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Locke Ober - Never Again

Just got back from my first and last trip to Locke Ober.

So you're going to restaurant that has a dress code (...well a minimal one anyway) and you are greeted by hostesses that don't even meet their own dress code. The two hostesses were not even fit to be greeting at TGI McFunsters let alone a "high end" place. I was not even sure that they were out of high school. Major let down 3 feet in the door.

Nice building... If you get to sit in the main dining room. We sat in the upstairs overflow room next to the kitchen, and that is all I could hear.

Service: Awful. Had to wait for menus and had to request the wine list. Three times they tried to bring us food for adjoining tables. We ordered oysters to start and I ordered a salad. They brought them both at the same time. The oysters were however the best part of meal.

Dinner: Meh. Nothing special but OK. I did however ask if the Schnitzel came with any sides and I was told that it did not, so I ordered potatoes. It showed up with buttered noodles, who wants two starches? Again, the server did not even know the menu.

Wine list while expensive seemed OK.

Dessert: Sloppy. Uninspired. I had a custard that was more like pudding. Don't EVER order coffee there. Weak. It was the kind of coffee that you would get at a bad wedding reception. Beyond bad.

Overall the entire experience was not worth the $200 that we paid.

Dec 22, 2007
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

The Biltmore?

Decent but simple food.
Not much depth to the menu.
Full of kids.
Under decorated.
Overly lit.
Drinks priced too high for the burbs and the atmosphere. $9.00 martinis anyone?
Limited beer selection.
In spite of that I will probably go back.

Apr 06, 2007
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

No. 9 Park - Disappointing birthday dinner....

IMHO: If you want a great meal at No. 9 then it is imperative that you order the Tasting Menu.

Oct 05, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

Anyone tried Needham upscale restaurants lately?

I eat in Needham Center all of the time. Here is my summary.

Sweet Basil - Great, but definitly not high end.
Not Your Average Joes - Well it's just another average Joe's nothing special, but not bad for cop-out eating.
Masala Art - Pricy but good Indian
Fava - Haven't eaten there in a while
Joy Luck Cafe - Dead standard boring American Chinese
Blue Something? - Haven't tried this yet.

Oct 05, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

Question concerning Jacob Wirth's

Busy? Are we talking about Jacob Wirth near the Theater District in Chinatown? I ask this because the last couple of times that I have been there (Fridays and Saturdays no less) the place has been desolate. There was nobody in there, and this was at 7:30! Since I have an unwritten rule (which I guess is now written) about not eating at empty restaurants we left. I have to admit that I found this odd as there first couple of times that I ate there the wait was long and the bar was packed. Is this place seasonable? It seems that it is busier in the winter than the summer. Could that be the reason that I have found the discrepancy?

Anyway, I have had good meals there and I have had bad meals there. I always love the beer list. Just get weirded out by the lack of a crowd.

Sep 22, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

Taqueria Mexico, Waltham

Glad you liked it. Sometimes I worry about my recomendations.

Sep 22, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

The Alchemist in J.P.

We ate there last night for the first time. The wait was non existent, but by the time that we left (9:30) there actually was one. Neat space, cool bar, but too highly lit. I hope that they turn down the lights.

The service was spotty. While bread and water flowed fast and free drinks and a proper wait person were slow to arrive. It seemed that they were understaffed. Hopefully this was an off night for them.

As for the food: I had a mixed greens salad with a nice light lemon vinaigrette I liked the salad but they should have left the tomatoes off, they were not good. My wife had the same. Dinners were both good. I had the Braised beef in tomato sauce over papradelle. It was a good dish, the portion size was adequate not too small not too big. My wife had the salmon over jasmine rice, overall the dish was good but the rice was over salted. Strangely enough we both had desert. I had the strawberries and balsamic reduction over a ricotta cream. I liked this a lot, savory and sweet. My wife had a chocolate mousse that was chocolate mousse. Over all we will definitely be returning.

Sep 09, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

Taqueria Mexico, Waltham

I love Taqueria Mexico. This place rocks.

Yes it is a bit rough around the edges, and the service can be spotty. But the real mexican dishes are good (and cheap!) Even the beer there is cheaper. I think that this place is even better than El Sarape in Braintree, and that is even before the difference in price.

Seriously though if you are eating fajtias there you would be better served by going back to Chili's. I just don't get it when people go to one of the most authentic Mexican rest in the area an order a Tex-Mex abomination like fajtias. Branch out a bit and try something new.

Sep 07, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

Useless clutter?

Quesadilla maker? You mean a frying pan? I will never understand some of the stuff that people buy. Start watching Alton Brown and you never again will get suckered into something useless like this. Who even eats quesadillas anyway, Napoleon Dynamite?

That being said my blender gets almost no use. Since the Cuisnart can do all it does and more.

Aug 11, 2006
carfoodie in Cookware

Favorite IPAs?

I second this. Tasty and easy to come by in the Boston area. Though I also agree that the Victory Hop Devil is pretty good.

Aug 04, 2006
carfoodie in Beer

What to eat at "On-the-Border"?

The only experience that I have had at an OTB is the Worbun MA location. It was not a good one. The place is usually dirty, and loud. The food is always greasy. I am not sure where Cathy (from above) was eating but it certainly was not the OTB that I have been to. There are better options out there.

Aug 04, 2006
carfoodie in Chains

Tremont 647 Brunch

Go for the French Toast Sticks. They come with a Marscapone cream, and are usually pretty good.

Jul 28, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area

Best Vegetarian Downtown?

I am looking for the best vegetarian food in the Downtown, Back Bay, South End ish area. Any suggestions? I need help as I usually don't seek out the meat free, but I am trying to honor a request for meat free eating.


Jul 14, 2006
carfoodie in Greater Boston Area