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Johnvince on Steeprock

Do you taste everything in the store? That's dedication. LOL

It is unfair and misleading to compare with Detroit prices for obvious reasons. Min. wage is way lower, rent is probably 1/20th what JV pays etc. etc..

I was in Ann Arbor last week and milk was $1.69/gallon.

dim sum at Yang's- delish!

Had exceptional Dim Sum at Yang's today thanks to my Asian experts - Charles, Skyline, Bok Choi and Phoenikia - who have never lead me to anything but good Chow!

Simple but very elegant dining room and informative, friendly staff.

As it was my first visit we ordered familiar items for comparison purposes. Har Gow, Sui Mai, Sin Do Kun, Lo Pa Ko, Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf, Pi Kwa, Crispy Shimp Dumpling and PieYip (please forgive transliteration mistakes!). So 8 items plus tea @ $39 + tip.

All items were substantially better than run of the mill and a good bit less expensive than other high end places. Next visit I will be more adventurous and at these prices it will be soon!

Suggestions near the Wintergarden?

Any CH favourites nearby (5-10 min. walk) in the moderate price range?

Vietnamese in SE Michigan?

Which Vietnamese restos in AA are making an effort?

Vietnamese cuisine in my experience is one of the purist around. It requires the best beef stock and the best/freshest ingredients available.

Visiting AA with teenage Hound

Don't know what I'd do without you Jim! Thanks very much.

Roast chicken is favorite and we will be staying at a motel with a rudimentary kitchen so chicken, salad and whatever will make up a "picnic" dinner.

Thanks for your help.

Visiting AA with teenage Hound

Thanks Jim.

Some big nasty breakfasts will be on the card for sure.

Are there any restos serving roast (not fried) chicken?

Do any steak places offer particularly good value?

Thanks again for your help!

Yonge & St. Clair

Good recs insideman but $100/head before bottled water.

Visiting AA with teenage Hound

I am taking my 16 year old (6'6" 280 lbs.) to Ann Arbor for 4 days of football camp. He loves good food and lots of it (7000 -8000 calories/day).

I would be most grateful for reccos that will not break the already broken bank.

Big thank you to AA Hounds!!

Yonge & St. Clair

Has Il Fornello told you they cannot accommodate an egg alergy?


Very pleasant room, restfully decorated in earth tones and carpeted (!) which keeps the noise down.

Competent (or better) burgers - particularly good pork burger.
Half the toppings should be no extra charge - a lame attempt to punch the check average which may turn out to be a blunder.

Fries are the breaded variety and sweet potato fries and rings probably arrive frozen in boxes, certainly nothing special - there does not appear to be a "burger only" option, another mistake.

So a burger with mayo and pickle and a bottled water will set you back $17.50 with tax and tip. People will remember this as being not a terribly good deal.

Restos that force up the check average rarely build customer loyalty and rarely succeed IMO., however, earn customer loyalty and the check average will take care of itself.

BTW, what's with the name? Is Emeril a shareholder? May become known as Bumburger or Spambuger.

Recco to resto: Burger only option $5.95, cheap toppings free, make fresh fries, do something original (for a burger joint) like $5 corkage.

Wood Chips For Smoking

Is Nikolau still at 629 Queen West?
They used to have wood chips including the good ones from Cook Shack.

Charcoal Grill on Wooden Deck

I have a Weber with an ash catcher (not the concave pan) and do not use a fireproof mat over my wood deck.
I am careful not to let the ash catcher get too full in which case embers could fall out the holes at the top of the catcher.
A mat would be a good idea for fire safety and if the deck is untreated , to prevent grease stains.

"We can't be friends..."

Yes yuyu are insane.
This is not a slight neurosis, yuyu are barking mad!
However I would like to know what the tipping (lol) point is.
I will assume that 20% post tax is OK.
So if your cheapo friends tip 19% pretax is that grounds to sever all relations forever?
Since it appears that your cheapo friends are paying for your meal, why can't you throw a buck or two on the table discreetly on leaving.

Nowhere in the world are people as anal about tipping as the U.S.. Probably guilt over the master/servant relationship - I feel guilty about being served by you so I'm going to pay you as though you were a lawyer.
Put a 15% gratuity on the bill and if the customer is happy and generous they can leave a bit of change for beer money (pourboire) as tips were originally intended.

Oh, BTW, the employer should be deducting and remitting the income tax on the aforementioned 15%.

