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Freh fish lexington area

I like Fresh Pond seafood in Arlington.

If you could have any chocolate for Val Day from a chain store or chocolatier what would you want?

I'm not a white chocolate fan, but I love the sand dollars from Harbor Sweets -- dark chocolate, caramel and pecans. They are based in Salem but according to their website, they are sold at The Paper Store and lots of other MA locations.

Wilson Farm CSA or other CSA in Lexington/Waltham area

Several years ago I participated in the CSA through The Food Project in Lincoln. You had to pick up at their farm in Lincoln, but depending on where in Waltham you live, that may not be too bad (for me it was a pain). I thought the selection and quality were great, and I liked supporting their organization.

artisan ice cream in Boston?

I've been to Bi-Rite and Ici...and I love Toscanini's. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. I much prefer Tosci's to what I had at Ici, and maybe about even with Bi-Rite (though it's been a few years -- I just remember being disappointed at Ici). Of course, I'm going on taste, texture, and flavor options, not on whether it has any additives.

Best mussels in greater Boston?

The best mussels I've ever had in this area were at Strip-T's, but they were on the menu a few months ago and aren't there any longer. Still, I would say that if you are ever at Strip-T's and see mussels on the menu, order them.

New England Brown Bread

I also bake it in a loaf pan, which to me seems like the easiest method (as I DO have easy access to an oven, and loaf pans, but don't use a lot of tin cans). It's still plenty moist because of the molasses.

Oct 11, 2012
stomachofsteel in General Topics

Where to find Gjetost cheese in Boston?

Russo's in Watertown has it, and I've seen it at various Whole Foods locations for years.

Kouign Amann Anyone? A Breton Delice Richer than Croissants!

Boston Magazine recently reported that Flour is making kouign amann, but I didn't see it at the Farnsworth Street location the last time I was there (a week or two ago).

Looking for Waltham office lunch options that deliver

There should be an i at the end of Fulciniti's. The link above does not work.

Best Farmer's Market open on Saturday?

Let's talk soft serve

I just go for the vanilla soft serve -- no "regular" ice cream, no fancy flavors. It's what I think they do best (ditto for Carvel).

Let's talk soft serve

They have cones and...Carvelanches?? I think that's what they're called. My wife, who comes from NJ (where Carvel stores abound), was thrilled when we saw the Carvel sign.

bear, have you been to Pizzi Farm? Apologies if I missed it upthread. My wife always swore Carvel was the best...until she tried Pizzi.

Let's talk soft serve

Since this thread just got bumped, I can now answer threedogs' question and report that I've tried their regular ice cream and was not impressed. Kind of icy, not as creamy as I'm used to (I'm a diehard Toscanini's fan). I tried a salted caramel pretzel flavor, and the pretzels tasted stale.

But the soft serve is still the best I've had.

Grocery food items that are unique to Boston/New England?

And is available nationwide, I believe. If a visitor wants local/New England maple syrup, I'd check farmer's markets for local stuff or a specialty grocery store (I know Russo's sells Massachusetts maple syrup, and I'm guessing other places do too). Some standard grocery stores may also carry New England syrup, but I can't say for sure.

Recommendations near Boston Marriott Copley Place/ Hynes Convention Center in July

I second the Sam LaGrassa's, Coppa and Formaggio Kitchen recommendations. The South End branch of FK is actually right across the street from Coppa, and MUCH more convenient to you than the Cambridge location. I haven't been to the Salty Pig but it sounds like it's right up your alley and it's very close to your convention/hotel.

We do not have a Reading Terminal/Ferry Building-type place yet, but we are working on it:

In the meantime, check out the Copley Square Farmer's Market if you will be here on a Tuesday or Friday. It is great and it's not just fruits and veggies!

For seafood I usually suggest Island Creek Oyster Bar, which I think is wonderful but is not cheap.

If you take the Green Line (D train) to Brookline Village, you can go to Cutty's, which has wonderful sandwiches, or get Turkish food at Brookline Family Restaurant. Both are great. There's also a Turkish place (Sultan's Kitchen) downtown near Fanueil Hall, but I think BFR is better.

I know it's early, but has anyone seen any local tomatoes yet? Even cherries?

Now I'm thinking the OP might have meant cherry tomatoes...whereas I was talking about cherries that grow on trees. The tomatoes I bought WERE cherry tomatoes, but the actual cherries are great!

I know it's early, but has anyone seen any local tomatoes yet? Even cherries?

Yep. I bought both on Thursday from Kimball Fruit Farm at Dewey. The cherries are delicious!

Town Diner Anti-Customer Service

Ditto. I have been seated at a booth as a party of two on many occasions, peak and non-peak times. I find this surprising.

Thoughts on boston's CRUMBS Cupcakes

Not to mention all the office birthdays...and baby showers...and bridal showers...and goodbye parties. We are always celebrating something in my office (which is right around the corner).

Haven't tried Crumbs yet, but I suspect we will soon. I'm interested to see how they compare to our other local cupcake options (Sweet and Rosie's).

Need to buy an ice-cream cake tomorrow

Lizzy's Ice Cream in Harvard Square also sells them, as well as J.P. Licks (several locations).

Lunch off route128?

I think you probably mean Bokx 109, which is in the Hotel Indigo in Newton. Never been, though.

Best Pizza in Metrowest! Very family friendly.

Stella's Pizza is delicious, but I'm not sure I'd call Watertown Metrowest.

Cheap groceries? Moving to Brookline area,,..from out of state

Yes, last year their local apples lasted at least until Feburary I think, so they are definitely in storage somewhere. I agree that local produce is not exactly Russo's strength -- and I wish they carried more and were more forthcoming about exactly where it is coming from -- but I'm happy to see it there when they have it. Like many Russo's shoppers, I get local stuff from farmer's markets most of the time in the summer anyway.

Cheap groceries? Moving to Brookline area,,..from out of state

They do carry local produce, and label it as such (although I'm not sure exactly what they consider "local"). Right now (or at least as of last weekend) two varieties of their apples (cortlands and macs) are labeled local, and some of the butternut squash. In the spring/summer/fall I have seen strawberries, rhubarb, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, squash, carrots, parsnips labeled "local." So it's there, but you can't always depend on it being there. In other words I like to buy the local apples when I can and when they're good, but I wouldn't go there expecting the apples to be local.

Looking for glass bottles? Help please

Sounds like you probably found some by now, but the Container Store carries a lot of hermetic clamp bottles, too. They have a store in Natick and one in Chestnut Hill.

Foodie Experiences in Boston for Christmas Gift

If they have sweet tooths, you could consider a Boston Chocolate Tour ( or a class (they are demonstration-only) at Flour Bakery ( Taza Chocolate in Somerville also does factory tours but they are only $5, so not a very pricey gift. I can't personally vouch for any of these experiences but just thought I'd throw them out there.

Where do I find French green lentils?

Russo's sells local French green lentils from Baer's Best in So. Hamilton.

Max and Leo's. Real pizza just off exit 17, Newton.

Just tried the pizza last night. Definitely NOT canned white buttons, or canned anything. Wonder if they ran out of the real thing when you were in? My best guess would be creminis that were parcooked ahead of time. Not what I'd call wild mushrooms, necessarily, but not canned white buttons either. We really liked everything about the pizza and I was impressed that it survived a 10-minute car ride and still had a crispy bottom crust when we got home.

Is the Dewey Square Farmers' Market usually this small?

If I'm not mistaken, there are also more vendors on Thursdays than on Tuesdays.

New (?) Toscanini flavor