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Favorite Restaurants on W46th Restaurant Row?

Pomaire on 46th is a great Chilean Restaurant. I haven't been there in a few years, but the few times i went it was really good.

Jul 07, 2008
safron in Manhattan


it will be hard to find them in the city. i've looked but haven't come across them. you can find good ones, especially pupusas de loroco in redhook park. i've tried them and they're good as well as all the other varieties of pupusas. good luck

Jul 07, 2008
safron in Manhattan

Looking for a great "chef's tasting menu" for $50 dollars or less in manhattan

Thanks for all the suggestions. You guys are the best!

Jul 03, 2008
safron in Manhattan

Looking for a great "chef's tasting menu" for $50 dollars or less in manhattan

planning for a group of friends to go out, i'd love to get everyone to do a chef's tasting menu, but often times they're 75+, does anyone know of a chef's tasting menu that's good and 50 dollars or less?

Jul 01, 2008
safron in Manhattan

Best Place for a group of 12 that isn't too expensive

A group of 12 of us will be in the Alexandria area. We'd love a recommendation for a good restaurant in Alexandria or DC that i can get a reservation for. We're looking for either breakfast lunch or dinner recommendations. We dont want to spend too much, so maybe around 35-40 dollars for dinner and cheaper for lunch and breakfast. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks in advance!

LA Hound seeks chowish advice

try Carmen's Country Kitchen 1301 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, (215) 339-9613. Although i think she closes in the summer,but not sure when. Also try MONK'S CAFE , at 16th and Spruce. Excellent mussles and fries and good beer. Have fun!

May 29, 2008
safron in Pennsylvania

Dinner in Newark NJ?

27 Mix was awesome when i went there about a year ago. Since then, the food has become a bit of a disappointing experience. The food is not bad, but its not as spectacular as it was before. I find myself thinking twice about going there to eat. The ambiance is great for drinks though.

Newark, NJ dinner suggestions (post NJPAC show)?

try Scully's Publick House its on clinton street, a few blocks away from NJPAC and 1 block away from the new Prudential Arena. Great food and good prices.