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Heading to NO in early April, what are the best restaurants open till midnight near Pere Marquette??


Jan 08, 2014
chris in illinois in New Orleans

Heading to NO in early April, what are the best restaurants open till midnight near Pere Marquette??


Jan 06, 2014
chris in illinois in New Orleans

Best Short Ribs in the City?

Had the short ribs at Roy's on Friday!! Excellent. I also had the Duck confit appetizer which was very good as well. Have now eaten at Roy's in Orlando and Chicago, completely satisfied with both places. Basically the absolute best one can expect from a chain (albeit a small one). Highly recommended.

Roy's - Chicago
720 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Any Chicago vendors who sell deep fried turkeys NOT fried in peanut oil?

Peanut oil is non-allergenic....the processing of the oil removes the proteins from the peanut (they are what cause the allergic reaction) and are therefore peanut oil is as safe as

Chicago Steakhouse Recs this weekend

Really liked David Burke's and am a big fan of Hugo's. Wouldn't really go out of my way for Morton's and wouldn't eat at S&W's if you paid me.

Roadtrip Chicago to Springfield

*Little Saigon does very good Vietnamese and Thai.
*Mekong Cafe for lunch during the week; actual Laotian food from an actual Laotian.
*Coz's for Pizza.
*Luca has good NY style slices.
*Like the links from nxstasy mention, D'Arcy is the place for a horseshoe (ask for Karen, tell her Chris sent you).
*Fat Willy's in Chatham does a mean Burger and has decent specials from time to time, classic small town 'dive' bar. Stag bottles!!
*Ross Isaac is probably my favorite 'fine dining' spot these days...very dependable.
*Love the HOT basil chicken at Taste of Thai on Dirksen...ask for chopped peanuts.

Need extra help/details just ask...

Apr 17, 2011
chris in illinois in Great Lakes

Hugo's Frog Bar

Quick impressions of Hugo's:

Very busy, very crowded at 7pm on a Friday night. Tried opentable for reservations about two weeks ago which only showed 530 and 930 available. Simply called the place and got a res. for two at seven. We arrived about ten minutes early and were seated about 60 seconds later.

Our server, Daniel, was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and the various preparations. My wife has a strong aversion to onions and asked about the various soups how they were prepared. Daniel thought the bisque was onion free, but returned a few minutes later having spoken to the chef to inform her that there was, in fact, onion in the bisque----a touch I certainly appreciated.

We ordered a stone crab claw as an appetizer---very tasty and extremely fresh. I had the bookbinder soup prior to my entree and it was filled with delicious seafood including many nice size chunks of fish that I guess were cod. My wife got the macadamia encrusted tilapia; thumbs up from her----again, very fresh and well executed. I had the CW cut bone-in ribeye from Gibson's next door. It is now on my list of top five steaks of all-time, right behind an incredible ribeye at 1500 Ocean at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego and a 40-day dry-aged ribeye at Harry Caray's last summer. I've had other nice steaks around town (David Burke's at lunch, Stetson's at the Hyatt, Morton's), but this was a superior steak.

Overall, very pleasant experience, not anywhere as 'clubby' as I expected and was very impressed by the service....we'll definitely be back.

Harry Caray's Restaurant
33 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654

Trip Report

I'll get to the other restaurants later, but to answer a few questions: Spices was well reviewed on the board, Sea Catch was touted by the Unofficial Guide to DC (have had luck with those before), I've had decent luck with Gordon B's out west and the six year old would walk no further---and they had PBJ's!!!

I've typically done better elsewhere (NO, San Diego and Chicago), but for better or worse food wasn't my #1 priority on this trip....all in all, I felt that some of these places merited at least a mention on this board (even if to serve as a warning)...looking back with a week to mellow my mind, only Medaterra and Nage were real losers. The rest I'd eat at again, but maybe not real soon.....


Chris in illinois

Nage Restaurant
1600 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036

2614 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Trip Report

The wife and I took the 6 year old to DC for five days (leaving the three younger girls in Illinois) and in between the monuments, the museums and a Strasburg/National's game we managed to eat at nine places in the DC area:

1. Tuesday night: Medaterra. Well, it was near our hotel and it was open and did I mention that it was near the hotel?? It wasn't all bad, the calimari app was pretty darn tasty and the drinks were pretty good (though w a y overpriced, which as most of you know is a DC trademark). The waitstaff was very nice and the outside dining was pretty cool. My wife had lamb chops which she gave a 4 out of ten and I had quite possibly the most ineptly prepared ribeye imaginable. Now the restaurant doesn't exactly scream STEAKHOUSE, but hey it was a special and it was ''spice-rubbed", so I thought a middle eastern spiced steak, why not?? First, it was about a quarter inch thick---who serves steaks this thin not on a bun? Second, the mysterious middle eastern spice rub appeared to be .....salt. The boy ordered the 'flatbread pizza' off of the kids menu and was later brought what appeared to be a soggy microwaved Red Baron single serve---of course the boy still wolfed it all down.

2. Lunch on Wednesday was a very pleasant surprise at the Pourhouse near the Capitol. While the place wasn't exactly surging with patrons, the "World Cup" lunch menu looked decent enough and I like the look of the place. All three of us ordered the Burger and Fries which was exceptionally well prepared. The burger was well-seasoned, juicy and served on a nice kaiser roll. The fries were a triumph: hand-cut, crispy and perfectly salty. The young man tending the place was pleasant and really made our six year old feel special. Kudos!

3. Dinner on Wednesday was also in the Woodley Park area at the little upstairs Asian place called IPOH. The drink selection is minimal as is the ambiance, but my sizzling beef platter was top-notch, my shumai app delicious and the boy's fried banana desert was "yummy". Overall not bad at all for a reasonably priced, conveniently located pan-asian restaurant.

