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Mexican Restaurant Suggestion? [DFW]

Richardson - Taqueiras el Fuego on Plano Road/Campbell. Authentic mexican, great food - but they are only open for breakfast/lunch

Also - Amigos on Beltline close to Glenville. Family owned, great food. great service. We eat here at least once a week....highly recommend it - favorite dishes include the lasagna, enchiladas..and their mole sauce is great.

Also - Dos Charros on Plano Road close to Beltline - great food here as well..also family owned. Make sure you try the beef fajita tacos, the tilapia and the brunch buffet on Sundays.

Cooking/Wine Classes in Dallas

I know Mercy Wine Bar does classes...a couple times a week. Check their website. Usually cost around $25-$35 and Vincent Havard (their sommelier) is excellent....

Best Sandwich in Dallas

Recently tried out M Cafe (Arapaho/Coit in Richardson)...

Bread was excellent, sandwhiches are well thought out and tasty. Prices are decent. Would give them a try!

Paella in Dallas

I used to love the paella at Rouge until they closed.. :( It's been tough finding one that matches, but we actually love the paella at Cafe Madrid on Travis . I've also had it at De Tapas in Addison, but it's not always great....

Crab/ crawdad boil in or around dallas

I had totally forgotten about the crawfish hut! I have meant to go there for a long time...i think tommorow is going to be the day...thanks LH!

Crab/ crawdad boil in or around dallas

I've NEVER had a problem going there. The owners are vietnamese, but are from New Orleans. We go there about once a week, and like i said..never ever had an issue with service or menu, as far as I know ownership has not changed.

Crab/ crawdad boil in or around dallas

I frequent a place in Richardson called the Cajun Kitchen. Family owned place...great cajun food...and they sell crawfish by the pound at a very reasonable price..bring it to your table in a big bag with potatoes and corn. totally tasty. It's in the shopping center on Plano Road and Collins, near the 7-11 next to Schlotzky's. highly recommend it.

Best burger in Downtown Dallas?

Would definitely agree with Twisted Root.

Galveston/Crystal Beach Report

..have close friends that have a house in Galveston...they are living in their's so sad..seems almost like the folks down there have been forgotten.

Most definitely make the trip south...they need all the help they can get.

Feb 28, 2009
FoodieDiva in Houston

One Pound burgers in DFW

try Fuddruckers...

or for a more gourmet burger, try the Second Floor Bistro in the of the best burgers i'v ever had.

newish wine bar worth checking out

The past couple weeks I've been hitting up a newish wine bar called 55 degrees in Plano....near Preston and Parker in the shopping center behind jason's Deli...

It's a mom and pop owned place. Great wine list and decent prices (you can always get a glass of 14 Hands for $5)..they also serve beer and champagne, also reasonably priced...

The food is excellent...and you can even order 1/2 a salad....great cheese choices along with paninis and flat breads. The desserts looked great - We had the creme brule last time, and it's wonderful.

Just wanted to get the word out, because i don't think they do much advertising..and the place really is worth a look. If I remember right there aren't any other wine bars in that immediate area.....

Also...forgot - they have live music most Thursdays, and Friday -Saturday.

Christmas Eve/Day Dining in Dallas

We're going to Arthur's on Christmas eve.....

the menu looks wonderful...and I know from past visits the food and service are excellent...they are also going to have music/ it should be a fun little celebration.

Dallas/Plano NY/East Coast Big Fat Egg Rolls

actually the eggrolls at bistro-b are very similar to spring rolls. they are not what you're looking for. They are packed with meat tho...very very very good...4 for $1 at the counter.... recommend them with the house sweet and sour.

If you are looking for a big fat eggroll, try hoho chinese in Richardson - Plano Road and Arapaho. Family owned place with great eggrolls. handmade every day. Have also had them from Chef Chu as well....couple locations, sure you can google them. :)

New here from NYC...need help with the following:

I live in Addison said you wanted to try some decent Mexican? Cyclone Anaya's opened at montfort/beltline....we've been 4 times, haven't been disappointed yet.

Sushi? Try Kempai Sushi in Addison Circle...not a chain, fresh fish..mondays they do 1/2 price sushi night...great deal. it's located in the circle by the big blue thing.

houlihan's is decent for late night appetizers...they have great mini burgers and drink specials...the patio is ALWAYS busy...great place to go alone and sit at the bar...everyone there is really nice. It's at montfort/beltline

Gecko in the shopping center near La Madeline at montfort/beltline is great too..they have a grouper sandwhich that's really tasty and you can't beat their waffle fries.

vernon's Grill (in the same shopping center) has GREAT sliders and homemade BBQ chips.

