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Should I get a potato ricer?

I love the consistency of mashed potatoes put through the ricer but I agree with commenters that it is bulky and it's difficult to know where to store it. Also, It takes several shifts of forcing the potatoes through in the ricer. I often get lazy and resort to the hand mixer when I'm just cooking for my husband and kids. But for good gnocchi, I'm sure the ricer is far superior.

I also recommend running hot water over the ricer before you make the potatoes. My stainless steel ricer can be rather cold.

May 10, 2008
janei in Cookware

Are there wall ovens that don't blast kitchen with hot air?

I am redoing my kitchen and very much appreciate some of the great tips I read on here.

I'm happy with everything so far except that I've wasted $2600 of my budget on an unusable KitchenAid Architect double micro/convection wall oven.

Even on regular bake, after two uses at only 375 degrees, it has blasted hot air into my kitchen through a vent the entire time the oven was on and continued to blast away for an hour after being turned off. After only an hour at 375 degrees, it raised the temperature in my kitchen by 3 degrees, rendering it unusable for much of the year in Philly, not to mention the wasted energy and the annoyance of hot air blasting in your face when you look inside the oven.

KitchenAid claims this is normal and neither the company nor my dealer will take action.
Do others have this problem? Are there wall ovens that don't do this? My 10-15 year old basic GE model didn't. I'm waxing nostalgic for even though it heated unevenly.

May 09, 2008
janei in Cookware