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Private Rooms Lower Westchester?

The Red Hat in Irvington and The Harvest in Hastings will host private events and both are on the river.

Awesome Texas BBQ in Cold Spring!

On my way home after a grueling hike.. it was like a dream. Round Up Texas Smoked BBQ; a little roadside joint on Rte 9 just south of 301. Amazingly tender ribs, the meat just hanging off the bone. Tasty fried okra, great cole slaw, something called Texas ranch beans that were dark and smoky. It's a casual family owned place (order thru a window and eat at picnic tables) and they are super nice. Man oh man. I had high hopes and I was NOT disappointed!

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

X2O... I know, everybody loves this place but I'm always a little disappointed with dinner. Plus their carpet seriously needs cleaning. Brunch however, is still a real treat and a great value.

New Whole Foods in Ridge Hill (Yonkers)

Are they still validating parking. The last time i was there i was told that was a temporary promotional thing.

Great Thai in Sleepy Hollow

My husband and i discovered surprisingly good Thai very near the Tarrytown train station... Tyrynda Thai. it's a little off the beaten path (128 Cortlandt St) which might explain why it wasn't busier on a Saturday night. Food was terrific, excellent service, lovely decor, good prices, lots of vegetarian options. Portions are not large but were just right for us. My husband had pineapple/shrimp curry and i had red curry with chicken. we shared an order of Thai dumplings. Everything was outstanding.

I've ranted here before about how disappointing the Thai restaurants in Westchester have been since i moved here eight years ago so i'm really excited about this new discovery. Can't wait to go back and bring some friends!

Any good traditional bakeries in southern Westchester?

Thank you all for your recommendations. Very much appreciated!

Any good traditional bakeries in southern Westchester?

I grew up in Brooklyn where amazing Italian bakeries are a dime a dozen. I moved to Yonkers six years ago and have yet to find a decent bakery anywhere in the area. Anyone know of any? I'm looking for a REAL bakery not a high end fussy place like Riviera where you need a second mortgage to buy a cake that tastes like nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Delicious Thai in Tuckahoe

I'm not sure if the management has changed since it's my first time there. I never got to eat there when it was G&P. There was a party going on at the bar which made it pretty festive. The dining room was fairly quiet but not empty. I plan to go again soon. I definitely want them to stay open!

Mocha Pudding Cake

Very disappointed in this cake. I made it using slightly strong coffee and it was still overwhelming and not very sweet. Also, I baked it 15 longer than recipe called for and it was far too wet at the bottom-- downright drippy.

Mar 10, 2009
FillMyTummy in Recipes

So sick of overpriced Westchester!

I couldn't agree more with this thread. I was in shock when I first moved to Westchester from northern NJ 6 years ago at what seems like NYC prices just about everywhere I tried. Why should this be? Another disappointment for me was One in Irvington. The food should be amazing for what they're charging and it's not even close.

So sick of overpriced Westchester!

Also worth trying if you're in downtown Yonkers is Zuppa (on Main St). The food is excellent at a lower price point than X2O. Beautiful decor, nice bar.

Thai recommendations?

Just posted here about Tangerine Thai in Tuckahoe. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. Pleasantly surprised after some bad experiences with Thai in Westchester. We ate at Thai House once and it was pretty awful.

Delicious Thai in Tuckahoe

My husband and I have just returned from dinner at Tangerine Thai. We are so excited to have finally found a good Thai restaurant in Westchester after so many disappointments. This is the former Garlic & Pepper which I'd never been to so I won't compare. The food had a very traditional home cooked feel. It has a solid menu and a very gracious staff.

The papaya salad and green curry were especially good. A pleasant amount of heat, not overwhelming. Can't wait to go back!

Tangerine Thai
90 Yonkers Ave.
Tuckahoe, NY 10707

Dining in Tarrytown or nearby

I would definitely recommend The Red Hat or Mima's in Irvington.

Lunch in Hudson NY this Saturday!

Our favorite French Bistro is in Hudson- Le Gamin at 609 Warren St. You'll have a wonderful lunch there. Terrific crepes, great salads and cafe au lait to die for. Completely authentic down to the indifferent service:-)

South Yonkers

Oh, also should mention there's a very decent neighborhood Italian restaurant near St. John's Riverside hospital called Gianna's. Don't let the strip mall locale put you off. It's worth a visit.

South Yonkers

My husband and I live near there and you're right. The restaurant scene (for now) leaves much to be desired. However, we really like Zuppa and have heard good things about Belle Havana. Luckily, Dobbs Ferry is an easy drive and there are several good options there. Just east of the Yonkers border and worth noting in Tuckahoe are Spice Village and The Tap House.

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

We eat at Spice Village regularly and are continually impressed with the food. A rare thing indeed. We've been to Patang, Zafran, Nyauta, Malabar Hill and a couple of others in the area whose names escape me and Spice Village is by far the best. And the staff is extremely attentive. I would like add however, that Zafran is noteworthy if you're in the mood for something a little different.

New Indian Place in Irvington

Haven't been there yet but I'm glad we opted for Spice Village tonight instead.

Mimi's in Irvington anyone?

Thanks for the responses!

Worst restaurants in Westchester

The Pier View in Yonkers. Just TERRIBLE. We've given them several chances since we really want to see businesses in the revitalized waterfront area succeed but DAMN. It just keeps getting worse!

Mimi's in Irvington anyone?

Has anyone been to the restaurant that moved into the former Red Hat location? I think it's called Mimi's.

Sorry, I'm spazzing out. I didn't mean to post this three times.

Stew Leonards

Went there once and hated it. The rat's maze style of merchandising is annoying and hugely time wasting. Or maybe it's just me. Also, way too crowded. Some people just love it but I don't plan on returning.

Where to get Tres Leches Cakes in FFD or Westchester

I get them at La PiƱata Bakery in Yonkers; 118 New Main St. I think they're quite good but I haven't tried that many so I'm no expert.

Has anyone tried One in Irvington, New York?

My husband and I ate there on Saturday. To be honest I was somewhat disappointed. I expected to be wowed considering what I'd heard and the fact that Westchester mag gave it #1 on their last top ten restaurants in the county. The fact is I was not. At this price range the food should be exceptional. It was very good, not great. We were told the menu changes daily and perhaps it's not always the case but only one appetizer did not include fish/seafood. Since we planned on having some oysters and fish entrees I opted for the salad. Tasty but not that special. Overall, a nice dinner but not worth the price tag. There are several outstanding restaurants in the area where your money is better spent .