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Charleston Fine Dining (values?)

Good choice opting for FIG! And yes Fleet landing is strictly for drinks and view.

Suggestions for lunch on Friday: If you are in the market area there is Cru Cafe just two blocks off of Market St. Everyone I take there always loves the food and atmosphere. You can eat on the porch if it's warm enough. Suggest calling ahead for reservations as it's very popular with locals and isn't that big so it can get filled up fast. Caviar and Bananas has a place in the enclosed part of the city market and also a location on George St, just off King in case you are on King Street taking in some retail therapy. It's set up like a in eat gourmet grocery and the food is quite good. You might also try Sermets at the corner of King and Wentworth. Some of the recent YELP reviews have not been kind to Sermets but imho the food is quite good for lunch and I love the artsy atmosphere.
You're coming at a beautiful time of year...enjoy!

Oct 26, 2011
By the Sea in Southeast

Need fine restaurant recommendation for special occasion birthday in Charleston SC

Check out my Jul 22, 2009 post under "Fine Dining for Birthday". Still think Peninsula Grill would be memorable. McCrady's good choice too. If atmosphere is less important but very inventive food is what your birthday boy or girl would like I would try Fig. Chef Lata won the regional James Beard award in 2009. You could also check out the restaurant at the Sanctuary at Kiawah. I've never eaten there but it is fine dining and it would knock out the need to transport 15 people to Charelston. If you'll be here the first week of June you may want to book early because I think the Spoleto Festival goes through that week and all places will be slammed. Good luck.

McCrady's Restaurant
2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

Peninsula Grill
112 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

Nov 15, 2009
By the Sea in Southeast

Seafood on Sunday in Charleston

Try Five Loaves in Mt Pleasant (they also have a place downtown). They always have lots of fresh, well prepared fish and other delicious choices on the menu. Low keyed atmosphere and reasonable prices. Even my incredibly persnickety friend leaves raving about the food!

Sep 29, 2009
By the Sea in Southeast

Charleston, SC - fine dining for birthday

Penisula Grill, Penisula Grill, Penisula Grill.

Why? First off, the dining room is gorgeous, sophisticated, and elegant in the most understated way. Second the service is near perfect, attentive but not overly so. This is a place where you can have great fun with your waiter and sommelier creating a superb dining experience. And saving the best for last, the food is pretty near divine. Honestly we've never had anything mediocre there. If you go, tell the the lucky birthday girl their coconut cake is legendary and deservedly so.

Happy Birthday!

Jul 22, 2009
By the Sea in Southeast

Charleston, SC Where to Go?

This post may be too late for your trip but here are my picks:

Think all your favorites are still good. Haven't been to Cypress or Coast in a while so can't say for sure how they are these days. They were pretty good a year or two ago.

Cru Cafe is always good and affordable and charming and non touristy. I often take people for lunch (make rez). I agree with all other suggestions and wanted to add Fig (Chef Latta won the Southeast James Beard award 2009), wonderful, fresh, food. Another shrimp and grits option is at the Mills House. Normally I wouldn't recommend eating there but they make fabulous S and G! Their recipe is classic Charleston and as good as I've had at anyone's home! Breakfast?

Also why not try some other places with strong local following? La Forchette, a superb French bistro run by a real frog, pomme frittes, homemade lamb sausage, fab wine list. Pane Vino, great Italian faire, small, charming, with dreamy outdoor dining.

Just some thoughts.

Charleston Outdoor Dining

Lucky for you we've been having a cool summer, because honestly it's too hot to eat outside most summers. We also don't have that many outdoor options in the city. But here it goes.

82 Queen Street, good food.

Pane Vino, excellent, like being in Italy!

Cru Cafe, great food, small porch, charming! Call ahead for table, it's small and very popular with locals.

Fleet Landing, only restaurant in city on the water. Good food, very noisy inside, so if the baby cried maybe no one would notice but I think you can also sit outside.

Rue de Jean, a favorite, burgers to full entrees, on John Street. Gelato shop nearby.

On Sullivan's Island

Poe's Tavern, great burgers and fish tacos, hip, locals
Dunleavy's, good burgers, fun, locals
Station 22, burgers and more expensive faire, great flounder, locals

Breakfast...all suggestions not necessarily out doors
The Variety Store on Lockwood Boulevard, standard diner type of faire serving locals and marina overnighters. The Sea Biscuit on Isle of Palms, outdoors. Hominy Grill, fabulous hip southern food, downtown, no outdoor dining that I know of.

Isle of Palms, SC

Simmons Seafood on IOP will have fresh local fish and shrimp for you. Pick up their yummy shrimp paste and homemade key lime pie for meals at home. I add a little horseradish to the paste to spank it up a notch. The small brown shrimp will be in when you are here, sweetest shrimp you've ever tasted. They are in the small shopping center on the left when you come on the island.

Here is where we go - locals from Sullivan's Island - for affordable good dinners. Five Loaves, on Rt 17 in Mt Pleasant. Simple ambiance but the food is always delicious, super fresh with lots of daily specials. Tuesday and Friday are 1/2 price bottle of wine nights! Long Point Grill, on Long Point Road, again simple setting, but the food is delicious. Try the coconut cake, a southern specialty. Their pieces are as big as your head. Both would be fine with children.

