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Rhodes, Greece Warning/Recommendation

Just returned from a trip to Rhodes, Greece. With most places focused on tourism and all the restaurant "barkers" trying to strong arm pedestrians into their cafes- all with very similar menus, finding a worthwhile spot is a challenge. We happened upon a great and terrible place to eat. Both with similar names and locations, but very different experience.

Mama Sofia offers fresh seafood and wonderful service. Truly a family owned restaurant: Mama's in the back and the staff welcomes everyone like family. Food is all fresh and well cooked. A bonus is our waiter is a trained sommelier, so was able to walk us through the unfamiliar (to us) Greek grapes. Though we rarely repeat a meal when traveling, we happily ate at Mama Sofia's twice! And would eat there again.

Across the street is Mama Mika. Wow, what a difference. Everything a chowhound reader strives to avoid can be found at Mama Mika. Pushy. Claiming fish is fresh when it's clearly not. A simply bad food. I can only recall once in my life that I was unable to eat a served meal and EVERYONE in my party was served a meal that they couldn't eat more than 1 bite. And it gets worse....

After admitting the fish wasn't fresh as originally claimed the owner wouldn't accept that we found his food inedible. When we offered to pay of all the drinks, but not any of the food, he offered to call the police. After a 10 minute argument, we comprised on an amount that favored Mama Mika. I regret not standing my ground 100%, but didn't want to ruin a vacation over $30. Best I can do is advise everyone to avoid MAMA MIKA at all costs.

Walk across the street to MAMA SOFIA and enjoy!

Aug 23, 2013
eddiefreddie in Europe

Help with celebratory dinner this weekend (Philly or Main Line area)

Consider Vedge. Food is great (and safe for your restrictions), plus plates are generally small so you can spend as much or as little as you'd like.

Mar 27, 2013
eddiefreddie in Philadelphia

Xilantro in Wayne... never again!

Waitress told us that the chef is actually from Mexico. Really, is that supposed to be a rarity now? The best food coming out of kitchens anywhere is usually prepared by hard working & skilled Mexican workers. ;-)

Too bad this place isn't better. Hoping the iron out the major kinks.

Aug 30, 2011
eddiefreddie in Philadelphia

New Place, New Neighborhood

Thanks for the Northern Liberties scoop. My wife are going exploring this afternoon (in the heatwave). I will post my experience.

Aug 02, 2006
eddiefreddie in Pennsylvania

Bone Marrow

Yea, maybe I caught blue ribbon on an off night with the bone marrow. It's a terrific spot (means a lot coming from a chowhound!)


Jul 28, 2006
eddiefreddie in Manhattan

Bone Marrow

This doesn't answer your question, but I would like to share my opinion of Blue Ribbon's Bone Marrow.

People rave and it is a GREAT spot to go. I just didn't think the bone marrow was "off the hook". My problem is the marrow was a brownish color, which indicates blood. To properly prepare the dish, you first soak the marrow in milk to draw out the blood. I was disappointed with the preparation.

Thanks for mentioning this dish. Sorry for stepping off your topic a bit- it's just been on my mind.

Jul 15, 2006
eddiefreddie in Manhattan