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Plaza Del Toro Sunday Brunch?

1st time in Portland. Only in the city for two full days and want to optimize brewery visits and meals. Thinking PDT for brunch since it is close to Hair of the Dog. Didn't see any feedback on this new place on CH & only 1 review on Yelp. Did see lots of comments on the Tasty & found PDT while on the Tasty webiste.

Would this be a good spot for brunch? Does seem limited since fixed menu so can't try multiple things. Any other recs nearby Hair of the Dog or near the Riverplace Hotel since that is where we are staying?


Jul 03, 2015
janeyoc in Metro Portland

Any Chow worthy eats near the St. Regis Monarch Beach?

Another thing, if you are walkers bring your stroller. In addition to the walking trail in front of the Montage. The St. R has a walking trail to Salt Creek beach. Next to the Salt Creek on the corner of PCH & Niguel there is a PDM bakery & coffee. Also Crystal Cover has a state park with lots of walking trails along ocean.

Also another good breakfast spot near the hotel is Bonjour Cafe in Dana Point. I wouldn't venture to the DP marina.

Jan 19, 2014
janeyoc in Los Angeles Area

Any Chow worthy eats near the St. Regis Monarch Beach?

I live a couple blocks away from the St. Regis so I am familiar with the area.

Since you are staying only for the weekend I would not venture out too far. Enjoy the resort. They have a shuttle that takes you to Monarch Bay which is a private community with a private beach. There is a club house right on the sand which serves food. If the weather is nice, spend a little time on the beach with the baby.

If you have a car, take a drive north through Laguna up to Crystal Cove to enjoy a classic PCH beach drive. Make a u turn after the Crystal Cove shopping center and hit Ruby's Shake Shack for a date shake & fries & enjoy the view. On the way back, hit a restaurant in downtown Laguna and walk around like all the tourist do.

If you are going to do one great meal, I would suggest Montage over St. R. Also the Montage has a great park with walking trails that is worth a spot. Make an early reservation so you can enjoy the sunset & to avoid crowds with the little one. After the meal, if the baby is not too fussy, take a cocktail & sit in front of the fire pit and & enjoy the view.

Sorry to disappoint but the St. R doesn't have as a spectacular ocean view like the Montage or Ritz. It is set back a mille from the ocean and has peak a boo view of the ocean.


Jan 19, 2014
janeyoc in Los Angeles Area

Southern California Specific Snack Food?

Have a chip - Rumor has it made by the Hare Krishna's in Laguna Beach. Thin tortilla chips with a touch of soy sauce.

Jan 01, 2014
janeyoc in Los Angeles Area

After Clippers games, Mexican take out or food trucks?

Going to the Clippers game on Saturday, on way back to Westin B (we are walking) to get some good fast food?

No chains please. After a few drinks some late night munchies would be tasty. In San Diego we usually hit a Robertos or some other good Mexican hole in the wall.

On the way there probably going to hit up, Spring St , Public School and/or 7 Grand. Looking for some good craft brew & food. Any other recs would be appreciated.

Dec 27, 2013
janeyoc in Los Angeles Area

San Diego food questions - planning trip May 2013

My boys r 9 & 11 so hopefully I can give you ideas that we have done. funny you mention stehly farms, I went to high school with one of the Stehly girls & you will definitely see their produce at the farmers market.

If you r going to hit OC & LA area, I would HIGHLY suggest staying a couple of nights in the area.

If you r flying out of SD, plan to do the last night at the Sheraton near the airport. Nice recently renovated rooms. Next to the bike trail that goes to Seaport Village. Free shuttle to hotel so you can get rid of the rental day before leaving.

If the timing works do the other two last nights at DL. Best days to visit the park r tues thur thurs. Trust me if you do DL on any of these days not near Memorial Day you will be able to hit both DL & calif adventure in one day with hardly any lines.

Also instead of doing water parks up in LA used the money saved to stay at a hotel with a water slide like The newly renovated DL hotel. The CA grand also has a water slide. Also worth the money to upgrade to the concierge level. I have only stayed at the grand but the food service if you take advantage of it pays for itself. Great breakfast. afternoon happy hour has AYCD also solid apps to make a meal. Premium liquors in the evening w/ desserts.

