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Dinner Recs Near Reading Market

I would definitely like to get some good chinese food while there at least once...any places that stand out?

Can you tell me which neighborhoods are short walking distance from here? I don't know Philly at all and knowing which neighborhoods are closer will make it helpful in finding good chow. Thanks!

Mar 26, 2008
AndreaD in Pennsylvania

Dinner Recs Near Reading Market

Will be working in Philly for a week and the hotel is across from the Market. I have tons of deli recommendations, but am looking for good dinner recs within walking distance. Less interested in fancy, expensive dinners, and am more interested in the good eats that I shouldn't miss near this area (inexpensive to moderate are good price points). Thanks for your suggestions!
DC Chowhound

Mar 25, 2008
AndreaD in Pennsylvania

Breakfast/Lunch/Hangout in Baltimore?

I don't live in Baltimore, so I am not sure where this place is in relation to Mt Vernon, a cab ride, at least...but I just discovered Papermoon Diner and thought it was the coolest place. Check out the website (there is if you are at work, turn it down) The fun thing about this place is that it has such funky, creative decor. They glued toys and other whimsical objects to any available space. It is so quirky - the website has pics. But the food is pretty tasty too. It is an experience in itself and they have a huge menu with tons of yummy breakfast things and a lot of vegetarian fare. I thought the coffee was pretty good and was totally impressed by how friendly everyone was there.

Angler's Inn - Outdoor menu

Has anyone tried the Canal Eats that the Old Angler's Inn has been doing? I have seen the signs when I hike up there but never checked it out. Curious about price points and what they are offering.
thank you!

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns

Hanh Ah Rheum (isnt that H-Mart now?) definitely sells them in the frozen aisle. I bought a pack a few years ago. They were quite doughy.

I am excited to learn that Bahn Mi DC has them. Can't wait to try!

Moving to Falls Church - restaurant recommendations

Welcome to Falls Church. There is a plethora of cheap and delicious places to eat - especially if you like ethnic. Tyler Cowen's dining guide is a good place to start for a tour de FC. I like to get spices, pitas, lavash, lentils and other staples at the Halal off I think Hillwood (right off rt. 29 a block away from Rt 7). The Lebanese Butcher right there has perfect baba ghanoush and hummus - which I have definitely picked up before a few dinner parties. H-Mart is great for cheap and higher quality veggies and fruit. The Safeway and Magruders in our neighborhood are terrible (small selection, produce is not fresh, etc). I love Pho Cyclo for veggie or tai pho and other Vietnamese items (at Gallows near 495), H-Mart has a tons of neat Korean prepared food & Zpizza has a great pizza with feta, eggplant, kalamata olives (Gallows & Rt 29), Mirage Kabob & Sweets (they have kuku...if I spelled this right) and Flavors for soul food - love the side dishes (near your office), and Panjshir for awesome Afghani chow (i love their stewed pumpkin) or if you are feeling pupusas and tamales go to El Zunzal (on Rt 7 - they do take out too)...and that is just skimming the surface.

Looking for Pocketless Pitas

Trader Joe's has them. And I don't remember them being anemic...just make sure you check the sell by date. I love TJs but have bought some dry breads there that were too close to the sell date.

Coffee shops in NoVA?

The Lake Anne Coffee Shop in Reston is one of the most wonderful places I have been to. I am a huge fan of the French press coffee and they serve up the Mayorga beans. Delicious. I have never visited this place without meeting someone new and the outdoor cafe setting is perfect. It is right off the lake. The only bummer though is that I find the food pretty awful. Oh well. But the coffee and true community atmosphere make up for it.

Caravan Grill in Adams Morgan Gone

My coworkers and I loved this place for their amazing buffet and the outdoor seating so we are especially sad that it is gone. I walked by and the sign was taken down and it looks like a new restaurant is moving in.

I was just curious if anyone knew if the owners were planning on opening a new location or start a new venture?

Good Greek Restaurant in DC area?

Can you stop by Kosta's Greek Deli for lunch on the weekdays in Farragut? I have to stop by there at least once a month for his massive portions of, well, anything, there because they are all so delicious. You'd have to take it back with you or go to a park to eat. But there is nothing like the meatloaf...the meatballs, too, are so flavorful...spanikopita is very good...and the side dishes. Nothing is too greasy and all very flavorful. There is always a massive line outside when the weather is nice, but it really moves incredibly quickly.

Thai recommendations in Baltimore

Is the Thai place on Boston street the one that is in Fells Point? I am from DC so I don't always remember the names and streets where places are located, but a large group of us ate at the Fells Point Thai place (it was a few blocks off the square) and we all love it. Best green curry veggies I had ever tried.

