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Paella Rice.

Just got back from Spain and I'm inspired to make paella. Any idea where I can get paella rice in T dot? Apparently, the real stuff is much more absorbent than regular rice.

Freezing Mac N Cheese

This might sound like a silly question, but have you ever frozen cooked mac n cheese into individual portions? After years of throwing out my carefully prepared schooled lunches, my son has taken to the "f" word": prepared frozen dinners (shudder) since his high school caf. has a microwave. In the interest of health, money, and just plain good mothering, does anyone have a recipe for simple mac n cheese (his fave variety) that can be cooked, frozen, and then easily microwaved at school and yet still taste good?

Globe Earth

I have a groupon thing for Globe Earth and was thinking of going soon…anyone been lately? It looks like the menu is different. I'm looking for recos--either for or against.

8 weeks of restaurants

So for the next 8 weeks, my kids are at camp, I'm off work (yup, I'm a teacher) and ready to get back into the restaurant scene. Last I head, Barque is good (was at the friends & family tasting night before it opened), Pizza Liberetto on Danforth takes reservation, and La Societe is great for mussels and people watching. What else do I should I experience before waking up from this summer dream and returning to my real life?

Here are my hates and loves:

Hate sushi (ducking the sushi you're throwing at me right now)
Hate lining up for food (read: restaurants that are super-crowded with long wait times that don't take rezzies. Makes me feel like Oliver in the play, Oliver)
Hate paying too much (I'm a teacher, remember?)
Hate offal…just couldn't get into it, try as I did.

Love meat and veggies; total omnivore
Love being a locavore & "Canadian" cuisine. Yes, I think we do have a cuisine, but I'll save that for another day
Love finding new, cool places. Don't mind driving as long as it is in the 416 and NEAR 905.
Love meals besides dinner-feel free to toss in your favorite brunch, lunch, and bakery joints.
Love makin' my own stuff; any new foodie shops in the

Ok. That's it. Now….go!

United Bakeries

For sure the pea soup. And the macaroni and cheese (if you're bringing kids…its the best in the city). And the pizza bagels. And the greek salad with spinach dressing.

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

Just got back from the big trip. Thanks for all your suggestions…they were a great starting point for us. Here's the highlights of where we ended up:
1. La Bottega in Byward Market. My daughter declared it the best lunch of her life.
2. Beavertails…because we had to. And they really lived up to their hype. Maple butter is to die for!
3. Tea at Zoes at the Chateau Laurier. I had the centennial menu on exactly the 100th anniversary (June 1) How cool is that? Such a special experience.
4. Dinner at Fresco Bistro on Elgin St. I know…not the newest or hippest place, but it was really good food, comfortable and lively atmosphere, and within walking distance.

Now the "meh" places:
1. Got the chili from stone soup food truck. Got the "kid" size to share with my daughter for a little snack. Man, was it spicy! I like spice but for a kids festival menu item? My 9-year-old couldn't take more than two bites.
2. Cora's breakfast. I know its a chain but had heard good things (?). Next time I'll stick to that other great Canadian chain--Tims.

Love the city…can't wait to try some of the more "upscale" restaurants next time we're in town and my little princess is a little older.

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

Thanks for all these great suggestions. We are staying at the Arc hotel and are getting in around 8-9pm. Any suggestions for a quick late bite within walking distance of the hotel (5 min or so).

Mother-daughter Ottawa trip

I am travelling with my 9-year-old daughter to Ottawa on the May 31-June 3 weekend. We love good (but not expensive) food. We are both major foodies; we love escargot, poutine, and farmer's markets and everything in between. We also love the food network and visiting food network restaurants?

Thoughts? Especially things we can't get in, like food trucks (damn bylaws) and street food other than hot dogs.

I need three dinners, two lunches, and two breakfasts.

Ontario asparagus-anyone bought it yet this year?

If my ontario produce chart is correct, 'tis the season for local asparagus. Yet all my local markets still only have asparagus from Mexico (that just seems wrong).

Anyone have any updates as to when/where I can get me some locally grown spears?

Looking for a KOSHER brisket

If you don't need strictly kosher, just kosher-style, Nortown has a great selection and will cut to fit your needs…not as expensive as Hartman's. Other than that, for strictly kosher, try the Sobey's near Yonge and Steeles.

2012 Oscar themed party

Every year I do an Oscar party with a menu based on the Best Picture Category. Here is this year's:

Here it is:
Moneyball: Ballpark food, such as popcorn, peanuts, and hot dogs (piggies in a blanket).
The Artist: Secret Kiss Cookies: They're black and white, romantic and sweet, just like the movie.
War Horse: Devils on Horseback.
The Descendants: Hawaiian fruit platter.
The Help: (beside That Pie) Pecan pie-glazed pecans.
Midnight in Paris: French Martini
Hugo: Mini chocolate croissants & (decaf) coffee
The Tree of Life: tortilla chips & salsa-the official state snack of Texas (who knew?)
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Pretzels with various mustards for dipping-the quintessential New York food that are incredibly loud to eat (I know...bad joke!).

crusty & chewy

Ribs from the Steak Pit.


