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Men Don't Crave Cookies Like Chicks Do

my hubs has the sweet tooth. he'll appreciate wonderful food as art as much as a box of processed crap as long as it's sweet.

me, I want to install a salt lick in the kitchen. so much "science" today about food is like Psychology Today level dreck.

Jan 21, 2009
jacquelinec in Features

660 Curries, 1 grocery

I am delving into Indian cooking with the help of the new 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer. It's a great introduction for a novice to this cuisine. Like many cuisines, there really are more than one...regional variety is covered in many of the seasonings and explanations.

Chef Iyer's a great teacher and it's easy to see why the IACP acknowledged him as such.

Anyway...I have found only one grocery so far that carries the fresh curry leaves. It's on Harvard Ave in Coolidge Corner and some of the items there were pretty stale looking. Didn't even get my dal there because all the pkgs were outdated. The store was really warm too, so I was worried they'd be rancid.

Making one of my new favorite recipes cardamom-fennel rubbed (wild Copper River) salmon with coconut milk sauce I do notice a difference without them.

Any suggestions? T accessible would be best.

Thanks and check out the book. I'll be reviewing it soon in my column, stay tuned!

Craving Paella

My paella was excellent at Tapeo but for one missing element: socorat! It's not paella without that yummy crunchy rice on the bottom. I'm guessing the kitchen would be thrilled with a request for it to be done so. Other dishes seemed to be executed well and authentically so I believe they got frustrated with customer complaints about "burnt" rice.

I'll ask them next time.

reputable knife-sharpening service ??

I once met a guy who had a mobile unit, that came to a restaurant I worked at. I think his truck/service was called Rolling Stone but all I can find are links to the franchise business. Anyone know how to reach him? I'd love to set up a time for him to come my neighborhood, line up the neighbors and get it done. I just can't find him...

Spotted Apron "relocating"?

Or closed? News anyone?

Turnabout Is Fun to Read

Don't you think Zimmern should get back to the chow, too? How do you dismiss 16 restaurants as a critic without deigning to eat there?

Jan 03, 2008
jacquelinec in Features

Turnabout Is Fun to Read

James thought you'd like to know I had to post on this. Thanks for the tip.

The Leather District Gourmet

Jan 03, 2008
jacquelinec in Features

Panini maker indecision

get a cast iron skillet and place buttered piece of foil on top of your sandwich then place your kettle or another similar weight on top. done.

Jan 02, 2008
jacquelinec in Cookware

Turnabout Is Fun to Read

I've been to the twin cities three times. Each time I was reminded of my misplaced Coastal bias. I was impressed on the most recent trip by the currency of food scene and the genuinely good food I had. One of the favorite stops was Hell's Kitchen. I'm not the least bit surprised at the roller coaster ride of Omer's post and I was entertained by it. I think your selection is the pithiest one, hoisting AZ on his own petard. Nice job. Any food writer who can't get roused from his desk deserves to give that desk to someone willing to earn that privilege.

Jan 02, 2008
jacquelinec in Features

Gourmet Dumpling House

My husband and I just "discovered' this place last night though we live blocks away. We've been out of town then the Red Sox were kicking anyway. We had four dishes and loved them all. http://leatherdistrictgourmet.blogspo...
XLB we had were delicious and steamed and soup was great.
Try again if you were disappointed.
I would agree with some of the comments that there are no true dumpling houses like the ones we love in Toronto.
- Jacqueline

You Are What You Don't Eat

Sorry don't know why that posted twice.

On the loca - as in crazy - vore thing: When you realize the movement began in Berkeley and think about the year-round access they have to great "local" wine, seafood, produce etc.; you can understand why it makes so much sense. Someone from Alaska once wrote in one of these "discussions" that even the produce she gets a few months of year could not sustain her. Oh, and the next time someone preaches about eating locally - and you're not at the green market in Berkeley - ask them where the wine they drank last night came from.

My friends at the farmer's market laugh with me at the ridiculousness of the debate. Is local non organic better than shipped from miles away organic? Better for whom? In what ways? What will locavore mean to inner city folks who only have access to mega markets?

Sorry...I'll stop now....! Good piece.

Jul 31, 2007
jacquelinec in Features

You Are What You Don't Eat

ArikaDawn - Sam couldin't be referring to models as booze has too many calories. Now cocaine and cigarettes, that could be models, ballerinas, and if we add xanax, apparently socialites...

Jul 31, 2007
jacquelinec in Features

Kobe Beef

I had the "Mishima Kobe" special at Shabu-zen too. While it was luscious, I would very very surprised if it actually were Mishima, which is rarer than Kobe and more expensive. My understanding is that some Wagyu is marketed under the Mishima name, but it's not truly Mishima. Just like most of the "Kobe" we see here is actually Wagyu. Kinda makes you respect the Frence A.O.C. and other such systems, eh?

