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October Openings and Closings

Was by there last weekend, they said they might be able to open this weekend. I've been checking the website with anticipation.

November Openings and Closings

I walked by Bondir on Broadway today. They were painting a mural on the outside and doing some finishing touches. They said they may open as soon as next week. Hope that's true. Can't wait to see how they do.


I was in Philly this weekend at Estia (greek restaurant). It was fantastic. The icing on the cake was a dessert called Ekmek Kataifi (I believe). Does anyone on this board know if there is a greek restaurant in the Boston area that makes it?

Where can I buy Shane's of Maine ice cream?

I went to Co op expressly to buy shane's 2 weeks ago to make an icecream cake and couldn't find it there. I don't know if they're carrying it anymore.

Friendly Toast.

I have to admit, I'm not a flat burger pattie kind of a gal, but I wouldn't have minded if it had a bit of flavor.

Cheap foil pans in Boston

Couldn't you just help yourself to some at a salad bar or take out?... or at least ask how much they'll sell them for?

BTW - that cake looks amazing. You're freind is very lucky!

So this Billerica woman walks into a Somerville Market Basket . . .

SSSSSHHHH ... you're not supposed to post great thing about my fav supermarket, it's only going to make the parking worse.

I try to go when my handicapped neighbor needs to shop. But even the HC spots are hard to get. Produce at MB is cheap and fresh... it's so busy in there, it doesn't have time to sit on the shelf. I buy 80% of my produce there... like cilantro, avacados, fruits and shrooms.

It also has some great bargains on dry goods and staples. And if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, you'll find it there. Only thing I'm a bit leary about is their meets and fish, I've had a couple of bad experiences, but it wouldn't deter me from buying chicken there.

Friday and Saturday lunch suggestions

Yummy. Neptune will be great. I take it you'll have had your fill of seafood then.

The above suggestions are good, but some are not really lunch places.
I know you're looking local cuisine, but don't pass up some of the many fine ethic restaurants that have nice lunch options.
Here's some of my favs...

In Central Square you'll find

1) Baraka Cafe on Pearl street. Don't let the lack of clientele turn you off. It's are really outstanding place to lunch. They have an amazing eggplant starter and the lemonade with muddle rose pedals is intoxicating.
2) Mary Chung is also a good standby - chinese.

Inman Square also has some great options

1)All star sandwich shop features Beef on Weck (Buffalo NYC) and their fries globbed with cheese and gravy are just over the top.
2) Olecito has a great luncheon bar with Mexican sandwiches. Very substantial and delish. And you can top it off with a latte from 1369 across the street.
3) You could rough it and go Punjabi Dhaba. It really is Indian Highway-cafe style. I've been to India and I got to say it's pretty authentic... the food is not bad too.
4) Or you could try the S&S Deli... although not my favorite, it's an old throwback to a NY Jewish style deli/bakery with all the standards... overstuffed pastrami sandwiches and bagel and lox or sable on the menu.

I'm not sure if Macchu Picchu in Union square serves lunch, but they're also very good. They are peruvian fare and have many things on the menu I've never seen before trying them there. The chef says they frequently bring back authentic ingredients from Peru.

All these places are definitely reachable on foot if you don't mind a long trek, or a short cab ride.

If you're not into ethnic, you can always take a walk over either bridge into Boston.

The one by the Science museum will take you to the North end and Fanieul Hall area where your choices are too many to list. Or for a slightly longer walk go over the salt and pepper bridge (the bridge that has the trains riding over it) you'll get to Charles street/Beacon Hill where there are quite a few more options including a very decent pizza place called Figs (Todd English).

Friendly Toast.

I had a craving for a burger and my BF mentioned this place that got a glowing write up in the Phoenix.

Well, two burgers and a PBR later, I feel pretty ripped off. The guy who wrote this article must have been dreaming about the burger.

I was pretty excited when we walked in an saw the eclectic decor. Loads of Adverts from 50's and a diner flare with formica and chrome tables and sticky plastic sparkly chairs. But sadly the burger was pretty bleak. It was flat patty pressed really tight and incredibly greasy. If I had to guess I'd say they were frozen before they hit the grill. For all their greasiness they were pretty bland... but the worst part was the $33.00 bill. For a $12.00 burger and fries I expect something along the lines of Four Burger, Druid or R.F.O. ... even Bukowski's has a better burger. (I'm a sucker for the peanut butter burger). Save your money and get your burger elsewhere.

I can't say anything else about the other food items there. They had a extensive breakfast menu and some great sounding items, but unfortunately I won't be going back to try them since I'm hooked on the Neighborhood in Union Square.

