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Steakhouse in York Region / North Toronto

Thanks. After looking at few places online, I decided to try the school.

Steakhouse in York Region / North Toronto

Eddy's is more in line with Seniors than a high end steakhouse.

What foods would you buy organic?

Thanks for this good info. I would add that there is a difference between Dairy and Meat cows. In Canada Dairy cows are generally fine. Its the meat cows we all need to be carefull of.

I would also warn people to ask questions at local farmer's markets. Some of them import organic produce to round out what they grow locally. Nothing wrong with that, but they should tell us what is imported versus what they grow.

May 14, 2008
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Steakhouse in York Region / North Toronto

Can anyone recommend a good high-end steakhouse in the sourthern portion of York Region or North Toronto? I have been to the Octagon a few times and do not want to go back there. Any other suggestions?

Edit: I should have mentioned that I have seen this thread:
but am looking for more suggestions.