Getting sleepy, so I'll finish up tomorrow with our trips to Sea Catch in Georgetown, Spices in Cleveland Park, Nage in DuPont Circle, M&S Grill and Gordon Biersch downtown (I know chain city) plus one more that escapes me right now.

Nage Restaurant
1600 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036

2614 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Private Room in restaurant for potentailly disastrous wedding party

I hear you Bill, unfortunately I must admit that, at times, that I have been guilty of neglecting to report back.

No one's perfect I guess. I hope they had a hell of a time. It's been three years since I've been to NO and not a week goes by that I don't dream of her sublime cuisine.

May 06, 2010
chris in illinois in New Orleans

Private Room in restaurant for potentailly disastrous wedding party

Is anyone else wondering if half of the wedding party might just be at the bottom of some swamp, thus the lack of a response??

May 04, 2010
chris in illinois in New Orleans

What are Chicago's "heart attack" meals?

I do believe that a bar/pub in Bucktown serves a downstate (Springfield) specialty, the Horseshoe Sandwich. Meat---usually a burger---on Texas toast, covered with french fries and finally doused with rich, cheese sauce. Even the chains around here serve them.

Food for 7 days. Tight budget.

Seconded on Commander' is more expensive, but the drinking is cheap and the food is exceptional.

Mar 11, 2010
chris in illinois in New Orleans

So Hounds, How many Beers?

One study---rapidly referenced via google---lists 190 lbs as the average american male weight.

If how much you drink works for you, more power to you!!

Feb 19, 2010
chris in illinois in Beer

Pilsner Urquell availability

I was wondering if there was some resource out there that might list bars that have Pilsner Urquell on tap. Maybe this is beyond the scope of the internet...all I know is that the Urquell website is useless...

Feb 18, 2010
chris in illinois in Beer

Pilsner Urquell on tap...

Does anyone know of a bar/restaurant in the river north/north loop area that serves draft Pilsner Urquell??

Restaurant week...Catch 35

Going to Catch 35 for restaurant week (lunch) and it looks like I'm getting the gumbo, mahimahi with andouille question for you hounds is this: Is there another app. that shouldn't be missed and which dessert is a cut above??

Appreciate the help and am looking forward to another rest. week.

Looking for help near the Omni Shoreham in DC

Awesome link, thanks for the help...I think I'm pretty well set. Looking forward to spending two days with the wife and the boy, two days by myself with the boy wandering the Smithsonian marvels, catching a Nats/White Sox game and eating, eating, eating.

Again, thanks for the help!!

Looking for help near the Omni Shoreham in DC

Spices looks great...the boy (the 6 year old) loves anything with soy, so he'd be happy. Thanks for the recommendation.

Looking for help near the Omni Shoreham in DC

Walking distance=pornography, that is, I know it when I see it ( a mile isn't too far).

Some intriguing options, that for the input so far...

Looking for help near the Omni Shoreham in DC

My wife has a conference in mid-June at the Marriot Wardman Park and we are staying across the street. We are taking the six year old (leaving three younger siblings in Illinois) and will have three to four dinners in the immediate area (no car). My question is this: what are my best options near those two hotels that are within walking distance?? We like all sorts of cuisines---not much experience with Indian or Middle Eastern. Price isn't that much of an issue, but I'd prefer not to break the bank more than once.

Thanks in advance for the help,
chris in illinois

Sam Adams Noble pils

While I do like it, it has a bit of a wheat-beer essence to it IMHO....maybe it's a little fruitier than a pilsner.

Jan 25, 2010
chris in illinois in Beer

Private Room in restaurant for potentailly disastrous wedding party


Jan 25, 2010
chris in illinois in New Orleans

Dennys on Long Island

Denny's are like fire alarms---only use in an emergency.

Jan 25, 2010
chris in illinois in Chains

So Hounds, How many Beers?

6'8", 230 myself....I can hold my own as well...drinking better beer these days though....

Dec 10, 2009
chris in illinois in Beer

So Hounds, How many Beers?

My man, Scuba Steve!!

Dec 09, 2009
chris in illinois in Beer

Those lying supermarkets: a rant

A local mom n pop takes orders for Turkeys and then gets them delivered fresh----never frozen---from the Amish farmers who raise them organically about fifty miles away. I'm getting mine tomorrow...

Nov 24, 2009
chris in illinois in Chains

Lunch & dinner this weekend on Michigan Ave.

I'm in town this weekend as well and have been for ten years now (convention) and have had either Bacino's or Giordanos each year and will say that both are excellent and that you really can't go wrong with either.

Just an FYI, there is a humongous convention centered around the Hyatt on Wacker from Wed-Sun this week that has 15,000 attendees over the five days....reservations, reservations, reservations.

I know that Heaven on Seven (on Rush) doesn't have the best rep on this board, but for those of us who miss NO terribly it is a reasonable substitute. I also like Dao Thai on Ohio and Columbus, but haven't ever heard much from the real experts on this board about it.

Enjoy the trip!!

75 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

Heaven on Seven
600 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Dao Thai Restaurant
230 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

SF CH report back on Chicago trip Oct 22-25, 2009 - long

Croce's (as in Jim Croce) in the Gaslamp is an excellent place for breakfast...been there three times in six years and I live downstate (IL)!!

We have less than 48hrs in ChiTown----what do you think? Need ideas---thanks!

I just returned from a trip where we took the Wendella river tour that departs right near the Michigan ave hour tour, very enjoyable-----and no Navy Pier.