Help finding a bakery that won't break my bank.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Here is my report back.

While the cookies from Lakota were appreciated for the way they looked, people weren't digging in. ( I got a bunch of sugar cookies in the shapes of snowmen, polar bears, stars etc. ). The bars were "not as good as homemade".

The winners were the baklava from Sevan and the cookies from Arax. While at Sevan, I picked up a 1/2 pint of hummus, babba and a couple of other treats from behind the counter for dinner on Sat night... it was yummy. I highly recommend theirs over supermarket any day.

Tonight I'm doing a taste test between home made hummus from the party last night and the hummus we got at Sevan... you can never have too much ;)

Thank you all for the suggestions!

Help finding a bakery that won't break my bank.

Well... that does it. I'm spending the rest of my morning on Mt. Auburn ogling over all the bakeries. Damn, I wish I hadn't already eaten breakfast.

My SIL who is hosting the brunch is Lebanese and I'm sure she'll appreciate the effort. Thanks for the suggestion. I might have to up my budget ;)

Help finding a bakery that won't break my bank.

I've passed Sevan many times and have never been in. I think I'm leaning in that direction. All three in Watertown/Arlington are so close on the map, I think I might stop in on all of them. The baklava at Sevan looks awesome. I will report back.

Dinner Near Lenox in Boston

I'll second Addis Red Sea. If you haven't had Ethiopian before do try it. I'm a meat eater, so I like their lamb, but they've got plenty of fish and veg on the menu as well.
It's a nice relaxing atmosphere and fun to try something new.

BTW - I'm not a fan of Petit Robert. I dined at their Needham location recently and was totally disappointed (I've already commented in previous post so I won't elaborate). Reading these posts, I'm tempted to try the in town locations... but I can't get over how bad an experience it was.


All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, Cambridge. They aren't triple decker, but the Gobbler is one of my favs. The poutine is good too. I challenge you to order and eat both. They serve very healthy portions.

change your Help Me Find to something more descriptive like "Looking for Triple Decker Sandwich". You might get more hits.

Help finding a bakery that won't break my bank.

I'm attending a large brunch-like gathering on Sunday (approx. 30 people) and I'm down for bringing the baked good. Only thing is my oven is on the fritz.

Can anyone recommend a good bakery to get some treats like cookies, croissants, baklava, tarts, petit fours or anything really? Any kind of Bakery will do... Italian, Swedish, Portuguese... but don't want to go to Rosie's, Petsie's, Mike's or Modern (been there, done that, looking for something a little different with variety and I don't want to completely empty the wallet... My budget is about $75.00).

I'm located in near Central SQ in Cambridge so anything in Cambridge, Brighton, Arlington or Somerville will do... but can travel further out to the burbs if needed.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a better combo? Mac n Cheese Pizza - Za

Glad you liked it. We'll definitely go back if we make it to Florence again. I'm always worried about going back to the same place more than once though because it might not be as magical the second time around... but we did and it was!

Is there a better combo? Mac n Cheese Pizza - Za

I just got back from Za in Arlington. I've been there several times in the past year and always enjoy it. This time I was brave enough to order the heart stopping Mac n Cheese Pizza after seeing it on someone else's table. It was the perfect comfort food for a frigid night.
The mac n cheese held it's own with bubbling cheesy topping and the pizza format made it fun to eat. My DC ordered one of the specialty pizzas with Smoked Salmon, creme fraiche, caper, red onion. Another winner.

Can anyone suggest any other "odd" combinations that work for you?

BTW - I also like the peanut butter burger at Bukowskis. I'm relieved every time I go there that its still on the menu.

Where's Your Favorite Place for Brunch?

The Neighborhood - Union Square, Somerville

The have some specials that are unusual sometimes. Was there this weekend and had the portugese breakfast special with 3 different kinds of fish cakes. Also had a baked apple for an appetizer and the cream of wheat is yummy... A word of warning though, they serve way too much food on your plate. Go only if you're really hungry.

Any good eats in Malden?

Consider going one town over to Bistro 5 in Medford. It's quite good.

Have you been to the Craigie St Bistro at it's new location?

My mother used to serve us fried smelts every Friday night and we ate them whole too. Maybe some people have an aversion to bones ;) Thanks for the glowing recommendation. We haven't been to the new location but are looking forward to it. One of the best meals I've ever had in Boston was at the old location... can't wait.

Baraka Cafe Tonight- BYOB and Recommendations?

