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Ken's Ramen coming to Providence

Yes, the noodles were very firm, and not like others ive had but after a few mins in the broth they were perfect but i assume you were just like me and dove right in and when i did this i thought the noodles were not ready but like you im hoping the iron things out. The ramen was nice after freezing my butt off.

Ken's Ramen coming to Providence

I went to the soft opening last night, and I was impressed. Small cozy place with delicious food, i'll be going back regularly once its open, cant wait to try the rest of the menu, I think theyre open all this week at 6:30 they stopped taking names around 830 last night. I didnt ask when the grand opening was, as I was still blown away by how tasty the food was.

Ken's Ramen coming to Providence

It's still not open, The menu looks amazing. Anyone got an opening date yet?

Looking for a nice Italian place in Providence

I'm supposed to go out tomorrow night and I want it to be a special evening. Looking for a nice italian restaurant or something semi fancy (not commercial) with a nice wine list or BYOB. I don't go out for italian often so looking for a place that will be romantic and kinda like moms cooking. Was hoping chowhound could help me out.
Thanks in advance.

going to chinatown tonight need some suggestions

Hello all!
I'm headed down to chinatown tonight and looking for some good cheap eat spots. Both my go to places have been closed (chinese food court and grand chau chow.) Since their closings I've been kinda lost on where to go for good food down there. I love noodles, spicy stuff, beef, porkand chicken. Not so big on seafood unless its extraordinary but ill admit I can do some serious damage to crab rangoon and fried shrimp, any help you can give would be appreciated and forgive me if this topic has been beat to death.

Red Rock Grille, Upton

I'm in Uxbridge and was looking for a new place to try today and this looks right up my alley. I'll hit this up for lunch today and report back. Should i take photos?
edit- Just saw the hours look like I'll be going for an early dinner instead.

Hot Dogs: the Definitive List.

there used to be Hometown hot dogs in Framhingham/Saxonville which has closed went there 2 weeks ago to get some dogs and I was shocked to see them closed.
There's a great place in Bellingham called The Dog House Weiners, also in Bellingham Joffs Backyard BBQ which has massive dogs, also in Bellingham across from Outback and next to Hess is a family ran cart grilling great big hot dogs. there's a hot dog cart in Hopkinton right near the Brighams basically behind Colellas. There's a brand new hot dog spot in Holliston that just opened too its right next to the cumberland farms and across from bertuccis I don't know the name but it's only a few weeks young. There's also a hot dog place in Uxbridge thats ran by special needs people its called Milestones Hot Dogs. Also in Uxbridge on rt 16 there is a camper that sells hot dogs can't recall the name right now also Joespehs (cart) on 146A in Uxbridge. Can't forget Casey's in natick or Simco on Blue Hill ave. which are some of my favs that been mentioned

679 Canterbury St, Roslindale, MA 02131

Dog House Weiners
15 N Main St, Bellingham, MA 02019

What happened to Grand Chau Chow?

love this place ill cry if its gone they had the best chow foon

My Girls Birthday this Weekend (need some suggestions)

ive heard of this place thanks!
and thanks for your suggestions hea/lex if you guys got any more im open to hear em.

My Girls Birthday this Weekend (need some suggestions)

It's my girls 25th birthday this weekend i need some suggestions for places to bring her to eat
they dont have to fancy schmancy or 5 stars (we like casual dress) just looking for some great food shell enjoy. We're closer to Providence but she'd probably prefer Boston but good suggestions in either city would be great. If you could post links to possible menu's it would be fantastic. She can be a bit picky so ill say right now she hates seafood so well try and steer away from that.

thanks for any help you can give i appreciate it and im sure she wil too.

Eagle's Deli...

basically Ralph it was voted one of the top ten places to pig out in the world(#2) which is a great honor I suppose but like you said the charm is gone.

Your perfect day in Harvard Square --where would you have lunch?

I suggested this in the other harvard thread but its called Grendels Den they an extremely inexpensive lunch menu and good for a nice beer and place has great atmosphere and its right around the corner from the theatre 5 minute walk

heres a link to the express lunch menu
good luck!

Eagle's Deli...

Eagle's Deli is one of my favorite spots that ive been going to for a few years and its always been solid. I stopped in a couple weeks ago cuz i was in the area and was shocked when i walked in..... The atmosphere of Eagle's has always screamed local from the prices, chalkboard menu, to the thousands of people plastered on the wall for devouring the almighty Godzilla Burger. Its all changed. The first thing I noticed was the menu, the menu had switched from chalkboard about a year ago so why am i bringing it up now? well it seems the menu has blacked out spots where they raised the price for everything around 2 dollars... it's understandable in a sense cuz the rising gas prices but i presume their ingredients are local so what gives?

So i order my meal and go take a seat in the dining room where'd id normally gaze at the walls plastered with photo's of people who have stretched their guts and finished the Godzilla Burger.... Yea they're gone... The walls now are just a blank depressing white... nothing to it now just boring.

After about a 10 minute wait my burger comes out and its good but while im eating im so saddened about paying nearly 10 bucks for the burger i can barely eat... I take a look to the walls for some inspiration and im reminded they took down the pictures....

I know im nit picking and probably being a jerk but cripes i can't help from thinking that this is all the Travel Channels fault. It seems like Eagle's jumped the shark hard and it sucks. The whole magic of what was Eagle's is no longer in my opinion.

Does anyone else have any thought on this? Am I out of line? If so put me in my place.

Oh what inspired this thread was seeing Eagle's on what else but the Travel Channel last night....

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Festival

correct me if im wrong please, last year wasnt it like 30 bucks to get in this mess and then you have to pay for food once you get inside? If so this could be the biggest rip off of all time.


ive eaten at Fireflys 3 times(framingham) the first 2 times id say the place was just ok and the 3rd was just foul. I ordered the chicken and waffles it looked good when it came out but tasted like garbage. They gave me three thighs (i hate dark meat) charged me white meat prices and the thighs had barely any meat on them and the waffle was far from satisfying.

id suggest going to Tennessee's BBQ in framingham or milford the place has been pretty solid the times i went go for the pulled pork burrito

Great food in Harvard Square?

when im in harvard i usually go to

Grendels Den also has a nice menu and pretty inexpensive nice to go in there grab some grub and a cold beer
nows the time to go when schools out

The Asian Foodcourt in Chinatown

yea it will be missed :( condos.... yea we need more of those....

The Asian Foodcourt in Chinatown

oh thank you! sorry for cluttering the forum with this

The Asian Foodcourt in Chinatown

does anyone remember this place?
it was on the corner of Harrison and Beach street it was right near the Grand Chau Chow on the second floor of this building. youd walk up a sketchy dark staircase and bam it was there a lil foodcourt with like 5-6 little spots inside and it was amazing. 2 years ago i think they closed cuz they were remodeling building .
Does anyone know if the restaurants are coming back when their done? One of the little spots inside had the best chicken chow foon , how I miss it the lady who worked in the spot i liked was awesome she knew my order whenever i walked in shed scream chicken chow foon and two coke!

anyone remember this place? or have any news?

Best Boston Area Mexican

I went to Taqueria El Amigo and it was pretty awesome the waitress was real friendly and the food was outstanding. I got chicken mini tacos squeezed a lil lime on them and i was in heaven.

Villa Mexico; UBurger

I went to UBurger when it first opened and the place was gross, their burgers reminded me of school lunch it was foul. Ill probably never eat there again I was also unimpressed with their fries, mine werent hot and were served at room temp and half the fries seemed like they were double fried cuz half the basket was inedible i thought my teeth were gonna break biting into them.