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Saturday Brunch downtown.

I will be meeting up with a friend from Florida on Saturday near Place des Arts. I need brunch recommendations in the downtown area as we will be going shopping afterwards.
I was thinking of Pois Penché but have never tried their brunch menu.

Agga Coffee beans

We received an espresso machine for Xmas and it came with a complimentary bag of AGGA coffee beans. It was the most delicious well-balanced espresso with great crema. I've looked around town but haven't been able to find a single store that sells it... Could anyone help me out?

Food Safari, Anyone Else Watching?

I watch it on FoodTV canada and am totally hooked. I love the simplicity of the show and all the information. The host is great she lets the guests shine and really seems to enjoy herself. Australians rock when it comes to food magazines and this is a great example of food magazine translated to tv. Hopefully there will be many episodes as very often shows that Candian speciality channels bring in are often on endless rerun after one or two seasons...

Nov 04, 2007
Nanbanane in Food Media & News

Petite Italie/J-Talon Mkt Restos?

Bottega is not expanding which I think is a good thing. The atmosphere in there is great and the quality of the food also, expanding would most probably comprimise one if not two of these factors.
The little café accross the street, sablo kafé, is one of my favourite little spots to catch a great lunch. They make really good tandoori chicken sandwiches.
Another great spot is Spice Safar on Casgrain facing the market. I avoided it for a long time because it seemed way too "concept" oriented but turns out the food is delicious, the wines by the glass are very well chosen and the staff is informative and friendly.
As for Ustica, it has nothing on Bottega, it is mediocre pizza with a cardboard crust.
My next resto visit will most definetely be Kitchen Gallery, the menu changes reularly but always tempts me when I pass by and with the size of the place who needs extra staff?

Monday morning meals in Mile End?

Try Milles et Une Saveurs on Fairmount, right next door to the Berlin.

Duel: Montreal's own "Kitchen Stadium"

They are taking over the old Area local on Amherst. I read on a cyberpresse blog that they won't be ready to open before august. They have a temporary website, guess it will be updated when the opening date will be determined.

Wine Tasting Course?

There are private classes you can take through sommeliers in the city. I know of one who is starting up some classes in a few weeks, he gets about 6 to 8 people together and gives basics and thematic courses with meals. They are a great way to share food and wine with people and learn something new while having some fun! I'll try to get the contact information and post it.

Group dinner in Montreal

I've never been to Garde-manger but if you would like to go to Da Emma you could possibly reserve a private room for a group of 12. We did it for a group of 16 for an office Xmas party. The food is authentic Italian fare, the kind your Nonna would make, not the restaurant americanized fare. If you like mushrooms, do try the porcini pasta...

Gay village eats

I would recommend La Loïe just south of the village on the corner of René-Lévesque and Panet Street. Beautiful French Bistro with inventive dishes, a real foodie experience.

Best restaurants in Quebec City

Last time I was in Quebec City we ate at Le Panache in Auberge St-Gabriel on a Sunday Night. It was a great experience, amazing food, service and romantic atmosphere. It has become our favorite Quebec City restaurant by far! Be sure to ask for a table with a corner banquet, the coziest with plush pillows all around, total luxury.

In search of truffle oil...

Olive Olive on Laurier East must have truffle oil... and judging by the quality of the oils I've bought from them, if they have truffle oil it will be top quality.

Masai Much?

I've been quite a few times and am glad to see business is finally picking up for them. They had a rough beginning but have now had a new chef since december and the new menu is very good. Not what you would call haute cuisine, but tasty honest food. I would recommend the veal and chevre burger (unlike the mirror review suggests) i find the combination of juicy veal with sweet caramilized onions and a good dose of creamy chèvre to make one great burger...

Montreal Spa lunch

If you are thinking of going to Rain Spa it is at the entrance of Old Montreal and is very close to Place d'Armes Metro station.
I recently had an afternoon of treatments at Amerispa in the Omni Hotel (Sherbrooke street corner Peel) and they included a "Health Break" in the treatments, and it has nothing to do with "lunch" or real food for that matter! The treatments on the other hand were fabulous, the place is beautiful, they have a relaxation room with a fireplace, plush robes, great staff. I think you should look into it and compare with the treatments at Spa Diva, then you would be very close by to eat at Vasco or Beaver Club.

Bymark or Jamie Kennedy wine bar

Thanks for the heads up. It is a dinner and not lunch and yes, I will be dinning alone and do prefer to sit at a bar and eat... I am quite interested by the idea of the kitchen action at JKWB...
I'll see how hungry I am and play it by ear, glad to know both are worth it.
What is the price range at Bymark for a three course meal? Do they have a large selection of wine by the glass?

Bymark or Jamie Kennedy wine bar

I have done some research on the board and am looking to eat near The Royal York. Which restaurant is more of a foodie experience?

Tuesday night dinner

I am a Montrealer coming to Toronto for meetings this week and I am looking for a great food experience in Toronto walking distance from my hotel: I am staying at the Royal York. I was thinking of Bymark. Is it really great? Or are there better options in the area? (I am open to any type of food, as long as it is a true dinning experience and not too intimidating to eat alone at)

Thanks in advance

Looking for a place for a group Christmas party - ack!

I actually received an email today from the group that owns Carissima and Aquaterra on Mount-Royal. They had menus posted for Xmas. Unfortunately I deleted the email as I had no use for it. But their restaurants would be the right size for you and I'm sure they could arrange something in your budget. You can register for the email communiques at

Montreal - Monday Night

My favourite Monday night restaurant is Jolifou (1840, rue Beaubien Est, corner Cartier, 514 722-2175) amazing food, always full, a mix of traditional Mexican and French cuisine. It might sound strange but the flavours are well balanced.