A good meal at Bebo

A friend and I decided to try out the bar menu since it was around 9:45 on Saturday night (and still very busy!). Perhaps this is where the service problems have migrated to from the main dining room. We won't complain about the food and wine - we both had two wonderful chardonnays that were well priced and very good. We ordered three items from the bar menu (onion frittata, eggplant crostini, and sweet onion relish on more of that fantastic bread) and would have ordered a few more, but it was too hard. At first the bartender didn't know what we were talking about...(what bar menu?)...and the wine took a while to come...and then the bartender said they were out of bread and gorgonzola and couldn't place two of the three orders...but it turns out that wasn't true and another bartender started to serve us. Meanwhile, confusion abound all around us. The poor guy next to us tried to order 3 courses and got the first 2 at the same time and then had to wait 45 minutes for his main course. The bartender kept on getting orders wrong and then bringing out plates of food, unsure of who wanted them. I wonder if maybe they need to assign a bartender to his own side of the bar to help eliminate so much confusion. The food is so wonderful but I don't understand why ordering has to be such an ordeal.

Heidelberg bakery (Arlington)

A few years ago my friend and I happened upon the bakery on a Saturday morning, finding, to our absolute delight, that they were having an open house. They opened up the upper floor and we could tour it and watch the guys (who had been up since 3 am) baking bread and sweets. They gave us tons of samples and sent us home with a loaf of semolina bread. It was the coolest thing ever.

Canton & Patterson Park Recs?

Thanks everyone! We are excited about our visit. I will report back.
Two, Dangerously Delicious Pies moved to Federal there another good bakery that we could stop at nearby in the morning? I promised a friend to get him some pie and need to make good on that :)

As far as casual, low key bars, (non-scenester places with cheap drinks) any recommendations? Life of Reilly looks like a neat neighborhood-y place so we might go there.

Smoothies in Dupont?

There is a Roebeks around the corner from the Mayflower. I think some of the sandwich shops have them too, but am drawing a blank.

I miss the smoothie bar at Whole Foods...

Canton & Patterson Park Recs?

DC Hound headed to the Baltimore Sculpture Race this weekend. Considering the schedule, I think we may stop for food in Canton or Patterson Park, two neighborhoods I don't really know (I've been to the martini bar in Canton which has unimpressive food and found the Patterson pie place once, which was really cool). Any casual, cheap recommendations for us? Thanks!

searching for good carolina bbq, NoVA or DC

Did you ever try Levi Port Cafe on 8th Street in the Barracks Row neighborhood? I met the owner, Johnny, this weekend who hails from Cary, NC. I am no 'cue expert, but I sampled a tasty bbq pork sandwich (and perfectly sweetened sweet tea)...and I loved the low-key decor. Very mellow...ceiling fans just doesn't feel like DC there. I would love to know what people think about this place.

Mad Platter, Nashville

I just wanted to second a few of the recommendations in the archives for Mad Platter in the historic Germantown district in Nashville. I am a DC foodie who was visiting family recently and was looking for something unique and locally owned and my mom (Franklin resident) wanted something healthy. We were delighted at the creative and fresh menu at Mad Platter and were completely charmed by the small house it is located in. The menu seemed like it would be called creative or eclectic American with neat twists on some old favorites. I got the chicken salad because it had ingredients that I have never seen before mixed in with the usuals (pecans and chutney) and a healthy fruit salad, my mom got the salmon over a spinach salad that was surrounded by sliced strawberries, and my dad got the quesadillas (basil cheddar and a yummy corn salsa). I am really glad I got to experience this side of Nashville and we all loved the food dished out by the culinary talents there. And the charming residental neighborhood with such wonderful vernacular architecture was so much fun to stroll post-lunch. The website is really hard to find so I thought I would just drop it in

Sep 03, 2006
AndreaD in General South Archive

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

Has anyone been to Nora for RW? Is the full menu available usually? Thanks!

where to get escargot, parisian-style in DC area

Feel like going to Falls Church, Le Cote D'Or, the wonderful and intimate French bistro right off of 66, serves escargot. By the way, don't miss the dessert, raspberries in cream, during the summer - it is heaven if you want something light and simple.

Pyramids Report

I completely agree with you. One Friday when walking by a gentleman exiting the restaurant caught my friends and I scoping out the menu. He promised us it was delicious so we went in even though no one else was there. We were completely charmed by the "small shop" feel of the place and were blown away by the high quality and tasty food, incredible bargain prices, and the small salad and bread that came with the meal. I got the falafal and was really pleased that they were airy and delicate as opposed to over-fried bombs that many establishments served. After a long chat with the owner and a delish meal, we are all going back! By the way, for those who like to smoke shisha (middle eastern, flavored tobacco), they will be renting out their hookahs since there is no smoking in the restaurant.