Mercy Wine Bar is in the area as well..they have some great dishes and it's a perfect place to go grab dessert and a glass of wine.

just a few suggestions. :)

Cyclone Anaya's - Addison

A friend and I just checked out the Cyclone Amaya that just opened (a couple weeks ago) in Addison on Beltline and Montfort and were THOROUGHLY impressed.

The decor is warm and inviting...lots of contrasting wood, metal sculptures and unique lighting. loved the way the place is set up..the bar is near the entrance with some leather booths surrounding it...a nice dining room with white table cloths...the kitchen is open at the back of the dining room...very inviting and comfortable.

We started with the queso appetizer...Our waiter, Ivan, suggested adding mushrooms or spinach to the queso....we chose some spinach and munched on the warm chips and salsa while we waited. The salsa here is excellent. Deep red with cilantro and just the right amount of heat. Queso arrived...glad we chose the was SO good. Creamy and not too thick....addictive.

The prices here are not bad....we expected much higher just based on the decor and the part of town we were in. I think the most expensive dish was $24. ...I chose the Tacos Al Carbon while he got the Pollo Jalisco.

My dish was HUGE. There is enough meat in each taco to easily make *2* tacos. It arrived with a side of black bean soup (you had your choice of beans)...mexican rice, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and pico. I chose chicken fajita (again, you have your choice) the meat was grilled and tender. Very large portions, easy enough to share. I could only eat half a taco (but that could be because i gorged on the

His pollo Jalisco (described as A large chicken breast sautéed in our special cilantro butter, topped with mushrooms, chipotle peppers and our chardonnay cream sauce. Served with Mexican rice, beans, avocado slices and grilled vegetables.) was HUMONGOUS. I swear it was the biggest chicken breast I've ever seen. The chicken was so tender it almost melted in your mouth....

Desert was probably the highlight of it for me. I'm usually not a huge desert person. They offer a "chef's trio" choose three of their desserts, and they are brought to you on one plate, smaller in portions, but large enough to share. We chose the tres leches, carrot cake and flan. Put it this way.........i would have licked the plate clean. Probably one of the best tres leches i've had in a LONG while...and the carrot cake wasn't the overly sweet kind you usually get...the frosting was sweet without being overpowering, and the cake was moist! The flan was thick and smooth....covered in a caramel sauce. All of their deserts are made IN HOUSE.

Ivan, our wonderful waiter, made us feel right at home. He explained everything, and also offered up that you can add/remove anything to almost every dish they can even have shrimp rellenos if you like. He kept our drinks filled and they also do the box-ups of left overs tableside, which i LOVE.

They currently have 5 locations. Three are in Houston, one is downtown Dallas and then the newest one in Addison. They are also opening one in Ft Worth soon...

Let me know what you think...i hope the food and the service are as good all the time as they were's nice to see a restaurant opened the right way.

[Austin] Tex-Mex or BBQ?

We always make it a point to make it to Habaneros mexican Cafe located on Oltorf. Family owned and run for the last 10+ years. Great food, great atmosphere.

Sep 10, 2008
FoodieDiva in Austin

Weekend in Dallas - what to eat?

what part of dallas will you be in and how much are you willing to spend. :)

Weekend lunch near Nasher? - Dallas

That actually really surprises me....every meal we've had there has been wonderful (we go to the nasher the first Saturday of every month for their free family day).

i would definitely recommend Stephen Pyles. I haven't been to Screen Door as of yet but I've heard good things.

Where to get best piece of 'pizza by the slice'? DFW

PastaziosNew York Pizza in Addison Circle (Addison)

So good. great patio. great deserts, too.

Guidelive gave it 4 stars.

First try at Chinese on Greenville in Richardson

Afrah has the BEST baklava i've found in this area....

have you been to Bistro B yet?? highly recommend it....great 4 for $1 eggrolls at the cash register - enough to make a meal out of! the pho is good too. :)

Abacus ** out of *****


Where did you get that information?? There are several restaurants who don't limit seatings during RW. (I know this because I have friends who work at several restaurants that participated.)

[Dallas] Restaurant Week Reviews

Fromy my understanding, Bijoux reached a RECORD number of diners last night...We were seated around 8pm and were done within an hour and a half or so, but I know as we dined there were several large tables (5+ people) sat around the same time, that probably slowed the kitchen down....