Thanks. There is a Longo's on my way home. Do you know which one it is from since I find the quality varies greatly in that chain? I am close to the York Mills & Leslie location.

I am also close to a Loblaws, Metro, and Valumart so anyone else wanna weigh in?

Where are you still eating that you were 20 years ago and is still good?

Scaramouche Pasta Bar
Steak Pit
Senior's Steak
Mistura (OMG…)

…and my guilty pleasures:
Costo Hotdogs (I know they arer not the same brand as 20 years ago, but still tastes the same when eating one covered in saukraut while cruising the aisles
Swiss Chalet (for sure their chickens are getting smaller and the sauce…not so much. But DAMN! are those chickens tasty)
Cineplex movie theatre popcorn. After being in the States a lot over the past year, let me tell you that I appreciate the fresh popcorn and real butter (at least it tastes that way) that we've got here in


So its my hubby's birthday tonight and he has requested the cheap white grocery store cake of his youth (otherwise known as his 30s). He is on a strict diet and has designated this his one day of the year to throw calorie caution to the wind

Loblaws used to have to best…is this still true?

So please, Chowhounds, I beg you to tear yourself away from dreams of offal (Black Hoof) and Tom Yum soup (Khao San Road) and HELP ME OUT!

PS. Just so you know how old-skool we're going tonight, the cake is to be served after ribs & salad with the two dressings mixed together at Steak Pit on Avenue rd.

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

I second Fiesta Farms. But I also strongly recommend the plethora of Farmer's Markets that are open year round. I LOVE the Thurs. market at Dufferin Grove park and the Sat. market at Wychwood barns.

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Craving great gnocchi

My favorite gnocci in the city is at La Bruschetta on St. Clair. Wonderful family restaurant.

La Bruschetta
1317 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E1C2, CA

New Burger Joint @ Yonge & St. Clair - BYO Artery widener!

I ate there with my husband last week. Super-delicious. The burgers were fresh and juicey and meaty…the way a burger should be. I had mine with cheese, chipotle mayo, and the best carmalized onions I've had in a loooong time. I really hope people visit this place so it stays around for a while. I know I'll be back.

For a senior lady of "plainer" tastes- lunch in St Clair/Vic Park Scarboro area???

I know that this may not be geographically desireable, but my mother-in-law, who is the plainest, old-school woman I know LOVES the Arcadian court at The Bay. She has been going there for the past 30 years for her anniversary.

What have I missed?

For sure! I've got plenty of time for road trips this summer.

What have I missed?

I actually had one of those delicious churros over the winter. They are super-yummy. Will make my way back there soon. Thanks!

What have I missed?

Due to an insanely busy 6 months, this foodie has been MIA for a while. But with my final report card written and the kiddies off to camp, I am determined to make the most of my 8 weeks of freedom. So tell me: what's new in the Toronto foodie scene? What do I absolutely have to do/eat/buy this summer? Where should I go? Where should I not go?

Rhubarb plants

I second that. Got me one there over the weekend...along with TONS of other gorgeous fruit & veggie plants.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Vault on Avenue Rd. Pretentious service, expensive & meh food, and too fancy to be a neighborhood restoraunt. It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. But hopefully it won't be a trend for the 'hood. LOVE Kitchen, Stratto, and Copper Chimney.

Copper Chimney
619 Kingston Rd W, Ajax, ON L1S6L8, CA

Top Chef Canada Ep 1 [also has discussion of episode 2]

And the woman thing? And the guy working in NY thing?
I'm not saying anything negative about immigrants...I am one. I'm just saying that if he's been in Canada as long as you claim, why did they only mention that he is from Chicago and he "loves" Canada, not where he works in Canada.

Top Chef Canada Ep 1 [also has discussion of episode 2]

Loved the first episode. Except for two things about the contestants:
1. Do we not have enough great chefs born and cooking in Canada? Why did they need to bring in the Chicago guy "living" in Canada and the Canadian who works in the states. To me, does not really mesh with the whole idea of Canada's top chef.
2. Only three women? Really? There must be at least a few more women who auditioned who can match talents with those boys.

One thing that opposes some of the other comments in this discussion: I have absolutely no problem with the Loblaws thing. The product placement on the original Top Chef was out of control. Loblaws is nothing compared to that.

Toronto great, not just good, food recs - HELP!

Wow. Where do I start? Despite what you may read here, I think Toronto has amazing food & I am a huge fan. With a small kid, Pizza Margarheta, a restaurant in China Town, such as Lee Garden, St. Lawrence Market (try to go during the week, they are way too busy on a Saturday and closed on Sunday), The Brickworks farmer's Market on Saturday (I know...two farmer's markets? But Brickworks often has awesome chefs making fresh, local food there on the weekend).

That's all I can contribute before my coffee...more later maybe.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

Lee Garden Restaurant
331 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E9, CA

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

Sold. I have no choice but to try it now.

Apple Fritter Search!

This may sound weird, but I really like the apple fritters from Starbucks. Ask them to warm it up for you a bit. Deelish!

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in case you haven't heard, Open Window has closed down. I heard that Kiva's made a double-dip copy cat cake and tried it but it did not compare. So I am back to square one. Any suggestions? It has to be as delicious as open window's but cheaper than phipps.