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"Restaurants" Database To Be Eliminated

Ditto to Peter Wang's post and most of the above. Make it better, don't eliminate it please.

Feb 07, 2012
annalou in Site Talk

Organic Chinese Food/Restaurant

I would try Harmony in Mill Valley. I don't know about their meat specifically, but they are local and organic oriented in general, and delicious!

culinary trip tp San francisco

If you haven't tried one of local food writer GraceAnn Walden's food tours, you might enjoy some behind the scenes opportunities and tastes. She has a North Beach tour, Evening Chinatown tour and a Latino Mission tour. These are held most Saturdays. Her website is under construction so it's best to email her for more information at

best authentic indian food in the bay area?

I enjoy Anokha in Novato, Very fresh and lots of vegetarian options.

gluten-free in SF

Check out the Hipp Kitchen:
They have special food events for people with food allergies, including gluten free. It has a NFCA certification as well.

Which foodie walking tour? Culinary school?

Here are some dates for GraceAnn's tours:

North Beach Pizza Lover's
8/7, 8/14, 9/4, 9/11 and 9/18

Evening Chinatown tour is 8/22, and enjoy a seven-course banquet. $80

Latino Tour and Mural walk is 10/2. $80

Where in SF can I buy key limes?

I've been buying them by the bagful at Safeway.

Visiting Sausalito from June 29th - July 4th...HELP!

In Sausalito, don't miss Fish for an authentic local and delicious (and casual) experience. Cash only , so plan ahead. Le Garage, Sushi Ran are also fabulous. If you'd like to try some fresh and great Chinese in Sausalito, try Tommy's Wok. They have great lunch specials as well (save some $ for those expensive dinner nights). For something unique in SF you might try Burma Superstar, it's on Clement, and a pretty easy place to stop on the way back to Sausalito after a day in SF.

Sushi Ran
107 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965

Le Garage
85 Liberty Ship Way Ste 109, Sausalito, CA

Burma Superstar
4721 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

Bobby's Cafe - San Rafael

Does anyone know what happened to Bobby's Cafe on 4th Street in San Rafael? Their website is down, their phone is disconnected - and they are CLOSED. This place had many fans, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to this San Rafael fav of many?

Water That's Less Boring

When no calorie fresh minty water replaces a suger-laden soda also in a bottle, I don't see the fuss about bottles! I recycle! Metromint makes wonderful products that contribute to my health and well being. Can't get enough!

Jan 09, 2010
annalou in Features

Anna's Cool Finds Blog

Oh my, that's me. You may have already found out that I had H1N1 and complications so dropped the writing ball for awhile, and reading Chowhound. My twitter id is annahaight if you are interested in following. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy my blog!

Jul 26, 2009
annalou in Food Media & News

Japanese noodles - not ramen - on peninsula, south bay?

I visited Sanuki Udon in Japantown recently and had a great experience. The handmade noodles were good, just the texture that those kind should be. I had the 'chef's choice', and it was full of seafood and vegetables. The broth had depth yet a lightness and was delicious!

Great meal at Chopsticks in San Rafael

Chopsticks closed effective January 1, 2009 as it lost its lease. There is a note on the door that they hope to open elsewhere in Marin.

Gaylords in Sausalito

Well Gaylord India Restaurant in Sausalito is no longer there either...

World Coffee Cafe - San Rafael (new)

So sorry to report that World Coffee Cafe is closed. I went to try it for breakfast today and was sorely disappointed after reading all the wonderful reviews.

Sozai - new Izakaya in the Sunset area

I tried Sozai for the first time last week, and had a very different experience than most of those who have posted so far. Everything our group had was flavorful, well-seasoned (with the exception of it being lightly salted), and the dishes were served at the appropriate temperature. It was very much a similar experience to a true Japanese Izakaya (with the exception that the some of the dishes were a little more upscale than a casual Izakaya), even the friendly neighboring tables. I lived in Japan for two years and have been back many times since, so I have a good base of experience for comparison. There were a number of former Oyaji customers there (I have been there many times too), and they were favorably impressed with Izayaka and some indicated that Sozai will be their new favorite.

ISO Taro Leaves in SF

Did you ever find a source? I'm now looking for these too.

Best Couscous in Bay Area?

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Best Couscous in Bay Area?

That sounds right about Algerian couscous although I had not thought about it. I was so in the mood for couscous, I did try Tajine today on Polk. It was great, and I'll have to try Aziza too. I followed the link to Algerian food, too bad there aren't in options in the bay area.

Best Couscous in Bay Area?

Hi, I'm in search of the best couscous in the bay area. Having fond memories of taste infused vegetables over fluffy mounds of couscous when I was a student in Paris, I'm longing to find same in the bay area. Any places you know of around here? (I live in Mill Valley, but will travel for good couscous!)

What causes hard skins on baked eggs?

Thanks! That is a very logical explanation.

Sep 15, 2007
annalou in Home Cooking

Harmony in Mill Valley opens

I continue to go to Harmony because it is consistently good, the atmosphere great, and they use local seasonal ingredients. I have an absolute fetish for their turnip cakes! They have an elegant and beautifully served tea selection as well.

your favorite Bay Area bakeries

In southern Marin, don't miss La Boulange in Mill Valley's Strawberry Village. Nice atmosphere, reasonable prices and a delicious selection!

What causes hard skins on baked eggs?

I know one of you kitchen whizzes will know this. When you bake a whole egg, such as in a muffin cup, what causes the hard, shiny surface? It's almost like cellophane and shiny? I know it must be related to why people use an egg wash to give a shine to a food, but I'm interested in the chemistry behind it, should anyone know. It's pretty, but a bit tough to then cut through to eat.

Sep 15, 2007
annalou in Home Cooking

Where can I find Gulls Eggs?

Simply hard boiled gull's eggs with celery salt - a recipe from an Irish Cookbook. Needless to say I gave that idea up!

Sausalito - Sartaj India Cafe - Punjab burritos, Indian spicy egg breakfast & apple pie?

I'm the author of the first blog you mention -- I go there often and have never been disappointed. It's an authentic family run place and they come in very early to make things from scratch.


I love their Indian herbed egg dishes for breakfast, and their vegetarian curry #2 at lunch (comes w/samosa). My friends say the chicken masala is to die for.

Where can I find Gulls Eggs?

Thanks D -- whew.. yes. probably still traces of DDT for all we know.

Where can I find Gulls Eggs?

Thanks Ruth! I'm sure not going to go after the eggs myself! Guess I'll have to give up on the authenticity of this one.

Where can I find Gulls Eggs?

I have an old recipe book that calls for using 'gulls eggs'. Is there any source for these in the SF Bay area, and what are they? (Seagulls eggs???) Thanks all in advance!