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Homemade Sausages

Hey there,
I case regularly and made a thorough tutorial with photos to help others:
Hope you find it helpful.
Marco Flavio

Dec 19, 2008
sf_roma in Home Cooking

SF source for Buddha's hand

There is an Italian vendor at the Alemany Framers market in SF that has it. They are exactly in the middle, on the freeway side (not the houses). To the right of to the central exit, facing the stands.
They are there every Saturday.
Marco Flavio

Ham for Thanksgiving. Where do I buy in SF?


Ham for Thanksgiving. Where do I buy in SF?

I used to buy Cook's whole hams at Cala Foods, but they're no longer around (mostly). I'm looking for a place to get a good ham. Any advice on what to get or where? Most hams are undelicious: overly salty or sweet.
Thank you.

Hand dipped ricotta- best use

In Italy we mixed about 200 grams (1/2 pound) of ricotta, a tsp. (or more to taste) of hot powedered cayenne pepper, some hot water from the boiling water (for the pasta) and make a sauce for it. Then sprinkle lavishly with chopped parsley. The ricotta becomes slightly pink from the pepper and creamy with the water and coats the pasta beautifully. Use rigatoni so they become slightly stuffed with it. It's good for about 1 lb. of pasta. Buon appetito.
Marco Flavio

Cook Here and Now

Apr 01, 2007
sf_roma in Home Cooking

Adding salt to the water you cook spaghetti in: does it really make any difference?

As I lived in Tokyo for a while, I can tell you that it's because the Memmi sauce used for dipping is extremely salty (so is soy which is usually in the mix).
In Italy (I am from Roma) we boil about 5 quarts of water, once it boils we add about 2 walnut-size amount of (coarse) sea salt, which is very salty compared to kosher salt (we pull a handful from the jar). It makes for salty water but the pasta absorbs only a small amout od sodium and it truly brings out the flavor of the durum wheat. If the pasta really tastes too salty, you can quickly rinse it once in the drainer for 15 seconds with hot water. We often (but not always) barely salt plain tomato sauces or plain aglio e olio (olive and garlic) as there is often quite a bit of sodium in canned goods; combined with the salt from the pasta water it's usually enough.
Marco Flavio
Cook Here and Now

Apr 01, 2007
sf_roma in Home Cooking

Mussels in San Francisco: Where can I buy?

I just spent 2 hours looking for live ones (New May Wah, and a couple of seafood stores on Clement, Falletti's, Andronico's). Any other good suggestions?
Even that place in Laurel Village was a no-go.
Thank you

Where to get fresh Dungeness crab, now that the season will open?

Hello there,
I want to buy some local Dungeness (if possibly from the fishermen directly). What's the best place?

Milk provenance in the Bay Area?

Yes, I use the Eat Well guide. It is one of the 3 links I have on my blog. It is truly remarkable. If you guys ever want to talk in person or meet other people interested in these topics, you should check out the grop I started. It's open to all to talk seasonal and local food in the San Francisco area (in person, not online).
We meet next thursday downtown SF.


Milk provenance in the Bay Area?

Cocinero Loco, I said Berkeley Farms.
From the Berkeley Farms website:
First paragraph.

What you wrote refers to Organic Valley.

Marco Flavio

Milk provenance in the Bay Area?

Straus Creamery is the one that along with Clover Stornetta offers voluntarily the most information. Always a good sign. I have info on those 2.
Safeway or TJ would not return emails (as of today, I sent them a few days back).
Berkeley Farms, as a subsidiary of Dean Foods (like Horizon milk), does not credit their sources for milk specifically "select family farms from the rolling hills of Marin and Sonoma Counties and the lush San Joaquin Valley".
I will contunue the research, thank you for the postings, please keep them coming if you think of something else.
Marco Flavio

Milk provenance in the Bay Area?

I am trying to gather all the resources for people to have a list of which milk to buy in the Bay Area.
I am trying to establish where the milk from these brands comes from and whether they are grass-fed, rBST treated, etc.:
Trader Joe's Organic and not
Strauss Creamery (and their TJ tie)
Clover Stornetta
Berkeley Farms

Some have been cohoperative, some do not list it nor I can find the info. As I run a blog and a group for Bay Area local and seasonal food, I would like to compile this list for everyone to have. I always credit my sources, you can check on my blog, so if you gave some reliable information or know where I can get it, please let me know.
Thank you!
Marco Flavio

Is Trader Joe's going downhill?

I ususlly buy a few staples there, but...
I am from Roma, Italy, and so far their Pecorino Romano had been good. About a month ago they switched it with a much lesser cheese, completely unacceptable in quality. Same label and price. I tried it 2 more times, to no avail. We'll see...
As far as overall quality, in San Francisco it is ok, my milk always stays fresh until its expiration date. No problem there.

Jul 17, 2006
sf_roma in Chains

ISO Sushi in Cole Valley, Hayes Valley, Noe or the Haight

There is a great traditional (you'll see what I mean) place in Cole Valley, next to Crepes on Cole. An older couple runs it (and screens the customers). You will (probably) see people turned down or dissuaded from eating there. But let them guide you and you will not be sorry... Not sure about the hours, but it is THE place to eat sushi.