There r enough wet things at Legoland, DL & CA adventure along with a pool slide your kids should be satisfied. If staying at DL is out of your budget check out the Hyatt in Huntington Beach or La Costa both have pretty decent water slides.

Enough with hotel choices. Here are the food recs.

Around Legoland - check out the you pick strawberry farm right next to the parks.

Downtown SD- we love to take bikes along the bike trail. The trail goes from the convention center all the way to the Sheraton I mentioned previously. Great artwork along the trail. Next to the midway is the Fish Market restaurant. Must go on a nice sunny day. Sit out on the patio or outside bar area watch the boats go by & lots of the military big battle ships. Kids love this place- really keeps them entertained. Great smoked fish platter & ask for the sushi menu. Good kids menu too w/ ice cream incl.

Near zoo- check out the marisco German food truck for great fish tacos (huge) & other adventurous mex seafood. No atmosphere since you r siting in a parking lot. But solid cheap Mexican food. Ask for the broth. Also I have done before, take the food to go and head over to Stone brewery tasting room less than a mile away. Your can bring in outside food, kids & have a beer with your meal.

Great beach drive in OC but far out of the way is from Laguna beach to Corona del mar to Newport. LB main beach has a play ground & good beach to swim. Up PCH there is the Crystal Cove shopping center with a Trader Joes & Gap with always great sale rack. Rubys shake shack is on the ocean side of PCH for a quick meal & great views of the pacific. Order hambergers & shakes at the window. Tables are on the bluffs. From CDM take your car to Balboa Island. There is a walking trail all around the island about 2 miles. Great to walk off the shakes & fries and to check out the multi million $ homes. From Balboa Island you can take your car on a really short ferry ride to Newport Beach fun zone. Not really that fun. At Newport there are bike trails along the beach that wil take you up all the way to Huntington.

Contact me if you have questions.

Mar 30, 2013
janeyoc in San Diego

San Diego food questions - planning trip May 2013

A couple of questions that would really help your trip to be more efficient.

How old are your kids?

How many days will you be here?

What major sites are you planning to see?
SD Zoo
Sea World

Knowing your destinations, we can refer you to great food ideas near where you are going.

Mar 29, 2013
janeyoc in San Diego

Need LA help- SB for lg group inc kids [Moved from L.A. board]

I am posting in LA since most of you r experts of Santa Barbara.

I need a sat night rest rec for a large group (30 people) 12 yr old boys. We r traveling for a water polo tournament. Would like some where that is obviously casual that could accommodate all of us. No chains pls. Fun local pizza & great craft beer would be great.

At Stanford over the summer, we found a divey bar/rest that had a pool table & video games. Served BBQ. Parents could relax and wat&drink while kids could play pool & games.

Something similar would be awesome.

Thx for your help!

Jan 16, 2013
janeyoc in California

GREAT food...AND great AMBIANCE in san diego... help?!

I would suggest Wine Vault for dinner and then Vin de Syrah for cocktails.

Sep 17, 2012
janeyoc in San Diego

Where can I buy old Gourmet magazines in Montréal?

I live in Orange County, CA and our library system has used books stores connected to the library. The book store contains old books and magazine donated by library patrons. I always see old cooking magazines that people donate for $1 to .25. That is something you can check out in your area.

Also contain all recipes of Gourmet and Bon Ep.

Good luck!

Team Meals - Palo Alto - RWC

We are a group of parents traveling from OC with a water polo team to play in the Stanford area. There are 10 kids and they are 10 yrs. old. Our hotel is the Sofitel in Redwood City.

Looking for recs that we can eat meals together. Looking for non chain restaurants.. good pizza, some healthy options for lunch and some fun unique places.

Thanks for recs.

A16 or ZeroZero

Hi - We love Pizza Delfina but don't want to deal with the wait if we are going with the kids.

