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Rave over kale over?

I can only eat kale in small bursts.. too much and I get tired of it.

As states, the best way to eat raw kale in salads is to massage it with acid, oil and a bit of salt. I love it with a lemon juice based dressing with grated beets, raisins and almonds. It makes for excellent leftovers.

Its heartiness is also great to stand up in curries and soups, etc. I make a great chickpea and kale curry with a touch of tahini. More traditional kale soup recipes could be with white beans, done Italian style. I like to add quinoa.

Hope this helps. There are lots of options beyond basic steaming/sauteeing.


Raw cookbook

Some of the older school raw cookbooks are not very approachable with time consuming recipes and weird ingredients/equipment.

For a beginner, I recommend the following:

My favourite raw cookbook is Choosing Raw by Gena Hamshaw. I also like The Simply Raw Kitchen. Both of these cookbooks have some cooked vegan recipes, too.

For desserts only (where raw can win converts), Rawsome Vegan Baking is awesome. Practically Raw Desserts is also good.

Doug McNish also has 2 raw cookbooks I enjoy: Eat Raw, Eat Well and Raw, Quick and Delicious (the recipes are more simple with 5 ingredients or less).

Hope this helps.


salads, 2015

This End Up's Chavan salad is the best salad I have been served. Potato hay, pomegranate, chickpeas, coconut-tamarind dressing on a bed of leafy greens with some other veggies. Excellent, despite my mediocre description

Looking for Yuba/tofu skin recipes!

and by strip fries, I meant stir fries :)

Where to buy (somewhat) prepared beans or bean dishes ?

My favourite "bean dish" are the bean burritos from Hot Beans in Kensington. I also love the shepherd's pie with lentils from Through Being Cool on Bloor St. You can buy them frozen for takeaway.


Looking for Yuba/tofu skin recipes!

I like to add it to strip fries, although I prefer the fresh rounds that are rolled up.



vegan uses for left over wine

The summer chili from River Cottage Veg Every Day! is excellent with red wine. Most hearty beans stews/soups could use a bit of red wine for deglazing.

I think Jamie Oliver uses red wine with his shepherd's pie. I have made it without out but it was fabulous.


Favorite salsa?

I have no recipe yet, but I love the Tostitos red pepper salsa. What do I not put it on??


Jan 25, 2015
blinknoodle in Home Cooking

no bulk barn please

Fiesta Farms perhaps? I prefer the prices at Herbs and Nutrition on Bloor for the pantry stuff, though.


Do you know where to buy flageolet beans in Toronto?

The difference is that flageolet beans taste 10x better than any kidney bean. They are small, creamy and keep their shape well and I much prefer them to kidney beans. However, if in a pinch, there are substitutes, for sure.


Do you know where to buy flageolet beans in Toronto?

I love flageolet beans, too. I have seen cans at Fiesta Farms.


Vegetarian Thanksgiving ideas - for one...

I recently made a vegan shepherd's pie with lentils and mushrooms topped with sweet potato mash. It would work well for a veg main and if nothing else, it could use up leftover roasted sweet potatoes.

Another idea could be a mushroom and cranberry stew. I know it sounds unusual but I thought it was fabulous.

As well, grilled portobellos with balsamic and herbs are always a treat and could be paired with the rest easily.


Toronto Restaurant Recommendations

Guu (a different kind of Japanese experience)
Canoe (why not try excellent Canadian cuisine)
Pomegranate (Middle Eastern)

Happy eating!


"Naturally" GLUTEN FREE baking/dessert recipes, without weird ingredients

For a decadent and delicious filling, simply blend together 2 cups melted chocolate chips, 14 oz can coconut milk (I use lite), 1.5 cups peanut butter. Put on top of your favourite crust (I like a no-bake GF almond-coconut crust) and refrigerate until set. Easy peasy!


