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Castle Burgers!

"Actual" "Boar & Castle" sauce, by this point, would surely put you in the ground if you were to come across some and eat it. It has been reproduced.

Smith Street Diner, for sure. Don't forget to order the foie gras.

Smith Street Diner
438 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27401

Jul 22, 2010
goodgnosh in Southeast

Table 16 in Greensboro?

Thank you for passing that along. I had seen their menu online but what you posted has mentioned some I haven't seen. We missed an opportunity to go this past weekend and don't know when we'll have another. I'll just wait patiently to read any reviews.

I don't know, however, if this is my cup of tea. I thought what they were doing was great. Did their old chef go somewhere else in town? Is that the same Chef Graham Heaton that used to be at La Res?

Table 16 in Greensboro?

We are thinking of going this weekend but we always have poor luck with restaurants that change hands, if this is true of Table 16.

I know there are a fair number of GSO gastronomes on CH and am curious about how it is.

Table 16 in Greensboro?

I heard they are under new management and that they might have changed their cuisine a bit. Has anyone been there recently to report? They used to have the best osso bucco.