Would you recommend A16 or ZeroZero in terms of the pizza?

A margarita at A16 is $15 seems kinda steep. Would love to try Flour+Water but cant get res.

Any other recomendations?

pre-theater group dinner near Barclay Theater, Irvine (UCI) for this Saturday?

Since you are coming from LA on the 405. I would suggest something right off the freeway. Andrei's which is N off Jamboree & 405. Price point is a little higher but they do have sm plates. Or S off Jamboree is Houstons (a chain).

Jul 09, 2012
janeyoc in Los Angeles Area

Santa Barb to Cambria: Wine bar/shop & local cheeses & fruit

Driving from Santa Barbara to Cambria this weekend. Don't really have time to visit several wineries. I looking for a wine shop or bar to do tastings of some harder to find wines. We live in the OC and have great wine shops that carry the big central coast wineries.

Also looking for a good purveyor of local artisan cheeses, meats and breads to pick up some picnic foods.

Not if it is too late in the season to find a fruit stand that carries some blueberries or grapes.

Thanks for you help.

Oct 06, 2011
janeyoc in California

DOCG Enoteca (Cosmo) or Enoteca Otto (Venetian)?

Just got back from LV on Thursday and ate at DOCG on Monday. It was ok. I have eaten at Mozza in LA, Delfina in SF & Oenotri, Bovolo, Fatted Calf in Wine Country. I like to eat and read/research food. I love my pig.

We started with the cured meat and cheese plater. It was nothing impressive. I wanted to order the grilled filone but we brought our kids and they were demanding salumi. We also ordered two pizzas. The crusts were nice and chewy. But the topping didn't jump out on me. We also had the pici w/ the duck sauce. Very rich. But I didn't want to mop up the sauce with the bread.

If you had limited number of meals I wouldn't wasted them at DOCG.

Aug 13, 2011
janeyoc in Las Vegas

Recommendation: Something similar to Mozza on Strip or any good Mediterranean/seafood

My husband and my two sons (7&9) looking for an recommendation for dinner. The kids can do upscale dinning. We have taken them to SF & Napa and they have done great at Italian/Mediterranean/seafood type places.

They love great bread, wood burning oven pizzas, salume and charcuterie plates. But also like fish and shellfish.

Somewhere not too stuffy. Something that we can 't find in LA/Orange County. On the strip.


Napa Restaurant
3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Aug 04, 2011
janeyoc in Las Vegas

Birthday Dinner (Friday Night, Great Wine List)

I have a res on Sat for Wine Vault. How would you rate the food? I was debating going to WV or Cucina Urbana. Any thoughts?

May 26, 2011
janeyoc in San Diego

Questions re: Prohibition

Not a lot of info on it's website and read through yelp reviews. I am going on Friday night and got my name on the list.
- Can anyone tell me what time the music usually starts?
- Do they serve food?
- Do they charge a cover after a certain time?
- I read that lines can form. What time does that usually happen?


May 25, 2011
janeyoc in San Diego

2 nights in San Diego with wife; no kids

My husband and I try to escape the kids and OC at least twice a year and head down to SD. We like the following based based upon great atmosphere/view and good food:
- Fish Market - sit outside enjoy the view and order the smoked fish platter, oysters and some sushi
- Green Flash - again sit outside and enjoy the ocean. Great bloody mary's and pretty good breakfast (in PB)
- Noble Experiment - make reservation for tasty cocktails
- If you like beer, stop off at Ballast Pt right off the 5 fwy near USD to fill up a growler and do a few tastings

Have fun!

Green Flash
701 Thomas Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

May 05, 2011
janeyoc in San Diego

Breakfast Recommendation in Wine Country

I need two breakfast recommendations - one for Healdsburg (Fri night) and another for Napa (Sat night).

We will be staying in downtown Napa and waking up on Easter Sunday. We are heading back down to So Cal and don't want to do a big Sunday brunch. Something casual and easy.

Also any good recommendations for ice cream or breads would also be appreciated.

From Healdsburg, we are heading to Santa Rosa->Sonoma->Napa.


visiting farms in SF Bay area

How about this ranch dinner hosted by a bakery?

