since some were vegetarians and we all wanted to share). The menu has meat, fish and vegetarian items, with an emphasis on local products. The atmosphere was fun and bustly; and they are wonderfully tolerant of questions. It was a fun evening and we never felt rushed.. I'd definitely return to try other items. Reservations seem to be needed-- since it was Monday and full up at 7:30.

2200 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Feb 09, 2010
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Baron's Meat is gone --Star Grocery

I was at Star Grocery, Berkeley this afternoon. It looks like Baron's meat market is gone...the display cases were all empty.

Jun 23, 2008
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Ubuntu (long review)

Great review...We had lunch on the past beautiful Saturday. The restaurant was full but no lines waiting for tables. Our lunch was wonderful and there was an egg item on the menu. We had leeks and a slow cooked egg. (2 hours cooked at a very low temp)...the egg is very creamy. Only wish was they improve their tea selection; one member of our party wanted a black tea that you could add milk. The meal service and presentation were very pleasant. They also were very accomodating to diet restrictions. They listed what I could eat and willingly put to the side(actually another plate) the items I was allergic to-- so others could enjoy that item.


Feb 12, 2008
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Slovenian sausage???

I don't know if they have what you want, but there is an Euopean grocery store on Piedmont Ave in North Oakland. Euromix. They import lots of items. I wander through but don't purchase -- but they might have what you want or know a source. I walked in there yesterday and a couple was mulling over a sausage in their freezer section.

Euromix Delicatessen

4301 Piedmont Ave
(between Gleneden Ave & John St)
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 595-3649

"Your Senses will Conjure up images reminisent of Europe, Russia, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Spain, and Austria!!!"

Nov 29, 2007
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Holding Ranch - grassfed beef from Lafayette

Thanks for your tip on the farm. Went to the ranch on Deer Hill Road. They are also selling eggs now. They lost their chickens to the coyotes but are now back in business. We got a dozen eggs for $6. They are a myriad of shapes and sizes. In the future they hope to be selling chickens. I also got a pound of ground beef-- $5.99 a lb. They are low on steaks, but will be slaughtering in about 2 weeks. Prices are $19.99 lb for New York Steak, rib eye. $14.99 lb for top sirlon, flat iron.
They sell on Sat in Orinda and Danville farmer's market; Sunday - Walnut Creek; Tues. Concord.

It's a friendly place to stop by. It's on Deer Hill Rd near Acalanes High School. Get off at Oak Hill Rd. Hwy 24 and ride east on Deer Hill to the ranch-- the vistas are beautiful.

Apr 05, 2007
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Baron's at Star Market, Berkeley (or is it Oakland?) opening this week

Star Market is on Claremont across from the Uplands. Prince Street is one street that it is near. It is between Claremont with Tunnel Rd -Ashby on one side and College Ave (Berkeley Safeway) on the other side.

Baron's has been a long time coming. It's been about a year since the last meat store in Star had closed. At first Magnani was going in; but that didn't work out.

It's a fun little store that transports you back in time.

Nov 07, 2006
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Vegeterian Prepared Food at Market Hall and Temescal neighborhood Oakland

Thank you for your suggestions.

I went to Market Hall and got the Spicy Tofu (a hit); also the lentil salad(enjoyed), couscous salad(enjoyed), chopped salad(ok), Indian cauliflower(dry); taboulli(enjoyed)

We had three different raviolis-- vegan vegetable, mushroom, and squash with sage-- and a roasted pepper sauce (enjoyed)

Mango salsa (enjoyed)and rasberries and heirloom tomatoes from the produce section.

From the bakery we got the fruit tart (enjoyed) and some whole wheat sourdough bread from artisan bakery(enjoyed).

From the cheese place I got blue cheese __ forget the exact name- expensive and very good.

It was a very pleasant meal---and a thanks to everyone for their recomendations--- I never would have gotten the spicy tofu!

Oct 07, 2006
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Vegeterian Prepared Food at Market Hall and Temescal neighborhood Oakland

I am having company Saturday for lunch. It will be a vegeterian meal. I will be picking up the food at Market Hall; La Farine or Bakesale Betty and other stores on Telegraph and 51st.

Any suggestions on items you have bought in these stores. In particular the prepared foods...since I will be coming from a meeting and won't have time to cook.

Also we would like the food to be not fatty, since we have work that needs to get done in the afternoon and no time to snooze.

The food suggestions can be spicy or not; any ideas on the cakes or pastries-- since it is a birthday celebration. The admonition for low fat does not apply to the cake!

Oct 05, 2006
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Non-dairy milks ... do you have a preference?

I don't know where you are located; but I am able to find the plain soymilk and unsweetened soymilk at Whole Foods and Safeway (Berkeley - Oakland). Silk is offered in both the refrigerated section and the non refrigerated area (wax boxes). I pay $1.99 for a quart at Whole Foods.

Jul 20, 2006
SueF in General Topics

Miss Millies coming to Rockridge?

When I walk by the restaurant (on College near Chabot) it looks like progess is being made; anyone know when it is scheduled to open? Does this place have outdoor seating in the back?

Jul 17, 2006
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Vietnamese on Piedmont Ave?

We went last week for dinner. I don't eat chilis and the staff were very accomodating. We shared the lemongrass curry dish, the tofu vegetable dish and the apple salad. The prices seemed a little steep for the portions and the setting. Maybe I felt I was still at Cafe Valerian. Also all the tables were very close together, so you were part of everyone's conversation. The food is nicely presented; but the plates are too large and overwhelm the small table. The best was the curry. The apple salad and the tofu stir fry were okay.

Jul 15, 2006
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area

Strong opinions about Pearl?

They have recently opened for lunch and we went on Thursday at 1:30 and the place was busy. We sat at the table area which seems more popular than their bar tables.

They have a bento box special for $20 -- a fish, a pea sprout salad, a rice, mushrooms, and a dessert (aprium sauce and chocolate sorbet). We shared the bento box and a flatbread pizza with peas, capers and olives. It was very good; a nice alternative to lunch at Olivetos. The menu was not all fish, but had a nice variety of vegeterian options; all in the $10 range. One item was a ravioli without the outside!

Service was pleasant; we couldn't hear the tv although it was on; but you do hear all the conversations around you since it is such a small area.

We'll go back for a special treat.

We wondered when restaurants start opening for lunch, does it mean they are doing well, or they need more business and are not doing well?

Jul 15, 2006
SueF in San Francisco Bay Area