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Upscale veg friendly in Tokyo

For upscale vegetarian, I'd definitely recommend Yasaimei. I've only been to the branch in Omotesando Hills. Like the locale, the decor is a bit flash and the waiters glide like host-club studs, but the food is stellar.

The menu isn't exclusively vegetarian, but it does celebrate vegetables in a large number of dishes. I believe they have a private farm and the menu often features rare vegetables (and the staff are pleasingly knowledgeable about the veggies they're serving).

There are both a la carte and course menus. I think the 4-course meal we had was around 6,000 yen a head.

There's also Kurkku Kitchen's vegetarian course:

But I've only been there for lunch; can't vouch for the evening menu.

May 17, 2008
tabehodai in Japan

Les Vinum, Tokyo - short review

Here's a bit more info:

It's definitely worth a visit. It's been a while since I've eaten there but I do remember being impressed by the range of game meat.

May 17, 2008
tabehodai in Japan

Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo?

Funny. I ate at Giang's two week ago and its website ( makes no mention of closure. You sure it's closed for good?

Aug 04, 2007
tabehodai in Japan

Vietnamese restaurants in Tokyo?

Giang's in Futagotamagawa-en is a favorite. Not a huge menu but very authentic.

Here's a review:

Cyclo, also written up in that review, is the other end of the price range/atmosphere but my last meal there was terrific.

Jul 30, 2007
tabehodai in Japan

Recommendations near Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Here are some recommendations in the Roppongi area.

I'd recommend Sasano for a good izakaya. Not sure if they have a English menu, though.

Jun 04, 2007
tabehodai in Japan

Western Breakfast in Japan??

West Park Cafe is one of the best I've come across.

I've only been to the Yoyogi-uehara one, but I bet the others are just as good.

Dec 23, 2006
tabehodai in Japan

the trouble with food nannies

I thought the Chowhound users would take interest in this editorial about the Japanese government's wrong-headed implementation of food nannies -- a board to judge the authenticity of Japanese food served abroad.

I saw a news report about this recently, in which a Japanese TV reporter made faces while eating at sub-standard ''Japanese'' restaurants in Paris (with NOT ONE Japanese wait staff or chef -- shijirarenai!). While watching this, I had to wonder if this guy would make the same fuss at a chain izakaya in Japan that serves discounted tuna from Spain prepared by an underpaid Chinese cook.

While I see a need for authenticity, and acknowledge that Japan has plenty of great chefs who've trained abroad, this whole food-nanny (nazi) has a bad smell.

Anyway, food for thought.

Dec 13, 2006
tabehodai in Food Media & News

Greek in Tokyo?

It seems that every country's cuisine is well represented in Tokyo ... with the exception of Greece.

I know plenty of good Middle-Eastern places, which will satisfy my cravings to a degree, but I really do long for gyro wraps.

A year ago I found a new place in Harajuku (can't remember the name; on a side street; 3rd floor) but it was sub-standard. Small portions and not very authentic.

I've also heard bad things about The Agean Sea in Shibuya, so I've avoided it.

Has anyone found good Greek food in Tokyo?

Oct 07, 2006
tabehodai in Japan

Roppongi Choices?

Hainan is popular but my meal there wasn't very memorable.

Haven't been to the other two but there was a positive write-up of Inakaya in JT:

Sasano is one of my favorite izakaya-style places in Roppongi. Nothing too innovative but very fresh fish and a good nihonshu selection.

Oct 07, 2006
tabehodai in Japan

Vegetarian Travel to Japan

Good Honest Grub closed its Ebisu location five or six months ago.

Only one location now, in Harajuku, next to Fujimamas. It's not vegetarian per se but there is more than the usual selection of salads and vegetable-only entrees.

BTW I have two friends who are allergic to fish and they've both lived in Japan for considerable stints (one has been here 22 years). They have to be careful and cook at home a good bit, but they do get by. Just have to know how to ask the right questions at restaurants.

Oct 07, 2006
tabehodai in Japan

Vegetarian Travel to Japan

I'm not a vegetarian but I do have a lot of friends who are. And while this a place where you could get served ham, even if you say you don't eat meat, I've discovered a lot of veggie-safe options at izakaya, particularly the more modern ones with a wide menu (often called 'dining izakaya' perhaps because there's more emphasis on getting a proper meal than nibbles to complement alcohol).

Here's a short list of links for specific restaurants. I can vouch for the quailty of most of them (but I've never been to the shoji ryori place). Most of them have English menus.

From Robbie Swinnerton's Food File (you'll have to register to access them)

--Macrobiotic rundown:

--A shoji ryoji restaurant:

--If you want to splurge, Gesshinkyo:

Sora no Niwa (tofu chain; nice ambience):

Pure Cafe (map at the bottom of the page):

Yuuan (a favorite; the one in Shinagawa is a bit classier; I think they have an English menu

Hope you enjoy your stay.

(Sorry, I meant to reply to the original post, not Silverjay's. Not sure how to cancel it.)

Oct 02, 2006
tabehodai in Japan

Kaikaya in Tokyo

I've lived in Tokyo for 20 years and discovered Kaikaiya about 10 years ago. I've been dropping in pretty regularly since, especially when I have visitors that I want to impress.

Why is it so popular with foreigners? My guess is, word of mouth. It's terrifically good fish, and has a good English menu. But I don't see any evidence of catering to gaijin tastebuds.

And the staff, especially Ippei, are some of the nicest guys you could meet.

I always get the zakko grill, which the three catches of the day, grilled, in olive oil and herbs. Always excellent. Be sure to order a bagguette to soak up that delicious olive oil.

The Japan Times got around to reviewing it a few months ago, so the secret is definitely out.

Jul 15, 2006
tabehodai in Japan