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Best Uses for Asparagus?

I have been given four bunches of lovely, fresh spring asparagus. I really like asparagus, but I live alone and can't eat it all week. What's the best thing to do with this stuff? I figure it totals a little over three pounds? Perhaps four? Any recs would be deeply appreciated.


Jun 10, 2008
Zool in Home Cooking

New to Downey, CA

Jusagthing's suggestion regarding the Cuban bakery was right on. It's delicious. The Cuban sandwiches are excellent, but not the best I've ever had. Still, they do hit the spot. I believe it's called "Havana Something". It can be hard to spot--it's right next to the corner on Paramount at Florence, small building with a small blue sign. Buy anything sweet there and you will enjoy it. Friendly employees, great atmosphere.
There is a great little Chinese restuarant on Downey Ave. called "Peking Palace", I think. It's the only Chinese place on the block. Delicious Chinese food. I would eat their hot & sour soup every day if I could. Their seafood soup is also terrific and spicy. I get hungry just thinking about it. It's open 'til nine and closed on Mondays. It's nearly always crowded, so expect a wait in the evenings around dinnertime. I can't say enough good things about this place.
Across the street from that is an Italian place--I forget the name of it, but it's been there for 14,000 years and they have karaoke during the week. Very friendly place, cute decor, not the best Italian ever, but still very good and a great alternative to the Olive Garden at the mall (which is ALWAYS packed and tastes bad, besides). It was very lively when we went and packed with friendly, tipsy regulars... might've changed a bit but I know that place is still there.
There is a tiny little place called The City Deli on Downey Ave. I don't know if they're still there, but when they were, they delivered large, very tasty egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches. Perfect for a day when you're too busy to cook. Check to see if they deliver to your area.
There is a Cuban restuarant/bakery on the corner of Old River School Road and Firestone. It has a much more extensive menu but less bakery items than the other place. It's good, but I was not overly impressed with it. It's nice if you want something different and don't want to drive too far.
Pina Pizza House on Paramount is not bad. A good alternative to Pizza Hut and Domino's. Big menu, inexpensive. Order out rather than eat in--the ambience is a little chowhall-ish.
Last, but certainly NOT least, is a taco stand on Firestone, across from Home Depot. Talk about always packed! Raul's Tacos is your typical greasy, cheap tacos al carbon stand. Not to everyone's taste, of course, but there's something about their carne asada tacos that does it for me. They're open every day, and until one or two am on Fridays and Saturdays. If you're there on a Friday or Saturday, ask them for cebollitas with your order, and they'll give you a little tinfoil packet of quartered and grilled sweet onions for free. Beware: their burritos and tortas are absolute monsters.

Feb 24, 2008
Zool in Los Angeles Area

What's Your Favorite Seafood Dish?!

No, MrsT, we're a mix of Irish, German, and Central American father, the Irish/German, just got tired of having a grand turkey dinner two months in a row. That was the same year that we received a box of live lobster from a business associate of his, strangely enough. That began ten years of Seafood Fest! Who would've thought?

Thank you for all the great suggestions, especially those who tailored their responses to the Southern California area. I'll be sure to pore over the suggestions here and post the menu once we choose some dishes!

Nov 23, 2007
Zool in General Topics

What's Your Favorite Seafood Dish?!

Every Christmas, instead of having a traditional ham or turkey and sides, my family does "SEAFOOD FEST"!! It's like a Festivus of Food. We don't really have any traditional side dishes... maybe some rice or rolls or something green. Everything else is seafood: crabcakes, baked scallops, stuffed clams, steamed lobster, swordfish, sea bass, shrimp etoufee, you name it, we cook it. We've done this for the last ten years.

This year, all I've got for the menu is clam chowder and bacon-wrapped scallops. I need some ideas for this year's Seafood Fest, so where else to find them but the Chowhound board??

So what's your favorite seafood dish? It can be anything from a side dish to a main course; it can be buttered, battered, broiled, or fried; steamed, creamed, or raw and cleaned. As always, thanks for the input!

Nov 19, 2007
Zool in General Topics

Sushi Recs for a Boozy, Boisterous 30th B-Day?

This is one of those topics that seem to pop up every week on this board, yet as I sift through the responses, answers aren't coming to me. Too many choices? I don't know.

Here's the haps:

Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda will be celebrating Samantha's 30th birthday in the Hollywood area this week (specifically, they are in the Hollywood and Highland area). They know they want sushi, but they aren't sure where. Some guidelines:

*Food should be above average, but doesn't have to be at 'Hound-ish DEFCON 5 quality. Menu should be balanced between excellent sushi and cooked dishes...

*Per person price range should be up to $75. Any more, and Charlotte will have to foot the bill.

*No classy, quiet Japanese joints. As much as our girls like those places, Samantha and her friends will need to let loose and be a little rowdy. Ditto for the uber-trendy joints. Being seen is not a priority for these ladies. The vibe should be, above all, fun, and upscale without being pretentious or haughty.

*As well as being Chowhounds, our girls are also Boozehounds. Samantha, in particular, may need to have sake bombs. Need I say more?

As always, thanks in advance, Chowhounds. : )

Oct 22, 2007
Zool in Los Angeles Area

Restaurants you will defend no matter what anybody says...

The Coffee Company is wonderful!! GREAT coffee, yummy orange juice, and a breakfast that will vanquish you. Love that place.