I don't think it's BYOB. Rose petal lemonade is really good. We like to go there for lunch so I don't know how the dinner menu compares. The eggplant app. was quite good and the most memorable. Their sandwiches are tasty... a bit on the dry side though. I don't think there has been anything on the menu that I didn't like.

Why is Thai food in boston so bad?

I don't have much to compare. There are a couple in my neighborhood that are not so good. but I really like Sugar and Spice in Porter Square and Montien's in Inman is pretty good too.

Maria's Taqueria

There used to be a Maria's Taquaria in Hyde Park near the fairmont train station. It was one of my favorite places to pick up a bite on my way home from work. Does anyone know if this is the same people?

Where have you always had a bad meal?

Haven't posted in a while since I can cook in my kitchen now, but thanks for the tip. I'll go back there and try it out.

New Petit Robert Location ?

Had dinner there last Friday and have to say, I was disappointed. I expect to find comfort food in a bistro, but the food and decor were a little more pretentious for my liking. The folks next to us were complaining about both the food and the service (they all waited about 5 minutes until the last person on their table got her entree). I ordered the venison which was really dry and overcooked (I ordered medium rare) and taste a bit like dried out beef liver. I was bummed, because I really like gamy meats. My GF had the lamb shank, which was much more flavorful than my entree but complained that the portion size was too small. The one hit was the potatoes dauphinoise gratin. It was buttery and creamy and a bit burnt on top. Overall the meal was ok, but certainly not worth a second meal. I might consider hanging out at the bar for apps and drinks. BTW - my fav french is Sandrines in Harvard Square. I like hanging at the bar for apps, drinks and desserts.

Inexpensive Rehearsal Dinner in Boston area?

I work on Beacon Hill so I know a bit about the neighborhood.

Why not try an old standard Maggiano's Little Italy. It's reasonable and can accommodate a large dinner. The food is served family style and you can get reasonably priced wine and beer. Go off the regular menu and not the banquet menu. They charge too much for more food than you could possibly eat. Maggiano's is in Park Square, so that means a nice stroll for those who want to. They are located right next to two parking garages which also make it convenient for parking.

Bertuccis in Faneuil Hall is probably the closest one. Another place you might want to try is Emmets right on Beacon Street. Emmets itself is a pub, but they expanded recently to the space next door which should be able to accommodate your party, they have a very reasonable Function menu. Grotto is also very nice and right on beacon hill, but might be a little to pricey for you.
For Pizza, I really like Figs on Charles street, but with 22 it might mean that you have to book the whole dining room. If you can deal with Todd English's obnoxious web site... you can find info here.

Ole Cito

I've been to Ole Cito twice now and it's fast becomming my fav lunch place in inman. It's right across the street from Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square. The two big differences. 1) Ole is pricey, Ole Cito is reasonable. 2) The guac at Ole Cito doesn't hold a candle to the fresh guac at Ole.
Guac aside, it has a small luncheon counter (they just added stools recently) and a simple menu with quesadillas, burritos, and a couple other sandwich items I hadn't heard of before. I've tried the quesadilla con carne and some pork sandwich (who's name escapes me right now) and both were great. The food is freshly made and yummy, but not too spicy as to ruin your co-workers afternoon. I highly recommend it.

ISO Family-Friendly Party Room nearish to the MFA

One last suggestion. Have you looked at Betty's Wok N Noodles? They're small, but they claim to be able to accommodate private parties. Their menu is versatile with many options and the price is very reasonable.

I've been wanting to go there for some time, but can't vouch for them yet, so I don't know how viable the choice is for your party.

ISO Family-Friendly Party Room nearish to the MFA

I'm sorry, but I have to advise against Gran Gusto. They're only average and are way out of the way from the MFA. There are many other italian choices in Boston that are comparable both in price, food and service.

ISO Family-Friendly Party Room nearish to the MFA

Not too many restaurants in the area with those limitations, unless you want to settle for Pizzeria Uno on Huntington (near northeaster), or there are Bertuccis near the Children's, Kenmore and Back Bay. They are reasonable and accommodate large parties with kids.

If those aren't up to your standards then i suggest looking along Boylston street or Park Square. There are a number of restaurants located on Boylston near Copley (short green line hop) including Atlantic Fish Company and or course Legals.

Or, if you are willing to go the next stop to Arlington or Boylston Maggianos might be a good choice, even though it's italian (and may be a little heavier than you want). It has private rooms downstairs that can easily accommodate your large group. I'm one of 11 children and we've used them many times when we have large gatherings with siblings and their children... plus I really like their eggplant. Park Square offers other choices like McCormick and Schmick, Legals, P.F.Changs, Flemmings. All of which are big enough to accommodate your party.

Hope that helps.