Sichuan Hot Pot in the Boston/Cambridge area?

I agree - in Hawaii "pu pu" means appetizers (e.g. pu pu platter = mixed of apps.) But (a) has nothing to do with hotpot and (b) one of those things that loses something in translation. But thanks for the answer, I might try it. Could be an adventure...
I thought your screen name was kurobuta at first...yummy.

Event for 150 people in South End/Chinatown/Downtown

check with Hei La Moon. Superior Cantonese Seafood, good space, staff prepared to handle large groups.

The Hungry Detective, what did you think?

I don't know what happened to my post but I hope Chris sees this one. Love the show. Told my readers about it. My husband's from the LA area and knew the fish place in the LA show we watched on TIVO tonight. I thought it was interesting that you found a third cheesesteak place in Philly. Hope you're having fun.

Jacqueline C

Dec 06, 2006
jacquelinec in Food Media & News

boston's best burger

Audubon great (but no fries!), Bristol Lounge great (good fries), how come no one's mentioned Eastern Standard? Great on both scores.

Sichuan Hot Pot in the Boston/Cambridge area?

Looking for another hot pot option (besides Shabu Zen and Kaze) thought the Improper noted one in Cambridge but am at a loss to find it now...

Upcoming trip to Toronto

Thanks again all! I'll post some results when we're back....

Best way to send to Palm/Tungsten?

I don't see a tool or widget for doing this. Has someone created or found a work around?


Sep 12, 2006
jacquelinec in Site Talk

"Bold" letters?

i don't think they enable any html here...

Sep 12, 2006
jacquelinec in Site Talk

Upcoming trip to Toronto

Wow - I love my Chowhounds!! Thanks to all and keep it coming. Love it. Love it...

South Beach

Definitely check out Wish at The Hotel (8th & Collins, I think). Very good food, interesting fusion (not bad, in your face fusion) of local products, flavors and really well-executed. We had a large group there for a wedding and most are in the industry one way or another. Only one had a disappointing meal and that was over a few days and lots of good food and drink.

Sep 12, 2006
jacquelinec in Florida

How many of us Chowhounds are fat? [Moved from General Topics]

This thread reminds me of when I was single and looking at all the personals. No guy ever said he was anything more than "athletic" and I had girlfriends who were scolded in person for being larger than what the guy thought they should be least one of them had the chutzpah to ask the guy what part of him, exactly, was it that he thought made him look like TOm Cruise...

One of my joys in life is sharing good food with people and helping people to stop fearing or fighting with food. If I am hit by a bus tomorrow, I will die happy that I had a big bowl of pasta tonight with homemade meatballs and handmade from my butcher sausages. Two or three glasses of wine. Not a rice cake with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Yes, I could be thinner (and have been) but I'm not fat.

Here's the news flash, when you eat what you want, drink what you want, and give up disciplined do, in fact, gain weight. I guess I had to learn by doing, as per my usual m.o. Oh well.

Sep 12, 2006
jacquelinec in Not About Food

Upcoming trip to Toronto

How about a little of everything: your favorite in all categories? e.g. best hole in the wall; favorite dim sum; local's favorite diner or lunchspot; etc...

we'll be downtown two days on Queen St. West and two at King St East...

I know the city is diverse, big and known for its food, so I'm looking forward to it all.


Best Food Blogs?

I like gastropoda and also gurgling cod.

Sep 07, 2006
jacquelinec in Food Media & News

Upcoming trip to Toronto

Okay chowhounds - let it rip...

Where is the chow not to be missed?

Thanks in advance!


whatever happened to the general distaste for the 'foodie' label?

LOL - I got all the way to Morton's post - thought I'd be the first old radical to raise the banner of "reclaiming" a perjorative. I remember my lesbian friends talking earnestly about "reclaiming the color pink" - guess they were tired of lavendar. Now we even have the S/O/L/E movement - love it! Sustainable/Organic/Local/Ethical...

I dislike cutesy stuff like others above - have never signed my name with a happy face - ever. But, gourmet often sounds exclusionary or snobbish I think to many.

Personally, at this point, you can call me what you like, just don't call me late for dinner!

Sep 07, 2006
jacquelinec in Not About Food

Cape Verdean/Moqueca in E. Cambridge

Thanks for the new info. I was worried as much info was a little old...will check it out!

Polish food in Boston: Cafe Polonia!

Just had our first meal there with Polish friends. What a treat to have someone familiar say "try this" or "this is usually served like..." etc. etc. We were surprised, delighted and stuffed, having eaten our way through as many "typical" dishes as we could.

Recommend this spot. Very easy walk from Andrews Sq. T.

- Cheers,