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Best Pupus on Oahu

Thanks for the double confirmation. I had heard of that place, but couldn't tell if just the setting was good, or the food too...but sounds great, thanks!

Aug 21, 2009
yellojello in Hawaii

Best Pupus on Oahu

Have been doing my due diligence for an upcoming trip to Oahu. Have found a lot of good tips on here and am very excited! But keep reading about pupus, which sound delicious, and seem to be at many restaurants. My question is, though, are there any places where one would make a full meal out of pupus - i.e. are there places where people go just for them (the equivalent of a tapas restaurant or the like)? In other words, where is the best place on Oahu for pupus? Price and location not an object...Thanks!

Aug 10, 2009
yellojello in Hawaii

Four days in LA--your top picks?

I would second a couple of these, Father's Office (not just the burger and sweet potato fries but great beers) for sure and The India Restaurant (a bit of a haul down to Artesia but worth it, best Chicken Tikka Masala I've ever had) is excellent.

Also might add Oinkster, which is over in Eagle Rock, for burgers or pastrami, and great belgian-style fries. Also in Eagle Rock, is a great Polish place, called Polka; it is cozy and small and has great hearty Polish food and big ice cold Polish beers. Not too far from good bars in Silver Lake and Los Feliz (Los Feliz has a great area for bar crawls, including Tiki Ti, a great tiki bar but with odd hours, so check first; Good Luck Bar, a little Hollywood hipster-esque but fun and good cocktails, and the Drawing Room nearby for a classic hipster dive).

Another fun hangout is the Cat and Fiddle on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood - English pub with great outdoor patio, decent pub food, good beers, fun rocker/casual crowd (have seen Johnny Rotten, Morrissey, and Sandra Oh there, although not on the same night, ha ha). Drinks on the Rooftop of the Standard Hotel Downtown, or at the Standard on the Sunset Strip, are gauche but you get a sense of the completely trashy Hollywood industry side. And the Standard downtown has a great view. Also near downtown, in Chinatown, the Mountain Bar is a funky artist hangout, although weekend nights the entertainment is kind of annoying. Spaceland, a music club in Silverlake, often has great bands and is a nice hangout, usually reasonably priced tickets.

On the fancier side, Campanile and A.O.C. are excellent. In general have not found much amazing high-end dining in LA, but these two are great.

If you want to spend some time checking out other options, particularly for different ethnic foods, I highly recommend looking at the LA Weekly website, and Jonathan Gold's food column on there (, his "Where to Eat Now" section is particularly helpful. He is the first food critic to ever win a Pulitzer, and ranges from the top of the line to the taco truck. Will give you a good overview of options, and there are so many hole in the wall kind of places in strip malls that it is difficult to come across otherwise...


Mar 22, 2009
yellojello in Los Angeles Area

Need Special Occasion Rec. for PDX

Thanks for thoughts so far. I had actually been looking at Tabla, it looked nice and the 3 course deal seemed pretty good. Good to hear seconds on that, and will check out Simpatica. The group is semi-adventurous, but not excessively some of those suggestions might not be right, nkeane, but sound interesting anyway (maybe for another night!). This is very helpful...further thoughts welcomed but this is great, thanks all.

Mar 16, 2009
yellojello in Pacific Northwest

Need Special Occasion Rec. for PDX

Have been perusing the boards here, and gotten a lot of good ideas, but looking for that one right place. Will be in Portland this summer for a friend's 30th Birthday. Want a special, unique place for a small group of 6, including parents (so not looking for Doug Fir hipness). Looking for a truly excellent meal - can be on the fancier side, or rather simple, but just good quality all around, but probably nothing too pretentious or really high end. Local ingredients could be interesting too, a place that is truly a unique "Portland" experience. Are there any places with really good tasting menus that aren't astronomical? Ideally looking for $30 per person or less, not including drinks. Could be more if the place is right. Thanks!

Mar 15, 2009
yellojello in Pacific Northwest

"Event" Dining in Santa Fe

Will be in Santa Fe in December, just after Christmas, to visit family, and am looking for some kind of interesting dining that has an entertainment component. Have been to El Farol for the flamenco show, which was fantastic, and also to Casa Sena for their dinner performances, also fun. Food doesn't have to be outstanding, but should be pretty excellent. Entertainment can be whatever, song, dance, music...but just looking for a special evening that revolves around the entertainment as well as food. Any ideas along the lines of El Farol and Casa Sena would be most appreciated. Thx!

Nov 16, 2008
yellojello in Southwest

Slow Food Nation not-to-miss?

I agree - cut them some slack! For a first time event things went very well I thought.

We arrived at the Taste Pavillion at last evening, to greet a huge line. We were initially irritated but it moved very quickly. Inside we found the same - the lines were often long but generally moved very quickly. The people working at the tasting sites were also mostly very friendly, helpful, and engaging, even though clearly tired out after the weekend. We also met lots of random people enjoying themselves at the different seating areas, which is always cool.

We were also initially annoyed after paying the hefty ticket price that our tastings would be limited - but found this was not a problem in the least. In fact we couldn't make it through them all, because we were getting so many "free" aka non-marked tastings. In part this may have been since we were in the last slot - but in talking to friends this happened throughout the weekend too, a free beer here or there, extra cheeses, an extra slice of so and so.

There were glitches, running out of things by the end, sometimes awkward positioning, and, sure, could have used less lines, etc. But by and large, one of the smoothest festivals I've been to, and very impressive for a first time. Would have been nice to have the price lower, but a fun and unique event, so worth it, at least in my mind. So I think the complainers, with all due respect, need to acknowledge that sure, a few things were off, but mostly fun and interesting and raising great national awareness (a story on Marketplace on NPR last week, for instance), and should stop their griping. Just my two cents, thanks...

Drive and Dine out of SF

A slightly unusual request for recommendations here. New to living in SF, loving it of course, but delightfully carless. For our upcoming anniversary, thinking about chartering a car or limo and would like to go someplace excellent for dinner that is not easily accessible normally, aka not in the city. Maybe north in Marin or Pt Reyes. So am looking for a place:

- That would have at least in part a beautiful driving component to it. Just going for the evening, so shouldn't be too far away.

- That would end in an excellent, romantic dinner. Price can be pretty high (but probably not French Laundry high), and it should be nice, but doesn't have to be crazy fancy, casual is okay too if the food is remarkable. We love tasting menus. For instance Manka's sounded perfect but since it is not open, that's out.

Yes, I know I want it all. But any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

any former houstonian's on here? i am thinking of those fantastic po-boys at antone's, you'd go in and there would be a big basket of them, you could just grab a couple and go. completely delicious and amazing, like nothing else i've found here...

May 17, 2008
yellojello in Los Angeles Area

Chili Dogs

Hey, just went to Choo Choo in Glassell Park. Pretty good chili dog - good chili, nice juicy thick dog, good cheese/tomato/onion/mustard toppings. No fries though, and they were out of chips, which was a bummer. I would have to say not as good in my opinion as the Hat or Lucky Boy in Pasadena, but pretty good. I would go back again...

May 12, 2008
yellojello in Los Angeles Area