Aug 17, 2007
Zool in Los Angeles Area

Things that don't necessarily agree with you, but you eat anyway ...?

Chili. That nasty, greasy, delicious meat-only chili that Pink's puts on their hot dogs, and Tommy's puts on their chiliburgers. Just thinking about that chili gives me goosebumps--and not the good kind. I still can't resist it, although I eat it only about once a year.

Jun 13, 2007
Zool in General Topics

Grilled Avocados

Use cotija cheese. White, crumbly, salty, absolutely delicious with avocados, black beans, or refried beans. And don't forget the crema!

Dec 01, 2006
Zool in Home Cooking


I love that so many Chowhounds are bakers too! I'm going to try the no-stir suggestion, as well as the CI 15-min jobbie, this weekend. I know plenty of people willing to taste-test fudge!

Thanks so much, Hounds!

Nov 30, 2006
Zool in Home Cooking


A former employee used to bring in the most fantastic fudge each year for Christmas. She'd bring in two kinds: peanut butter and chocolate. Her fudge was the smoothest, mellowest, meltiest fudge I've ever had. She said the secret was something about stirring...?

I can't remember her secret, but this year I'm attempting to make fudge. I want sweet, smooth, melty fudge--NOT gritty, grainy, too-sweet, hard-as-rock-candy-like fudge.

What's YOUR secret?

Nov 30, 2006
Zool in Home Cooking


My good friend has decided to deep fry his turkey this year. I am responsible for side orders and such, including gravy.

Now, from what I know about gravy, you make it with giblets? Or turkey drippings? What?? How do you make a good turkey gravy with a deep-fried turkey?

As always, any help is much appreciated.

Nov 21, 2006
Zool in Home Cooking

Good, Casual Eats in Torrance/Redondo Beach

To celebrate a friend's birthday this weekend, we are taking her to Oktoberfest at Alpine Village in Torrance (don't ask). Before the festivities ensue, we'd like to get some chow. However, since we are not from around that part of town, no one knows where or what to eat! Any and all suggestions are welcome--and as always, thanks, Chowhounds!

Keep in mind: we are a loud, boisterous group. Fine dining establishments are embarrassed by us.

Some guidelines:
*Entrees should be priced between $10 and $25.
*Should be able to hold a group of 8-10 people who like to talk, eat, drink, and generally linger over dinner.
*Should serve alcohol.
*Should be the kind of place you can wear casual clothes --jeans and sneakers or the like.
*No seafood-only places (due to two picky eaters).
*Any cuisine is fine, but Chinese, Italian, and Mexican are preferred. Someone suggested a place LIKE El Torito, but NOT El Torito.
*Chain restaurants are ok, but we'd like to try everything but that first.

Oct 18, 2006
Zool in Los Angeles Area

Dessert: A confession ...

I totally get you, Paul. When I think about dessert, I love it. But I rarely think about it. I'm much more satisfied by a rich, lovely meal than a rich, lovely dessert. Yes, the dessert tastes wonderful, but it's still only one flavor to me: sweet. I think that's why I'll only ever have a few bites at a restaurant, and I will almost never order it, unless I'm being peer pressured (e.g. night out with the girls), and everyone will share.

The only real exception to that is apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on top of it. I crave that occasionally (I even need the savory in my desserts, apparently).

I know there are many variations on the "sweet" theme, but I think that the one-note flavors typical of so many restaurant desserts aren't aided by the fact that so many of those desserts also seem to lack texture and complexity. My mouth gets tired very quickly of sweet soft food, bite after bite.

Jul 30, 2006
Zool in General Topics

Dying for Great Chinese Delivery - Hollywood/Highland

Apparently, I have been so spoiled. I used to live in Downey, about two blocks from the best little sit-down family-fun Chinese place on Downey Ave. I think it's called Peking Express? Can never remember the name, only that it's on Downey Ave. Stellar hot & sour soup, and a seafood soup with noodles that would sear your lungs. I can't believe there's nothing even close up here. That Zou's place on Sunset is just...depressing. Almost as depressing as this thread. : (

Jul 30, 2006
Zool in Los Angeles Area

Dying for Great Chinese Delivery - Hollywood/Highland

"There is no good Chinese in Hollywood."

I am crying into my keyboard as I type this.

Jul 29, 2006
Zool in Los Angeles Area

Dying for Great Chinese Delivery - Hollywood/Highland

I'm new to this neighborhood but have been playing around here for years, and I've noticed that I can't seem to find any truly great Chinese delivery. Yeah, there's Zou's or Zood's or whatever it is, but... well, it doesn't inspire cravings for hot salty-sweet crunchy soft Chinese anything. Is it me, or is it the area?

I'm also looking for decent Thai--I know Thai Town is super-close, but I'd love to have a recommendation or ten.

Thanks, Chowhounds

Jul 28, 2006
Zool in Los Angeles Area

How Big is Your Favorite Saucepan?

I'm looking for the Perfect Saucepan, and I already know what kind I want--I think--but I don't really know what size I need! I'm one person, cooking mostly for myself, but occasionally for other, much bigger eaters. So, I want something extremely flexible--big enough to make a batch of candy but not so big that I won't use it except out of necessity.

Happily, I know my fellow Chowhounders will have some suggestions... so, please, tell me all about your favorite saucepan: what it does, what you use it for, what it's made out of, etc etc etc. I am all ears! : )

Jul 27, 2006
Zool in Cookware