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Groceries imported from out of town

I'm new to posting but I'm curious to find out what sort of food Montreal Chowhounders smuggle back from trips outside of the province.

I just spent a weekend in New York City, and the only shopping I did was at a liquor store and a Price Chopper in Plattsburgh on the way home. I didn't buy much this time, but I stocked up on whipped sweet cream butter, some wine, Polar seltzer, and a case of Saranac. (Why is flavored seltzer so hard to find here? All I see on the supermarket shelves is Nestle mineral water that tastes like rocks.)

Sadly, my wife and I did not have time to track down any Lake Champlain chocolates on this trip. Normally that's priority #1 on our trips south of the border, followed by Virginia peanuts.

May 07, 2008
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