The Tiffin Box

+1 for BlogTO who introduced me to The Tiffin Box. A hole-in-the-wall tiny resto, mom-and-pop kind of place. Small Indian menu but it was actually very good. Not spicy but flavourful. Not oily, either, which is a problem for most restos, IMHO. Nice dosas, too. A great CH find. Has anyone else been?
(I don't think they have their own website



This End Up - Dundas and Dufferin - Great Casual Restaurant

Reviving an old thread. I hadn't heard about this resto but went this weekend and really liked it. Some of the Yelp reviews mentioned it being hipster but I did not get that vibe. The food was delicious, plentiful and nice vegan (and omni) options. I was immediately drawn to the "Dal Frites" but really liked the coconut bacon BLT.


Vegan bakeries in Toronto

Lots of options to choose from but my favourite vegan bakery is Through Being Cool. They honestly have the best donuts, vegan or not... get the chocolate glazed raspberry filled one. OMG delish. There is also APIEcalypse Now although I found their sweets to be too sweet for me.


Tempeh for the first time

Under $4 is good. Ambrosia, Tutti Frutti and Essence of Life seem to have the best prices.


Need Easy Vegan Snack for Casual Cocktail Party

Look through the table of contents of "Vegan Finger Foods" for some inspiration. Otherwise, hummus or muhammara with some veggies or other dippables would be really simple to bring.


Tempeh for the first time

I will be honest, it is still hard to find tempeh in Toronto. Where are you located? Fiesta Farms, Essence of Life, Whole Foods, Ambrosia, all come to mind among those that sell it. Perhaps the MEGA Loblaws but it hasn't hit mainstream here, yet.


Native Foods Key Lime Pie recipe

I have never been to Native Foods, but Peacefood Cafe's raw key lime pie has shared their recipe and it is very good. You might want to try that recipe, too, for guidance.


Reserving Vegetarian/vegan meal for flight?

Oh, great to know. I'll keep that in mind next time

Do you use a pressure cooker?

I recently got a pressure cooker and like it so far. When thinking of the sizes, if you use beans, I am told the foam could overflow so you want a bigger size to keep that contained.

Otherwise, just know that stove top and electric pressure cookers have different high temps. I think most cookbooks assume you have a stovetop cooker with the shorter times. I don't know whether it is really feasible to do vegetables for short amounts of time in an electric cooker.


Soy Curls

I really like soy curls!
I think it is important to reconstitute them in flavoured water and then ring them out a lot prior to adding them to your dish. (I have added them straight to a soup once and that was ok, but not ideal).

I generally use them in stewy dishes. Paprikash comes to mind but I have also used them in stir fries.

I haven't tried it yet but the BBQ soy curls from Vegan Diner is supposed to be a great recipe.


Beyond meat?

I rather liked the Beyond Meat chicken strips. The beef crumbles were not as stellar but if you can grab some free coupons, definitely try it out to see what you think


Reserving Vegetarian/vegan meal for flight?

I just flew Lufthansa and Air Canada over seas. I could not pick vegan but asked for oriental veg and asian veg. Air Canada had no special meals, just the veg and non-veg option for everyone.

Asian veg is more likely to be curry, vegetables, rice. Oriental is more likely noodle based (I had a veg noodle dish for breakfast).

Air Canada had a tomato/spinach/cheese wrap and a tomato/cheese pasta for the two meals.

Personally, I would just bring my own if you are picky.


seeking a vegan pad thai recipe. anyone?

Simple is best. For us, we use a recipe that uses soy sauce instead of the traditional fish sauce but the authentic flavour comes from tamarind.


A vegan, a person who's gluten free, someone with a nut allergy and an anorexic walk into a bar…

Lots of great options suggested. Go for a vegan risotto, bean-centric meals (dal is a great idea, or an Ethiopian w'et with gf injera), vegan tacos with corn tortillas, tofu scrambles, even hummus and roasted vegetables, etc.

A vegan pad thai with tofu and rice noodles could also work


May 21, 2014
blinknoodle in Home Cooking

Taking my mother to dinner

Hugo's. I love their authentic Mexican which is still very approachable


Apr 07, 2014
blinknoodle in Houston