Also I would check out the Cowgirl Cremery cheese tours.

Mom needs roadtrip help into the city

Thanks everyone for your help. I would like to stop in my car and eat before I head to the hotel. I know the boys (7&9) would like to eat the city.

I will check out your suggestions.

Ferry Plaza vs. Whole Food to buy local food

When I visit SF I usually go to the Ferry Plaza to buy bread, cheese and meats to take home. I was wondering if I was better off going to a Whole Foods in the city to pick up some local food supplies.

I live in OC and I know my local WF has Cowgirl and some N Cal cheeses. Are the WF in the city going to carry more of variety of locally produced meats and cheese? Also locally baked bread?

Let me know where I am better off shopping. Also how do prices compare?

Also is there a WF in the city that is bigger and better than others?

Are there any other gourmet markets that I should visit for fun?


Mom needs roadtrip help into the city

I am Korean and we eats lots of Asian food since we live in OC near Irvine and Garden Grove. I was trying to steer away from Asian since we eat it so much. Aunt Mary's seems like a good choice but they are not open for dinner.

Any other recs similar would be great!

No kids at gastropub in SF? In OC, there are a couple that have good burgers, fried chicken & steaks that are kids friendly. None in SF that would be appropriate?

Aunt Mary's Cafe
4307 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Saigon Sandwich has re-opened

Can anyone tell me the hours? I am staying nearby and a late night sandwich would be great! Also do they sell egg rolls?

Mom needs roadtrip help into the city

I will be driving into the city on a Tuesday prob around 7-8 in the evening from So Cal. Driving up the 5 to the 580 toward SF. I would like a recommendation for dinner on that Tuesday evening for me and my two boys. We are staying in the Civic Center/Tenderloin area (Phoenix Hotel) which I heard isn't the best walking area.

We will have our car so a restaurant with easy parking would be great. In the city would be good or on the way is ok too. Brenda's French Soul Food is nearby the hotel but is closed for dinner on Tuesday. Maybe a fun diner with inventive food or gastropub or a Pizza Delfina (with out the wait).

We have reservations at Zero Zero on Wednesday once my husband flies into the city.


Delfina Restaurant
3621 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Brenda's French Soul Food
652 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Zero Zero
826 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94107

My Wife and I are staying at the Hyatt Embarcadero M-F 4/4-4/6. Seeking walking distance tips/.

We always stay the the Hyatt and upgrading to the Club level is definately worth the extra money. There is a good breakfast spread with lox and the happy hour was good. The best part is the view from the club lounge which is the top floor. One night we brought in a bottle of wine at happy hour and enjoyed the view. Also the rooms on the club level have been rennovated and much nicer than the reg rooms.

We had a really good meal at Bix and enjoyed the live jazz music. Very close by.

56 Gold St., San Francisco, CA 94133

Need an Interesting/Fun Wine Tour

Also we are going to visit on Sat (not a great day) so having a tour that requires a reservation would be better. Also just read FL only has tours M-F so I don't have a default winery. Also I am not interested in Sterling (tram ride is too short for the money).

Need an Interesting/Fun Wine Tour

We are bringing our kids (7&9) to the wine country in April and I am looking for a wine tour that would be informative while interesting (nothing over 1 hr) for kids. I already have us scheduled for Coppola bottling tour and looking for another wine tour (one wine tour per day is our goal).

We are spending the night in Healdsburg after our Coppola tour and planning to head to Santa Rosa to visit Russian River brewery the next day. Our next night will be in Napa so any tour between these 3 points (Healdsburg-SR-Napa) would work.

I read that Cornerstone Gardens would be good. Also my husband and I have been on Frog's Leap which would be our default choice if nothing better gets suggested. Schramsberg would have been good since it visit the caves but it is 21 and over only.

Thanks for the help.

Cornerstone Gardens
23570 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA

Substitute for Veg Oil in Brownies

Make it healthy and add applesauce!

Mar 20, 2011
janeyoc in Home Cooking