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Foodie Girl's Night

Need a suggestion for a birthday dinner for four women (30s and 40s). Something new and trendy with great food and ambiance! Downtown preferred.

Sep 23, 2008
burgergirl in Manhattan

Fancy, Birthday Restaurant for Short Ribs???

Looking for a spot to celebrate a big birthday. The birthday boy loves short ribs. Any suggestions much appreciated.


Jul 21, 2008
burgergirl in Manhattan

Was my DiFara's dissapointment my fault?!?

JFores, I live on east 15th street. Are u referring to the amazing thin pizza on 18th and 2nd or the old school pizzaria on 16th and 3rd????

Feb 03, 2008
burgergirl in Outer Boroughs

Need Ideas for New Year's Eve

So, can you suggest some fun spots for dinner on new year's. it's just me and my boyfriend so someplace lively would be great. Preferred areas are grammercy or east village or flatiron. Set menu or regular is aok. Around $150 each is maxish for food.

Dec 24, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Weekday Brunch in Soho - New Spot?

Please help. I need to set up a 10:30 am client meeting for tomorrow morning. They want to do "brunch" but I'm sure breakfast would be ok. I'm looking for something new and exciting, hip or just plain good and tasty.

Ideal location is between 60 thompson (their hotel) and broadway and Houston (where they have a 1pm meeting). Nearby is ok too as I don't know many spots open that early.....


Dec 11, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Sushi tonight. East village.

looking for something different. i always go to yama and choshi on irving.... help!

Oct 20, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Nov. Birthday Trip

Hi there,

Visiting from NY for my mom's 65th birthday Nov. 3-7. We're staying at the W in the French Quarter. She's a caterer/foodie so I want to have some good meals planned. So far I'm thinking:

Sat dinner: Nola
Sunday brunch: TBD
Monday dinner: August
Tuesday dinner: Delmonico

We'll definitely do Cafe du Monde for breakfast one day. I guess I need some lunch suggestions but with these big dinners I really want to keep lunch on the light side (except brunch where i guess I need a light dinner.....)

Does this sound ok or do you have any suggestions. I'd love our meals to make us say "wow" out loud.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Oct 20, 2007
burgergirl in New Orleans

B-day Dinner at Daniel??

Taking my mom for her 65th. Are there any must order dishes? Do you know if they offer kitchen tours or anything special?

Oct 19, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Foodie Cruise/Trip from NYC??

I'd like to take my mom on a short trip for her 65th B-day. I'm looking for a foodie friendly cruise or destination that leaves from NYC or is less than 2 hours away. She's a caterer so she's more about the food/creative presentation than anything else. I heard about a one-night cruise AMEX is sponsoring in Dec. with Bobby Flay but I'm still looking for ideas. I'd really like to wow her. All suggestions are much appreciated!!

Oct 19, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Cooking Present for Foodie??

Thanks everyone! These are great ideas. Its actually a bday present for my mom so I was leaning toward something we could do together rather than a physical present. That cruise could be a great option. And the cheese classes sound great too.

Oct 06, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Cooking Present for Foodie??

Can anyone recommend a bday present for a foodie who just happens to be a caterer? Last year we took a course at ICE together and it was great fun. I would be open to events where chefs do a demo and then we have a meal but I don't know where to start. Macy's has a few but I'm not sure how they'd rate.

Oct 04, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Low Key but Yummy for Saturday

Any cuisine would work. There is one vegetarian in the group. As for budget, maybe $10-25 entrees with a max of $75 for meal, beverages, tax and tip.

Oct 04, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Low Key but Yummy for Saturday

Some of my college friends and I will be having a mini reunion dinner. Where can we go for a good meal in an un-rushed setting? Union Square or nearby preferred.

Oct 03, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

South Beach B-day Spot for Food Lover?

Hi All,
Heading from NYC to South Beach to celebrate my boyfriend's bday and our anniversary. Can you recommend some delicious spots for us to try? One can be super fancy (maybe $400 max) the other can be trendy or fun but both should be great food/atmosphere.
Thank you!!

Oct 03, 2007
burgergirl in Florida

After Hill Country?

I'm going for dinner there Friday with a group of 10. Can anyone recommend a spot nearby for after-dinner drinks?

Aug 02, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

Hill Country for Group?

Any advice on what to order for a group of ten pp going this Friday night? Has anyone been with a group? Is the ordering process the same or do you get a server??

Jul 30, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

If I like these spots what would u recommend...

for a bday group dinner? Past bdays have been held at:

Stanton Social Club
Asia de Cuba

Looking for something fun, not too $$ and group friendly.

Jul 27, 2007
burgergirl in Manhattan

tribeca spot for 7 adults and one 4 year-old.....

Any recommendations for nice dinner spot but not too nice in case the one kid gets cranky.

Dec 16, 2006
burgergirl in Manhattan

O'Neill's Irish Pub (burgers)?

You're taking about O'Neill's on 3rd and 45th right? www.

I work around the corner and we go there all the time for the $10 burger specials each month. It's really the best value in town.

What did you think about the october burger?

Nov 02, 2006
burgergirl in Manhattan

Romantic Naples Birthday Dinner for NYC Foodie

Help, I need a recommendation for my boyfriend's 40th birthday dinner. Any cuisine. He's a foodie so an innovative menu is a must.

Oct 11, 2006
burgergirl in Florida

cooking school or wine/scotch tasting dinner for fancy boyfriend. HELP!

I was wondering if you have any great suggestions for cooking classes in nyc. My boyfriend is turning 40 and I'd like to sign him up for something special for an intermediate/advanced level. He likes to eat/drink too so if you know of any great wine dinners or scotch tasting dinners end of Oct. any thoughts would be much appreciated. He's a fancy pants kinda guy and loves the brandy library and that kinda stuff. Help!

Sep 29, 2006
burgergirl in Manhattan

dinner tonight at Lever House??

Going tonight. Any good recommendations????????

Jul 19, 2006
burgergirl in Manhattan

Party at OTTO

Sounds good. Do you remember what the cost was? Was it a set menu??

Jul 14, 2006
burgergirl in Manhattan

Birthday Dinner - Large group of 30 Somethings - HELP!

Time to gather for one of those big bday dinners. Should be about 12-16 pp. Friday August 4. I'm open for any suggestions but not too $$$$. Last year we did Stanton Social Club which was perfect. HELP!!

Jul 14, 2006
burgergirl in Manhattan