On Sullivan's Island, Poe's and Dunleavy's for burgers. Station 22 is our new destination for a more pricey meal, since the Boathouse seems to have fallen off in service and food. Station 22 favorites are flounder, shrimp and grits, steaks, burgers, and the owner's - our wonderful former mayor - amazing coconut cake. All three of these places have a lively bar crowd. All are in spitting distance of eachother.

The Wreck is fun people watching and has decent fried food, but it's cash only, no liquor, and we always walk out saying we can't believe how expensive it is. Still if you've never been there it's fun and you get to eat on Shem Creek.

For a date night out, if you want to stay near IOP I'd go to Samos on Coleman Boulevard. It's upscale Greek food in a chic, romantic setting. Ask for one of the tables to the left of the door so you are a tucked away for privacy. Would think you would need reservations, it is popular.

If you go downtown - it's easy and only 25 minutes - there are Penisula Grill , McCrady's, Fig - chef just won James Beard award. For small and charming Pane Vino and la Forchette, both with a gelato store around the corner. If you are downtown for lunch I always recommend Cru Cafe. It's only one block from the busy market. Call ahead for a table even for lunch.

For kids fun -non food related- and if you want/need to get off the beach, Blackbeards Cove is a great place to take the kids for entertainment. It's just north on Rt 17 from IOP.

Love all the BBQ suggestions except Mama Browns. Take a road trip to John's Island, it's really not that far, and you'll get to see even more of our beautiful lowcountry.

And one final note, under no circumstance eat at Hyman's Seafood downtown. Yes it's always crowed, but it's a complete tourist trap and no locals would ever eat there. Period.

Would also like to hear where you went and how you liked it.

Cru Cafe
Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Foodies - A ?

For special occasions my husband and I love Peninsula Grill. We've dined there at least 5 times in the past couple of years and always had a lovely, delicious experience. The staff is amazing, not at all stuffy and full of good suggestions for new wines to try with each course. The last time we were there we had a wine we especially loved and without us asking our waiter pulled the label and affixed it to a Peninsula Grill card that we framed as a memento of our anniversary. Sweet. Their coconut cake is in the running for best of the best - no offense to my mom.

Charleston, SC Recommendations

Take a 15 minute trip to Poe's on Sullivan's Island. Yummy burger's and loads of people watching, with a young crowd your son will appreciate in a charming setting you'll appreciate. In Charleston try Hominy Grill for interesting and delicious southern food, although now that I see your son's meat requirements I'm not sure he'll find any hamburger on the menu. Check out a recent review of Hominy by I think it was "lowcountry jon", he nails it. If not Hominy for dinner try it for breakfast. Rue de Jean and Pane Vino are very close to the college and would satisfy the hamburger, Italian, salad front, plus they are each a hop from two fun places to stop for gelati and cupcakes. And finally here's my pick for your Saturday night, Hank's. Fun atmosphere, smack in the heart of town, with lot's of seafood. I haven't been there in a while but it's always been a place we go with teenagers that they thoroughly enjoy. Also Fleet's Landing might be a thought. The food's decent, fish, oysters, salads and it's the only restaurant I know in downtown Charleston that's on the water. Agree with Naco on Shem Creek Bar and Grill, or try Vickery's down the creek for okay casual food with an unbeatable view across the marsh towards Charleston. Great sunsets.

Moose's BBQ - Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Okay, Q fans, I have a question, What are you're favorite BBQ joints in a 40 minute radius of Charleston? Can't wait to try Moose's next time I get up to Monck's Corner.

Where do local foodies eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Charleston, SC

Missed the Feb09 deadline from the original thread but for anyone else looking for recommendations of where local foodies dine.

For Breakfast...hmmm....Hominy Grill (dinner too), shrimps and grits at the Variety Store on Lockwood Blvd. Unless you live here or are sailing through town you'd never find the Variety Store. Beware this is not really a serious foodie place but more of a local haunt for decent breakfast.

Lunch favorite of all time would be Cru Cafe. Just one block from the tourist center on Market St. yet so small and sort of hidden that mostly only locals know about it. Always, excellent, always crowded. Call ahead for reservations. If the weather's not too hot there are a few tables on the porch. Charleston Grill does a nice twist with chicken salad that will have me going back. Fleet Landing's good for the view and they have a raw bar. Ted's Butcher block always has something tasty, but I'd take it to go and have a picnic in the park on the Battery. A burger at Rue de Jean.

People have mentioned some of the more well known foodie spots for dinner. Penninsula Grill is my favorite if you're going to spend the big bucks. Must try the coconut cake!!! Also on my list, McCrady's, Fig, Carolina's, Cypress. More off the touristy track are Pane Vino which has outside dining and is delicious, ditto to A di La and Lana's mentioned before and adding La Forchette, a small bistro with an interesting wine list. Try the the lamb sausage and couscous. Fulton Five has a steady local crowd.

And finally no to Hyman's, no self respecting local - here that means your family has been here at least 2 or 3 generations - would consider setting foot in the place.

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May 21, 2008
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