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Cabbage Soup

I sauteed onion, red pepper, celery, carrots and the cabbage. Added some flour and stirred for a while included some seasonings of coriander and tumeric along with salt and pepper. After cooking for a while, I added some cilantro and more seasonsed salt. I have it in the fridge and haven't had it yet but maybe tomorrow for lunch. Thank you for all of your help.

Jan 22, 2007
Robeen in Home Cooking

Cabbage Soup

I have a half a head of cabbage and would like to make some kind of soup with it. Any suggestions for other additions and seasonings would be appreciated. Thank you.

Jan 20, 2007
Robeen in Home Cooking

foodie sites and groups in Santa Barbara--any tips?

My S.O.s mom volunteers in the food kitchen for Food from the Heart. They meet at a local church kitchen. Constance and State Street.

Jan 19, 2007
Robeen in California

Kosher Restaurants

I will be meeting my cousin who I haven't seen in over 40 years in Hollywood near the Magic Castle and need recommendations for dinner. I believe that he only eats Kosher foods. I will eat almost anything. Thank you.

Oct 23, 2006
Robeen in Los Angeles Area

Nevado's, Mammoth?

We had an excellent dinner there a few years ago....dress is casual and we did have a reservation. The services was very attentive..just can't remember what we ate. Two weeks ago, we ate at the Convict Lake Restaurant. The food was very good. I had a rack of lamb which was very good, my S.O. had the prime rib of elk which was dynamite and my son ordered duck three ways and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was given a taste and it was quite good. The presentation of all three dishes was just lovely. Dessert was some kind of apple tart and creme brulee. We would definitely return to Convict Lake and right after sunset the yard was suddenly alive with deer. You can't lose with either Convict Lake or Nevados.

Oct 07, 2006
Robeen in California

Designing new kitchen with 12x12 space. Need suggestions.

I also have a very small kitchen, in fact I believe that the builder circa 1958 forgot about putting in a kitchen until the very end. My suggestions would exclude a garbage disposal ( I haven't had one in over 30 years)plus they are really not necessary nor good for the plumbing. I have also been without a dishwasher for the same amount of time. Now that would be nice to have. I would place the micrwave oven over the cooktop/stove or under the cabinets. Drawers for all of the bottom cabinets would be great to have also depending on what kind of space you have, for more counter space you could have pull out boards or if able to at the end of a counter, arrange for a board to flip up to provide more counter. Kind of like they have in some bars.

Oct 01, 2006
Robeen in Not About Food

Chopped Chicken Liver

My version is very similar except that I don't add wine but that sounds like a great idea. Also, I hand chop everything in a woodedn bowl once it is cooked. This is the extent of my family tradition. My mom chopped in a wooden bowl and I do the same. I add lots of seasoning, salt, garlic powder, paparika. I really enjoy it but now I feel it is probably to fattening to eat. Definitely don't skim on the fat....

Sep 30, 2006
Robeen in Home Cooking

Ca'Dario in Santa Barbara

Ca'Dario is wonderful..Let's see what have I tried and liked...Risotto was very good as was the ravioli with sage butter and they have delicious pasta dishes. Work across the street and eat there when it is a special occasion such as someone else is buying.

Sep 14, 2006
Robeen in California

Simi Valley restaurants

I know restaurants are not that much in favor in Simi Valley but surely there must be a few that offer an acceptable lunch for a favorite aunt and niece. Any suggestions?

Sep 09, 2006
Robeen in Los Angeles Area

Social House in Las Vegas......

Where and what is Social House? We will be LV in December and looking for a good Japanese restaurant besides the one at the Wynn.

Sep 06, 2006
Robeen in Southwest

Santa Barbara Taqueria Wars: Superica vs. El Bajio

I'm not familiar with the pork chop taco but when I go there this weekend, I will defnitely check it out and report back. Usually, anything ordered that comes with their homeade corn tortillas is a winner. My S.O. even tried to see if they would reveal their mole recipe but they declined to give it out and said it is a family secret. I even thought of asking if he could spend a few hours cooking with them...One time when we didn't show up for a few weeks, they asked if everything was okay. Just very nice people and delicious simple food.

Jul 27, 2006
Robeen in California

Santa Barbara Taqueria Wars: Superica vs. El Bajio

I eat at Altamiranos on a weekly basis and have tried a lot of their dishes. My S.O. absolutely loves their mole either with chicken or with enchiladas and also loves the chorizo tacos. Some of my favorites are the pozole, fish tacos, tacos altamirano which is a pork and pasilla chile dish, and sopes. They often have specials which I try out and some are quite spicy; yummy. They also have a self-serve salsa bar. It is a family-owned restaurant and they are friendly and happy to please the customer. I also really like Super Rica as does my son who makes it his first stop when he returns to Santa Barbara. It is best to order from the right side of the menu and any dish that has 3 tortillas. I have eaten at El Bajio but was a bit let down after reading some rave reviews and think that I need to give it another try, although, I do think that they are a bit pricey.

Jul 26, 2006
Robeen in California