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Great lunch or brunch in midtown, West Side?

A friend who I rarely get to see has a couple of hours in town this Sunday afternoon. We have to meet somewhere in the general vicinity of 43rd and 6th -- say, the stretch of midtown between Grand Central and Port Authority. Any ideas for a cozy place with great food in that area? Thanks, I always trust the advice on this board!

Jan 15, 2009
graysmudge in Manhattan

Cozy & Cheap near A-Train stop

I'm meeting some colleagues for a vaguely work-related, but mainly convivial dinner tomorrow night. We need to be near the A-train line so one person can make a 9:30 train, and another person requested an inexpensive place -- I don't know exactly what she means by that, but I'm thinking entrees in the 10-15$ range (in other words, more celebratory-feeling than a diner, but nothing fancy.) Any suggestions for a place near either the W. 4th or Canal Street subway stops, or really, anywhere along the A line below Penn station?

Dec 29, 2008
graysmudge in Manhattan

Seeking place for a great work lunch in midtown

The editor of a fancy magazine wants to take me out to lunch next week to discuss work (I'm a freelance writer.) He's from LA and doesn't know the city at all so asked for a restaurant suggestion somewhere in the general midtown area (could be anywhere from Bryant Park to Columbus Circle.) As a food nut who rarely gets treated to a nice meal I'm looking for someplace that's really excellent -- but not so expensive that he feels like I'm just soaking him for a free lunch. It also has to have an atmosphere amenable to discussing work -- ie, not some jostling, cacophonous joint that doesn't take reservations where you have to wait forever for a table. Friends have suggested the new Blue Ribbon near Columbus Circle or the prix-fixe lunch at Jean-Georges ... thoughts on those? Other ideas?

May 08, 2008
graysmudge in Manhattan