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Buying Local Seafood Off the Boat in Georgia

We're heading back to St Simons Island this summer, and we do most of our cooking at the beach house rather than eating out. We've gotten fresh shrimp at City Market, but can anyone recommend any other local markets/docks where we can get the local seafood right off the boat in Brunswick or nearby?

Family friendly dining on St. Simon's Island

For super-casual, we've enjoyed 4th and May and Sandcastle. Loco's is a local GA franchise, but they have a substantial menu and the food is good. We like to stop by Palm Coast Coffee in the afternoons to get a pick-me-up and something sweet for my son.

BBQ Road Trip - Please Advise

If you are coming through North Georgia, check out Sam & Dave's #1 or #2 in Marietta, north of Atlanta...or the Pig N Chik in Roswell.