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Where would you go for your next great meal out?

What about Niagara Street Cafe? The chef there is great and will do as many courses as you want.

Niagara Street Cafe
169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

Against the Grain Urban Tavern (opening early May 2011)

This one is bit different from other FAB locations, they smoke their own meats and make their own sauces and source local produce etc. Also, not a short skirt in sight!!!

Oxymoron: Intimate, Moderate $, Downtown?

Sorry, just realized you are lookin for a Tuesday night. Niagara Street Cafe is closed Mon & Tues.

Niagara Street Cafe
169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

Oxymoron: Intimate, Moderate $, Downtown?

I would suggest Niagara Street Cafe, although maybe not quite walking distance but only a short cab/streetcar ride away.

Niagara Street Cafe
169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

Good place for a long boozy lunch at the weekend?

I quite enjoy Marben, Beer Bistro and Frank at the AGO

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

drinks near George?

Veritas is close by at King & Sherborne.

234 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Wild Wings

Was walking at Jarvis & Richmond the other and noticed a Wild Wings going in at the North East corner. Anyone know when this will be open?


Good Egg in Kensington carries them, not sure how much though.

Good Egg
267 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

which resto to try next?

Had a great dinner at Niagara Street Cafe recently. Food is fantastic, the chef really does some wonderfull things to the food!!

Niagara Street Cafe
169 Niagara St, Toronto, ON M5V1C9, CA

Toronto Gourmet Brunch suggestions

Frank at the AGO does a lovely brunch and create your own flights of wine.

Summerlicious 2010 edition

Did Crush for dinner on Friday and it was fantastic. One of more interesting menus for 'licious.
Seafood trio was very tasty, oyster, poached shrimp & grilled calamari, followed by the orzo salad and then the doughnuts. Delicious.

College Student Visiting Toronto

The Loose Moose at Front/University would be good for you, it's a bar but it's a big space and would suit a college student budget.

Duggan's Brewery

Has anyone been yet? I heard the place opened yesterday.

where to get crab meat downtown?

Sobeys and TNT carry the Philips brand and it's half the price than at SLM!

Veritas- how has it been lately?

Skip Veritas and try Pico at King & Sherborne. Great bistro style food, service, prices & food all improved since it changed from Toba.


SO & I went to Pico (formally Toba) last week for dinner and had a great meal. Menu seems to be very similar to when it was Toba although better prices.

Tried to go for brunch at the weekend but it closed due to power outage in the area.

Glad this place is doing well & will definitely be back.

Coldstone locations?

Can anyone tell me where the locations are for the Coldstone Creamery?


Prince of Ales

This place is now closed, seems like they couldn't pay the rent!

Monday Night Birthday dinner

Have a friends birthday coming up soon and we're heading our for dinner on a Monday night.

Looking for new ideas for places to go, want to stay downtown or along Queen East. Happy with any price point and types of food.

Usually go to JKWB, Weezies, Crush, Table 17, Perigee (RIP) etc.

Sobeys - Why so expensive?

I find the he Sobeys at Front/Sherborne pretty good, probably becuase of the competition close by with Loblaws, Metro & No Frills.

The bison steaks are usually 4-5 bucks each and are even better when they have 30% off. The fish counter is great and much more choice & better price than Metro.

I usually shop by the flyer and pick up meat with 30 -50 % off.

However, I have to agree that the service is terrible, especially at the deli counter.

Fish Pie

I have a craving for fish pie. Can anyone suggest where I can get a really good fish pie downtown. Restaurant, take-out or even store bought.


Has anyone been lately? Do they still have the sushi that floats around? I was thinking a fun girls night out there.

'Awesome' Chicken Liver Pate

I LOVE the chicken liver pate at JKWB. Always consitant and I always have it!!!

JKWB for brunch??

I've just noticed that JKWB has started to do brunch on a Sunday, any two dishes from brunch menu for $20.
I know people either love or hate this place and I am a big fan. Has anyone tried the brunch yet?

where to buy clotted cream

You can buy it here, Loblaws, St Lawrence market to name a few but to be honest it isn't a patch on the real thing. If you've ever had the real stuff you'll be really disapointed with what you can get here.

Hot Cross Buns

There is a bakery on the lower level of St Lawrence market that regularly has hot cross buns and they are very good. You might also want to try the Farmers market in the North St Lawrence building on Saturday morning.

Have also seen them in Dominion but not tried them.

The Keg - I know, I know - not my fault:Gift Certificate & Kids

I second the Mansion, if you want to impress the kids ask your server to tell them some ghost stories (the mansion is haunted!!).
If you go early on a Saturday you may not need reservations but if you go later be prepared to wait.

Saturday Brunch Downtown with The Gurlz

I would not recommend Le Petit Dejeuner for an unrushed experience.

Toba at King & Sherbourne is great. ALso there is a place in the Munlife building, I forget what's called but it would be great for a chatty relaxed brunch.

Mill Street Pub

Does anyone know when this place will open??

Jeremiah Bullfrog

Watched the restaurant makeover on Jeremiah Bullfrog. Has anyone tried this place recently?