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Brazilian Buffet in Newark's Ironbound

Brazuca used to be my go to by-the-pound brazilian buffet in the Ironbound. Unfortunately, it has closed its doors.

Fortunately though, Ce Qui Sabe (Merchant at Ferry) is filling the void. The buffet is extensive (including feijoada) and the meat selection is at the front near the register, given to you by a server standing by the grill. The meat is on skewers and there is the same amount of meat variety at any of the sit-down churrascurias. The server slices the meat from the skewers on to your plate. There must be at least 10 different types of meats on skewers. The picanha is amazing. To go containers are 5 bucks per pound. If you eat in, by the pound is 7 bucks per pound. The interior is well-lit and clean, with brazilian tv. About a 10 minute walk down Ferry from the Path. They have a big selection of brazilian pizzas too.

May 23, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey

Peruvian recommendations in Northern NJ (Kearny/Harrison/East Newark/Paterson)?

In Harrison, there are at least 4 peruvian restaurants. This is pretty high % considering, Harrison only has about 10 restaurants total. I have also been told that Peruvians are now the largest demographic in Harrison. Every corner market has Peruvian products on its shelves (inca kola, purple corn, aji amarillo paste, etc.).

For restaurants there is Dona Maria's #2, B&G Restaurant (317 Harrison Ave.), La Roja Y Blanca (301 South Frank E Rodgers Blvd), and one other small place on Frank E Rodgers near Dona Maria's #2 that has decided that a formal sign with the name of the restaurant is unnecessary.

My favorite has been La Roja y Blanca. They make homemade chicha morada, which is fantastic! Be sure to ask for the homemade and not in the is a big glass for like 2 bucks! They have a rotisserie oven behind the counter serving up pollo a la braza ($6). They serve all the standards...ceviche ($12), aji de gallina ($8), lomo saltado($10). They even serve peruvian breakfast ($6) even at night. Alfajores are available for $2.

The atmosphere is a diner-style counter to sit for quick meals or tables to eat with friends and family. Clientele is significantly hispanic families and couples. Access is 4-5 minute walk from the Path.

La Roja Y Blanca
301 Frank E Rodgers Blvd S, Harrison, NJ 07029

Apr 11, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey

Songkran festival at Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram in Elmhurst?

How do these events work? If I am not thai and do not attend the "temple" on a regular basis will I know what to do and look for? Or should I expect some serious confusion and awkwardness upon entering and hope to find someone who will be my guide to the event?

Apr 03, 2010
Mootsarell in Outer Boroughs

Pupuseria and a Pupusa Truck

Had a couple of pupusas at Costa Del Sol (146 Bloomfield Ave., Newark). Hot and fresh for 1.50 each. Tried the queso and the frijoles versions...both very good. I also thought their curtido was really one of the best I have had. Extra vinegary flavor.

I also had their maduros with cream (maduro frito y crema)...and I must say that the salvadoran cream adds an extra element of goodness to the maduros.

I also notice a pupusa truck parked at North 3rd and Bloomfield each day, and was wondering if anyone had tried it? It is called Olguita's...says it specializes in salvadoran food (la comida tipica de los salvadorenos). Any feedback on the truck would be great. I plan to try it out it in the next week or so.

Costa Del Sol Restaurant
146 Bloomfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07104

Mar 30, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey


There are two guatemalan restaurants within a few blocks of each other in Newark on Bloomfield Ave.

As JohnnyCT mentioned there is the one at 4 Park Ave. It is the intersection of Park and Bloomfield. The name is actually something like "Restaurante Centroamericano."

And the other is called Sinai Guatemalan Restaurant. 115 Bloomfield Ave., Newark. If driving or walking north...... this one is two blocks from the park ave. location on the right hand side.

Cannot recommend the quality of each, but they are on my do-to-list . I see them everyday on the way to work. I can't get a good feel for the safety of the maybe it is best to go during the day??

Mar 30, 2010
Mootsarell in Manhattan

Little India Journal Square

Sapthagiri is a more sit-down type of place. So bring a group or get your order for the road. Have had the samosa chat which is a mixed bowl of samosa, chana, sev, yogurt sauce and spices for like 3.50. Also, had the paneer parata...a thin Indian bread filled with cheese and spices also like 3.50. These two alone make a decent meal for only 7 bucks. Their chai tea is also very good.

Feb 27, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey

Little India Journal Square

Rahjbog Sweets is a like a bakery and small food items place. I was able to get squares of Burfi here for 1.25 a piece. Had the mango and the almond. Both really sweet. They also sell bottles of Thums Up Soda for about 1.50. There are some tables to sit down and eat (very could ride solo...or come with small group). Indian programming on the TV makes for an appropriate, yet confusing to the english speaker, background for your meal.

