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where to stop on the way from LAX to Carlsbad

We are getting in on a Saturday around 12:30. Thanks, these are great suggestions!

Feb 28, 2015
lauren75 in Los Angeles Area

where to stop on the way from LAX to Carlsbad

I posted this on the CA board, but perhaps this is a better spot. We are up for anything and its a late lunch/early dinner. Ambiance is not important. Good food, something unique are pluses.

where to eat on drive from LAX to Carlsbad

Looking for a unique spot and are up for anything. We will probably take the Pacific Coast Highway. First time in that part of CA.

Feb 27, 2015
lauren75 in California

no hot bread with lunch at Bonefish Grill - Lawrenceville

I went for lunch 2 weeks ago and asked (since I had kids with me). I was told that they generally don't serve the bread for lunch, only dinner.

Mar 24, 2014
lauren75 in Chains

Sunday birthday dinner in Philadelphia or NJ suburbs

Glad I asked, Little Fish is a great suggestion!

Jan 15, 2014
lauren75 in Philadelphia

Sunday birthday dinner in Philadelphia or NJ suburbs

Looking for a recommendation. Right now I am thinking of the Sunday tapas at Jamonera....other ideas of good quality but maybe a deal would be appreciated.

Jan 15, 2014
lauren75 in Philadelphia

choose our restaurant for the second night of our trip

L'Express was on our short list, so we booked it, merci!

choose our restaurant for the second night of our trip

We booked APDC for the first. We are staying at the Queen Elizabeth, but it doesn't necessarily have to be close to there. Maybe something French or Quebec local. We are also looking for good value for the price paid (but don't mind paying a bit since we are on vacation!).

Thanks in advance.

Best tasting veggie dogs

Hosting a BBQ and have some vegetarians coming...what is the best tasting brand of veggie dogs out there?

Jun 20, 2012
lauren75 in Vegetarian & Vegan

Looking for offsite caterer for a BBQ in North Momouth County

I have used Jacques and they have always done a good job.

Jun 14, 2012
lauren75 in New Jersey

Breakfast stop along I-95 in MD or VA

I am leaning toward the Taqueria. I will report back, but the reviews on this place look great!

Breakfast stop along I-95 in MD or VA

We are driving from NJ to VA and are looking for someplace to stop for a good breakfast. We are open as to budget...

Pom Pom BBQ on Route 33 in Millstone

Has anyone been there yet?

Jan 27, 2011
lauren75 in New Jersey

Russian in Jersey?

I also liked the Shirin Cafe. Its in the Design Center in Manalapan on Route 9.

Shirin Cafe
345 U.S. 9 South, Manalapan, NJ 07726

Dec 26, 2010
lauren75 in New Jersey

Dairies in or near S. Jersey?

is Halo Farm in Trenton too far?

Halo Farm
970 Spruce St, Trenton, NJ

Jun 24, 2010
lauren75 in New Jersey

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - Merrick Farm - Farmingdale, NJ

Not familiar with it, but I wanted to add that if you are in Western Monmouth, there is also one in Roosevelt. I joined a few years back.

Apr 26, 2010
lauren75 in New Jersey

breakfast around Hatfield, PA [moved from Pennsylvania board]

We will be in the area this Sunday... looking for a good breakfast spot. I know its Easter, but we aren't looking for a holiday spot. Just a decent place on our way from NJ.

Apr 02, 2010
lauren75 in Philadelphia

Restaurants in Monroe, New Jersey

I live in the area and sadly there isn't much. Maria's is good for fancy ambiance, just good authentic food.
It may actually be in Jamesburg.

Sep 24, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

Central NJ Ice Cream

I love Swal Dairy in Allentown, NJ. Its in Monmouth County, but right on the tip of Mercer.

Aug 12, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

Princeton NJ Booster Juice Closed

Wow, that was quick. It wasn't there too long!

Jun 16, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

Fried Chicken in Central NJ

Thanks for the Jameson's tip. It was perfect!

Apr 27, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

Fried Chicken in Central NJ

I see there is a thread on rotisserie chicken, but how about the fried stuff. I live in Monmouth County, but would travel for something good!

Apr 17, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

NJ Farmhouse Restaurant? it the Inn at Millrace Pond in Hope, NJ?

Mar 13, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

Best Ice's and Ice Cream in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties

I love the Beach Plum in Bradley Beach or Swal Dairy in Allentown, NJ all the way on the other side of Monmouth County.

Mar 11, 2009
lauren75 in New Jersey

Mediterra -closed for renovations

We were in Princeton over the weekend and saw that Mediterra was closed for renovations. Does anybody know when it will re-open?

Jan 25, 2009
lauren75 in Mid-Atlantic

Your BEST crockpot chili or something else I can crock up

I want to WOW people on Super Bowl Sunday. Can you share your very best crockpot chili recipe or something else that can be done in a crockpot on game day?

Jan 21, 2009
lauren75 in Home Cooking

Bistro Soleil in Hightstown, NJ

At first I was hesitant to reply since I saw all of the glowing reviews, but since JVoo opened the door...
I also went to Bistro Soleil with high hopes (especially since there is not much in the area) and was disappointed. The fried chicken had an awful coating on it and the chicken itself tasted bad. You could have done better at a fast food restaurant. The side of sweet potato fries were almost raw and very greasy. The seafood pot pie that my husband ordered was also not great. The service was very slow which may have been due to some larger parties at the restaurant at the time.
It also is on my never return list.

Oct 30, 2008
lauren75 in New Jersey

Breakfast or brunch on the way to Hershey from NJ

I am heading out to Hershey, PA on a Sunday from New Jersey. Does anybody have a suggestion for a breakfast or brunch on the way? I am taking the PA turnpike most of the way but wouldn't mind a short detour off the highway, especially if the place is worth the trip!

Jul 28, 2008
lauren75 in Pennsylvania

Best use of $100 at Nicholas

We finally went and enjoyed the bar experience. We had been to the dining room a few times before and liked the laid back feel of the bar. It also seemed to pick u pthe pace of the meal.

We tried all of the suggestions. The only slight disappointment was the beet/goat cheese. All others were delicious esp. the suckling pig & the gnocchi.

Jun 30, 2008
lauren75 in Mid-Atlantic

Central Jersey Ice Cream

I love Swals Dairy on Main Street in Allentown. Its worth the trip!

May 20, 2008
lauren75 in New Jersey