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Best Beer Restaurants in Phoenix?

If "Sign of the Whale" had Electric beer from Bisbee that beer is old as f-- b/c I went to Bisbee about 12 months ago and they told me the Electric Brewery had closed down... so you're looking at Beer at least a year old.

If you truly want a great beer in Arizona, I just discovered this microbeer called "Bud Light" lol jk.

The British Open Pub is right around the corner from Papago Brewery (same strip mall location) and has a pretty solid selection of beers from the UK and other parts of Europe.

However the service there usually sucks; the waitresses can't be bothered to take your order half the time.

Mar 11, 2009
refriederic in Phoenix

Inexpensive Deliciousness in Las Vegas

I'll be going to Las Vegas in March, but, since the economy is in shambles, I will be going on a budget.

Does anyone have any recommendations for some nice places where a meal would cost in the $25/person or less range?

Also, since I'll be traveling extensively on the monorail and staying at the Las Vegas Hilton, I'm hoping you can recommend places that are in and/or close to the major casinos on the strip (or along the monorail route).

Thank you

(BTW I like all types of food, so... have at it!)

Feb 10, 2009
refriederic in Southwest