Feb 27, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey

Little India Journal Square

Dosa House has seemingly foot-long dosas for 6 or 7 bucks. I had the marsala paneer dosa. The atmosphere for this place is good for to-go orders or if you are with a casual small group or even riding solo to get a quick meal.

Feb 27, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey

Little India Journal Square

Thought it would be good to start a thread on the Little India in Journal Square to help people out when going there for their first, second, third, etc. experiences. There may be a thread on the old Tristate Board, but this will make things easier for current users so they do not need to search on OLD boards.

Feel free to post on places you have been, what you ordered there, general price range, and perhaps location too if it is hard to find with Google Maps.

Feb 27, 2010
Mootsarell in New Jersey

Moving to NJ - what town(s) have most interesting restaurants and food stores?

Just a quick summary of some of the ethnic enclaves that provide for authentic food experiences.

Jersey City's Indian Enclave on Newark Ave. close to Journal Square Path Station.

Jersey City's Filipino Enclave on Newark Ave. close to Journal Square Path Station.

Union City's Latin Mix on Bergenline Ave. Cuban, Equadorian, Colombian, Argentine, Honduran, Mexican, Salvadoran. Great food here.

As someone had mentioned, Newark's Ironbound neighborhood near the Newark Path Station gives Portuguese, Spanish, and Brazilian food.

Korean and Japanese in Ft. Lee/Edgewater/Palisades Park. The Mitsuwa Japanese Market is a great stop.
Some good Korean BBQs in the area as well.

Patterson has a strong flavor of Peruvians, Turkish, and Dominicans.

Not sure if you are familiar with this site, but it has good summaries of the Union City and Jersey City areas.

So, I think the best bet if you really enjoy the ethnic food, is to be either in Newark, Jersey City, or Hoboken. Then you have pretty easy access to these enclaves by bus or train. Patterson may be the hardest to get to...not sure of the buses out that way?? You then also have easy access to manhattan, queens, and brooklyn for any food you cannot find in Jersey. Path runs 24 hours! Of course Jersey City and Newark look a little rougher than lets say Morristown or Milburn, but if you want the urban lifestyle close to transit and good, authentic food the sacrifice needs to be made.

Nov 24, 2009
Mootsarell in New Jersey

International (Ethnic) Food in Jacksonville

Ahh yes Bowl of Pho. I actually like the pho and the selection of food a little better at Pho King. But, yes you are right Bow of Pho is a contender for the Jacksonville Pho Title! I also think Bowl of Pho's interior is a little too nice....I need a little bit more humble of an interior when I do ethnic dining.

Nov 18, 2009
Mootsarell in Florida

International (Ethnic) Food in Jacksonville

yeah you are exactly right about Puerto Plata for Dominican and Athens Cafe for Greek. Forgot about those two.

Nov 11, 2009
Mootsarell in Florida

International (Ethnic) Food in Jacksonville

Here is a decent summary of international (ethnic) food in Jacksonville. My list is composed of what I feel are the best and only truly good experiences within driving distance. The radius of all of these is about 15 miles from the JTB/Southside intersection.

Disclaimer: none of the restaurants provides a more authentic experience than what can be found in places like New York, Chicago, Miami, etc. These are simply the best in the area and are comparable to the eats found in a bigger city but would not be defined as above average in a bigger city. These are the best of Jacksonville. Feel free to expand upon these, if they do provide a somewhat authentic experience.

El Rinconcito (Colobmian restaurant): picada, bandeja paisa, empanadas, arepas, morcilla, postobon, etc. Nice interior as well. Owners are great.
Antojitos Colombianos Panaderia (Colombian bakery). Fresh made. Owner is great. Breads, empanadas, etc.

Pho King: Nice interior. Many pho options, banh mi, bubble tea, the grilled pork rice dishes are awesome as well.

Piscos: ceviche, lomo saltado, Peruvian donuts, inka cola, etc.

Mi Pueblo (grocery). This place has a nice little kitchen in the back that makes cemitas, taco al pastor, etc. Basically no seating, get this sandwiches, tacos, etc to go.

Madrid (run by venezuelans but they make a lot of cuban items here). Ropa vieja, Cuban sandwiches, café cubano, picadillo. Empanadas are Venezuelan style.

Rico Mex. You can get baleadas here.

Flavors(restaurant). Nice lunch buffet. Tandoori chicken, dosas, paneer, vindaloo, etc.
Mayuri (restaurant).
Apna Bazaar (grocery).
Indian Grocery (grocery).