Fresh porcini mushrooms

You could try a new store on Rachel near St-Hubert that specializes in wild mushrooms call Mycoboutique. I know they have frozen porcini and other wild mushrooms. Last time I was in they had baskets of beautiful fresh chanterelles and lobster mushrooms, but I'm not sure if they had Porcini...
820, rue Rachel Est (514) 223-6977

Montreal - recs please for a favorite menu degustation menu & also for very late dining

I second La Loïe! I love the relaxed atmosphere of this place and the sommelier is everything but intimidating. A great place to dine alone. I went two weeks ago and sampled the degustation menu, I believe it changes every day depending on arrivals. Everything was succulent and inventive but not in an over the top kind of way, well balanced flavours and a great flight of tastes til the end. Be sure to leave room for desert!
I went to L'Atelier last week and was a little disapointed by one of my dishes and the service was a little agressive... The last time I had gone it wasn't like that and everything was delicious, maybe just a bad night.

many suggestions for film festival week in Montreal needed

1) Café Lola Rosa (545 Milton) just a quick walk from your hotel in the McGill ghetto. Very tasty worlbeat food, some vegetarian dishes also. Nothing complicated, good healthy cheap eats.

2) I like Kam Fung, but find Dim Sum in Montreal generally disapointing compared to Toronto or Vancouver...

3) Olive & Gourmando (but be careful it is closed Sundays and Mondays) and I would also recommend Le Cartet on Mcgill College near Wellington.

5) Definitely Pullman or if you want to try some interesting French Wines you could also try POP bar à vin on Pine Avenue and Laval. Both serve food but are wine bars.

6) I still find the best authentic tapas are at Sala Rossa (a spanish club) but if you want something more refined and a little bit pricier try Pintxos on Roy and Laval.

7) A french bistro like L'Express or Laloux would probably fit the bill. Both serve steak frites. I prefer the atmosphere at Laloux because I find the staff at L'Express a little too "Parisian attitude" (if you know what I mean...)

9) Gelato at Pagliacci on Prince Arthur and if you want to treck up to the Mile End, I find the best gelato is at "Mile End gelati comme il faut" on Park avenue corner St-Viateur. The real deal italian gelateria, looks like nothing, has the worst name but tastes divine!

10) Jolifou on Beaubien and Cartier. L'atelier On St-Laurent near Maguire. Both restauarnts are favorites of mine. Great food & atmosphere.

Dinner in Montreal Friday night

I would suggest La Loïe on René-Lévesque East. It's right in your budget and you'll be able to try many dishes as the prtions are in between appetizer and main course. What I love about celebrating something there is that they offer their entire wine list by the glass at no extra mark-up than the price of the bottle so you can actually have a glass of bubbly to toast the evening and then move on to wine without breaking the bank or your liver!


René-Lévesque corner Panet.

70 people for dinner

Another question: if you had to chose between Globe or Med Grill, which one would you prefer?

The Finalists

La Ravanne (which was on St-Laurent) has closed and is now a small cafe called Bice (not like the restauarnt Bice) unless it moved elsewhere.
I agree with Sam about Santropol and Olive&Gourmando...
I would recommend La Loïe on René Lévesque East and Panet for your "fancier" night out or for some good french fair at lunch time (their lunch menu is one of the best price/quality offers I've found)


My boyfriend and I went to QC a few months ago and had the most amazing dinner at Le Panache. It's inside the Auberge St-Antoine and is now part of the Relais Château establishments.
We had the taster's menu and chose to pick our own wines to accompany the food. Very cozy atmosphere with big cushions and private banquette seating. It's a "special occasion" kind of place ($$$). You can check it out at:

David Rocco's Dolce Vita

This show made me and my boyfriend want to visit Florence last year. We planned most of our trip around David's escapades and loved coming home to watch the second season and recognize places we'd visited. Then... no David. No news on the show's website. Does anyone know if it will be coming back to foodtv in Canada?

Jul 19, 2006
Nanbanane in Food Media & News

Sunday Dinner in August?

Many restaurants are closed on Sunday nights. I know Leméac (on Laurier), Jolifou (on Beaubien East) and Cafe Via Dante (in Little Italy) are all open Sunday nights and are all very good. My personal favourite being Le Jolifou for its unpretentious atmosphere, inventive cuisine and excellent wine list. I've also heard that Milos does a special table d'hôte on Sunday nights for about 35$. Maybe worth checking out.

Where is the owner of Restaurant Deux

Great to hear from you Cricklewood! You are an excellent chef and I talked about you many times to Merlin (your new boss) when he was first opening les 2 Singes and La Loïe. Unfortunately I am not on the best of terms with him at the present time but maybe in the future I will come pay you a visit and enjoy your cooking once again.

Laurent Godbout's Version of Starving

This is what I suspected... Sad to trash a reputation as an excellent chef by being an unagreable boss! I knew a girl that was sous-chef at L'Épicier, her reports were not very jolly!

Where is the owner of Restaurant Deux

Does anyone know what happened to John, the owner of Restaurant Deux on the corner of Sherbrooke and St-Laurent. We like going there for lunch with people from work and about a month ago we were surprised to find a whole new staff (including new owner) and even though the food is still good, although not as good as it used to be, the service is now unprofessional and the place has lost all its pizazz! If anyone knows if he has opened something else or is planning to we'd love to encourage him...