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Homemade Filled Pasta/Ravioli?

I bought myself a pasta maker a while back, and I've gotten decently good at cut fresh pasta, but I'm interested in moving on to filled pasta--ravioi in particular, but anything within the realm. In particular, I'm interested in pastas that are freezable and then quickly cooked (I'm a student--pre-cooked finals food is a good thing!)

I know that Alton Brown has a recipe, but what about the one that lidia bastianich made with Mo Rocca? Are there others that I should know about?


May 21, 2010
eater_eater in Home Cooking

Upscale Dim Sum?

Hi Board,

I'm a NYer who just got back from San Francisco. Went back to Yank Sing for the first time in years, and it was fantastic. Completely authentic? Probably not, but upscale and delicious. Big pork buns, scallop and shitake dumplings, chicken fun gowr, and others that were upscale, delicious, and not that expensive (my fairly large, to-go sampler plate came to $9--pricy for dim sum but not bad for lunch). I was wondering if there were Dim Sum places in New York that are more like that. I love more typical dim sum, but the Jing Fong/Golden Unicorn/Pings experience is a very different one from that of Yank Sing, and I'd love to replicate it here on the east coast. Any suggestions?

May 11, 2008
eater_eater in Manhattan