Sam Won Garden. Korean BBQ. Electric. A little pricey.
Dae Ho (Korean grocer). Four dollar kimchee tubs in the freezers in the back.

Bamboo Creek. Dim Sum order from menu.
Jax Oriental Market. Chinese grocery.

Puerto Rican.
Las Antillas. Six dollar lunch. Hot counter setup.

Brazil Grill. Great brazilian buffet, but only open for lunch M-S. Feijoada, picanha, guarana.

Sammy's Italian Deli. Olives, deli meats, cheese, Italian imports, and make lunch sandwiches...get the Tony's Special.
Tommy's Brickoven Pizza. Crust is great. Sauce is good too. Tommy is the man.

Not going to list Thai and Sushi places. One on every corner, all basically the same. Nothing stands out in this group.

I will add to this list if I find new places.

Sam Won Garden Restaurant
4345 University Blvd S Ste 1, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Pisco's Restaurant
4131 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Nov 11, 2009
Mootsarell in Florida

Just moved to JAX... need to eat! =0)

Moved here from North Jersey for work a couple of years back. Frequent the NYC/Chi areas for ethnic food. Here are the places I go to. Nothing spectacular, but gives me the basic essentials I need while living here in Jacksonville.

El Rinconcito (colombian)
Pho King (vietnamese as mentioned)
Piscos (peruvian)
Tommy's Brickoven Pizza (best pie in town)
Mi Pueblo (they make cemitas and tacos al pastor inside this little mexican grocery)
Madrid (run by venezuelans but they make a lot of cuban items here)
Rico Mex (you can get honduran baleadas here)
Flavors (Indian buffet)
Sammy's Italian Deli (sell olives, deli meats, Italian imports, and make lunch sandwiches...get the Tony's Special)
Apna Bazaar (Indian grocer)
Dae Ho (Korean grocer)
Bamboo Creek (Dim Sum location moved to Baymeadows)
Las Antillas (Puerto Rican)
Brazil Grill (on beach blvd...great brazilian buffet, but only open for lunch M-S).
Jax Oriental Market (chinese market)
Antojitos Colombianos Panaderia (Colombian bakery)

Hope that helps. These are pretty much the only places I go to. Nothing spectacular, but it keeps me satisfied until I can get out to a city.

Apna Restaurants
9436 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837

Italian Deli
247 N Collier Blvd Ste 104, Marco Island, FL 34145

Pisco's Restaurant
4131 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216

3090 S Jog Rd, Greenacres, FL 33467

Rico Mex
5026 Richard Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32216

Sammy's Italian
9533 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178

Nov 09, 2009
Mootsarell in Florida

Sichuan, Korean BBQ, and Argentina in Queens

Will be in the city thursday to sunday and am looking for the most authentic and best value in the following ethnic cuisines in Queens:

1) Argentine steakhouse or bakery (La Fusta?)

2)Korean BBQ (grill your own tableside, charcoal if possible)

3) Sichuan in Flushing (I am looking for the sour and hot noodle soup..schuan le fun...I think it is called).

Thanks for any help.

Mar 17, 2009
Mootsarell in Outer Boroughs

Best Caribbean Food in Florida?

In the "food hub of Jacksonville" there are the following:

El Taino-Puerto Rican.

Puerto Plata-Dominican.

That's it for those two countries in Jacksonville. No competiton for these two.
I will look around for the jamaican and haitian places. I know there are a few jamaican places, haitian may be a stretch. I will report back.

May 12, 2008
Mootsarell in Florida

Best Caribbean Food in Florida?

Well I will lay down the major countries to consider then. I am leaving off Cuba because it is deserving of its own topic. Puerto Rico is also probably deserving of its own, but as long as no one from Orlando reads this we should be ok :). So, the major caribbean countries for this post are:

The Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico

There is also a list of about 20 countries that are smaller with less prevalent cuisines here in the US, but they can be found easily on wikipedia under the section "present day island territories":

May 12, 2008
Mootsarell in Florida

Best Caribbean Food in Florida?

So, what countries are we considering? The Dominican, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica? Once we get a list of Caribbean countries commonly defined, I will start to fill in some restaurants.

May 12, 2008
Mootsarell in Florida

Jacksonville Ethiopian?

I know the website is quasi-active, but I have called them a few times and they keep saying they are in the process of moving. They have been moving for almost a year now!! Note to self: Don't use that moving company.

Somebody let us know when and if they ever open at their new location on Emerson.

May 09, 2008
Mootsarell in Florida

Ethnic markets in Jax

Awesome! I had not been able to find galangal or lime leaves to make my tom ka soup (sp?). Now I can make it again. Thanks

May 07, 2008
Mootsarell in Florida