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Fresh or Frozen Pandan Leaves???

Ahhhh FoodTown!!!!!!! I forgot about that place! I'll check out cho a dong too. Thanks!!!!!

Fresh or Frozen Pandan Leaves???

Excellent! I'll look next time I'm out there. Thanks!!

Fresh or Frozen Pandan Leaves???

Haha! Thanks! I'll give it a try.

Fresh or Frozen Pandan Leaves???

Anyone know where to get some?? I heard that there is a grower of them down here but i can't find them :(

American breakfast Ft Lauderdale airport to Coral Gables

OB House is waayy overpriced for what it is and in the wrong direction. Lester's is nothing special, I'd rather eat at Waffle House.

American breakfast Ft Lauderdale airport to Coral Gables

Well, that's a pretty large area! You'll be sad to find that most breakfast places down here don't really serve anything special for coffee, so that could narrow down a choice pretty quickly. Also, if you are arriving on a Sat or Sun, your quality selection pool increases substantially! Breakfast is more geared toward the cheap tourist crowd down here and most locals really don't do anything special for breakfast unless its the weekend. Give us a few more parameters and i'm sure we can come up with something fitting!

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

Well, I have to say, I was VERY impressed here. Everything was perfect and easily the best I've had and I've had more than my share of conch preparations. The sweet potato fries were even perfect. We'll be back for sure!!!

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

I'm going tomorrow!!! Will report back!!

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

Where exactly was it. I'm in the mood to go check it out!

One night in Coral Gables?

Well, there's a ton of stuff in Coral Gables. Narrow down exactly what you're looking for.

wisdom teeth removal and food allergies

There is NO dairy in ensure. How would they keep it unrefrigerated on the store shelves?? Read the label. It clearly says it does NOT contain dairy. If you get the "clear" one, its gluten free. Have you heard of this amazing thing called "Googling"?? You should try it :)

Jan 03, 2014
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wisdom teeth removal and food allergies

Here's what i suggest, as this is exactly what i did when i had mine out. Go buy a few packs of Boost or Ensure(or any meal replacement) in your favorite flavor. Drink them for the first 3-4 days, depending on healing. I did this and mine healed very quickly(2 days) and i was able to eat soft foods after that. I also kept tea bags in the wounds and changed them every 6 hrs or so. It helped with the pain and promotes healing! Good Luck and don't be scared. It not as bad as you think it will be!!!

Jan 03, 2014
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anything new in past year for pescatarian 45 min radius of plantation?

I wasn't a big fan of El Agave Azul. Maybe it was just the stuff we got, but we haven't had the motivation to go back. It's setup buffet/cafeteria style and everything is already cooked. I've been to the west coast and seen this done properly. Everything was just kinda flat.

anything new in past year for pescatarian 45 min radius of plantation?

Pho Brandon is great!!! I've eaten there a few times and it's always fantastic. The service is a little clunky though. There's usually only one guy(owner?) and he runs around like crazy trying to do everything. Food usually comes out quick, but getting a water glass refilled takes some time. The Green Papaya Salad is a must get but be careful because it's a pretty large portion as are most of the items we've tried. We usually go home with enough for lunch the next day!!!

Buleria in Hollywood

Had a pretty terrible meal here. Everything hot came directly from the microwave. I could hear it ding about 2 min before each dish came out. It was Sat night at about 8pm and we were the only people in the place. We also got the large meat and cheese plate but as we were leaving there was another table of 5 people that got the same plate but there was definitely much more food on it. Try at your own risk.

anything new in past year for pescatarian 45 min radius of plantation?

Have you ever been to Marumi. It's right in your backyard yet often overlooked.

One lunch in Ft Lauderdale

Red Cow, Foxy Brown, Tom Jenkins, Primanti's, Burger-Fi, Hot & Soul

Searching for Gelatin Sheets (Miami-Dada)

Amazon.com...$12 for 200 and free shipping if you have Prime.

Barbecue in Miami

Swine in Coral Gables is pricey but very good.

Tom Jenkins in Ft Lauderdale is probably the BEST overall BBQ around. It's small and always packed be prepared to wait at least 30 min. (You can call ahead for pickup)

Lil' Reds is probably my second choice. Tasty and cheap!

Red Cow is another one. The corn bread and all the apps were awesome. The BBQ was kinda weak. They have a few different sauces and they were all very tasty.

8:40pm FLL airport arrival: Where to drive (Miami possible) and eat with these desires...

*Rustic* Inn

Argentine Korean Confuson?

Interesting, think ill be the guinea pig.

Anything to eat along Alligator Alley?

Skip The Alley and drive Old 41. Much better drive and more to look at. You'll actually see alligators too! I had some interesting seafood in a little restaurant in Chokoloskee. There's a few little places along the road with some very local eats.

Jun 05, 2013
retloctt in Florida

Fresh Sweetbreads FT lauderdale???

Found em. Super fresh at Bravo Supermarket!!

Fresh Sweetbreads FT lauderdale???

i thought i remembered seeing them there. I'm going to cruise some of the Spanish markets today to see what i can find. Thanks!

Fresh seafood anniversary dinner near Key Biscayne?

Rusty Pelican, River Oyster Bar, IL Gabbiano, Oceanaire all good choices

Best restaurant north of Miami?

Bulla for decadent Spanish Tapas
Tom Jenkins for REAL BBQ(or Swine next to Bulla but its $$$)
Calypso for Fresh Seafood/Caribbean
El Jefe for Mexican Street food
Marumi Sushi for awesome raw fish and seafood
KiKo for more roll centric sushi
Primanti Bros for one of the best sandwiches around

Fresh Sweetbreads FT lauderdale???

Anyone know where to buy fresh Sweetbreads? I want to grill some this weekend. I'm going to call Smittys and see if they have or can get them.

Hot & Soul Ft Lauderdale

Just ate a great new little place right near the Culture Room. I can't wait to go back for dinner!!! Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned.

Mojo Donuts Pembroke Pines

Just tried this new hand crafted donuts place and I have to say that it's top notch. I've had Voodoo and many great small mom and pop places across the country and this place blows them away. The donuts are insanely light and moist!! Not like the average sugar gut bomb you get everywhere else. Get there early(they open at 6am) because when they run out, they close!!

Lobster Deals in Broward?

saw a few of the markets running specials if you want to cook your own! Doris, Josephs, somebody else?