[Dallas] Restaurant Week Reviews

We did Bijoux last night and were thouroughly impressed.

Firstly, an amuse bouche of cucumber, goat cheese and watermelon. sweet, salty, and savory at the same time. Perfect beginning to the meal.

A young lady came around and offered different types of bread and fresh churned butter.

My date and I chose different appetizers. He doesn't eat much meat beyond fish, so he chose the melon carpaciio....throughout our meal he kept commenting on how great it was. For myself, I chose the crispy pork belly. It was the size of a golf ball, sitting utop cooked carrots and baby bok choy in a sweet/spicey asian style sauce. The meat was tender, perfectly cooked. The sauce gave the dish an extra kick. It melted in your mouth.

We both chose to add the smoked prawns for a $9 upcharge (if you didn't have the central market certificate). 4 medium sized prawns sitting on top of heirloom tomatoes and pickled onion with a small amount of chorizo. I usually HATE raw tomato, but this, I ate. They were so sweet, complimented the spicy-hot chorizo and prawns wonderfully. We both enjoyed this dish immenselty.

Main courses arrived almost immediately after the appetizer plates were cleared. He chose the truffled risotto. I have had an almost impossible time finding a place that cooks risotto correctly....Bijoux does. A generous amount of risotto with an even more generous amount of black truffle shavings on top. I had to steal a spoonfull and was NOT disappointed. I chose the New York Strip..cooked to medium with a generous helping of potato , carrots and pearl onion.The steak was drizzled with a wonderful sauce...I enjoyed it VERY much.

After the dinner plates were cleared (and another round of bread was offered) we each received a small scoop of house made sorbet. Peach for me and blueberry for him. Perfect palate cleanser.

For dessert we both chose the chocolate mousse. In some other reviews, most people have been sorely disappointed by the dessert's they received. Not here. a large square of mousse on a dallop of passion fruit sauce, covered in gold shavings alongside vanilla bean icecream. I was trying to bribe one of the waitstaff to smuggle some out the door and deliver it to my house, it was that good. We paired it with a port wine...balanced the chocolate out exceptionally well.

You would think the meal would be over, but nooo. Along came a plate of bite sized deserts. Strawberry gelee, tirimisu, blueberry muffin, chocolate truffle, shortbread....tiny bites almost too small to share (and we didn't want to share!)

Service was extraordinary. Not once were we made to feel like "discount diners". We appreciated Scott Gottlich checking to see if all was well with our meal, as well. It was a very personal type service, you felt like a special customer, even if you were in a room full of people all getting the same treatment. We will definitely go back.

[DAL] Steakhouse other than Salt Grass?

Have you ever been to the Keg? closest one to you would be at Park/Tollway behind Maggiano's. Decent prices, and the steak's are pretty darn good.

[DFW] Good Inexpensive Seafood

i haven't been to the Cajun Hut..and yeah this is my area (work in Richardson, live in Addison..) and we go somewhere different almost every I'll have to try the Cajun Hut...I haven't been into the Saigon Mall yet...maybe I'll do that today. :)

Best Chicken enchiladas in Dallas/ Plano?

I dig the chipotle chicken enchiladas at Dos Charros in Richardson....if you go on Sunday's you can actually sample a couple different kinds of enchiladas on their breakfast buffet. $10...all you can eat...they keep things fresh, clean and stocked up. Family owned and everything is tasty. They are on Beltline/Plano Road ...

[DFW] Good Inexpensive Seafood

I second Big Shucks on Coit/Beltline in Richardson...also if you're looking for crawfish or any kind of cajun preparation, Cajun Kitchen off Plano Road and Collins is very good, too.

Inventive Tasting Menu or Chef's Table for my 22nd Bday in Dallas/FW??

I would suggest Abacus. The Chef's table seats 12 i think, with a 9 course tasting menu.

Asian Rice Crackers?

Thank you!!! I hit up Tien Tien and found exactly what I was looking for (along with a few strange looks..being that im 5'8 and blonde/blue eyed.) LOL. I'm going to check out Super H tonight - I've heard lots of good things about it!

Asian Rice Crackers?

I know, a different kind of request...

I've been searching all over Dallas for Rice know...the kind you usually find in a snack mix. Anyone know of a plce to get them? I live in Addison, but work in Richardson so..anywhere in those areas would be great. :)