McEwan goes to Don Mills

Don't go there! Save it for another board.

If it wasn't a monopoly it would have been out of business decades ago.
It is easily the worst run, most wasteful company in the country.

McEwan goes to Don Mills

I wish him the very best and am happy it is him not me undertaking this. Probably because of risk averse old age I would be s#*tting bricks!

My guess is that he is looking at a rent of close to $75,000/month (inc. taxes, heat, hydro, buildout and fixturing). which means that he will likely have to do about $500,000/month to break even. That's a lot of couscous and organic carrots!

The second phase of the Plaza project is supposed to be 1300 fairly expensive condos next door. This would provide a nice captive audience if it gets built and occupied soon.

The future sure looked rosy a few years ago for high end restaurateurs, developers, caterers and even the hoi polloi!

Now a PB&J with a Prozac looks good!

Chow Kids. Are you raising one?

" Don't let your babies grow up to be Chowboys!"

This is the title of a heartbreaking ballad about a 15 year old kid whose parents indulged him in serious chow at home, in restos at home and abroad. All is happy and uplifting in the beginning until the kid becomes a 6'6", 275 lb. athlete requiring 8000-10000 calories a day of massive amounts of Chowish protein, no to mention organic fruit and greens.

The sad final verse sees the broke, skinny parents panhandling on street corners asking passersby if they can spare a couple hundred bucks for sushi grade tuna and well aged organic wagyu.

Hotdog vendors

My guess is that it is strictly the cold.
Less traffic and fewer people like to eat out of doors.
The vendors don't like to stand around freezing their weinies!

McEwan goes to Don Mills

Yes, and I envy his current location.

McEwan goes to Don Mills

I wish him well.
I also wished David Wood well.
I may be bad luck.

Hardwood (for smoking) in Toronto

Nicolau used to sell the "Cook Shack" brand.

Hardwood (for smoking) in Toronto

Free is always a very attractive price!
Sometimes flooring manufacturers toss waste oak, maple and other untreated hardwood in a bin outside their back door and are happy for someone to take it away.

Just make sure it is not treated with Uueathane, arsenic or anything else.

Hardwood (for smoking) in Toronto

Sobies (Willowdale) is worth a call.
Also, Downtown try Nicolau.

Been to Jacob & Co recently?

The reason I don't go to Steak Houses on my own nickle is this.
I have been cooking steak over charcoal for about 35 years, I can make a very good Caesar (Julia Child's version - the real one), I can whip up a very good cocktail sauce and can buy an excellent Burgundy and/or a Chateauneuf.

So dinner for 2:
Steak $30 ( 20-24 oz for a top rib or strip)
Shrimp $8 ( about 8 large)
Salad $3
Wine $60 ( 2 bottles)
Total about $100

At a Steak House this would be $400-500 all in plus driving and parking.
And avoiding the R.I.D.E. program ---- priceless!

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

Technically they are not drumettes, they are drums and they are not bad simply because they are much more meaty, but they taste just like the wings and use the same second rate sauces.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

Crown & Dragon (Yonge & Davenport) wings are very good. Certainly the biggest I have ever had at a commercial establishment.
They are lightly breaded but I forgive them for this and order sauce on the side to preserve heat and crispiness.
They are $8.95/lb and half price ($4.13, go figure, must be new math) on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
This little place takes more care in the prep and execution of their wings and sauces than any other I've been to.
Like Gabby's on Eglinton you can have a pint and 2 lbs. on wing nights (Mon. and Wed.) for $20 inc. tax and good tip.

Heading to Buffalo this weekend

If you can get to East Aurora (about 15 minutes east of Ralph Wilson Stadium) go to Barbills for wings and Beef on Weck. Local Hounds consider them the best.

What is "tablespoon" in grams?

15 grams or 1/2 ounce.
A stick (4 to a pack) is normally 4 ozs. or 1/4 pound.

Where to buy good quality charcoal?

FYI - few people (including retailers) are aware that charcoal is exempt from PST. It is an "exempt non-food item".
Neither Loblaws nor Can. Tire charge PST on charcoal but many do including Sobies and Longo's!

Where to get fresh brisket

$3.19/lb last week. at EM in Ken..

Does anybody know about senior's steak?

I can think of a few truck stops I would go to before Seniors for Valentines Day.

The difference between Seniors and Didier couldn't be more stark in style and price!

If you want a steak house at Seniors prices go to the Keg.

I would choose Didier but you will certainly pay a lot more.