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Jerusalem artichokes in Toronto?

I always get mine at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws
Look in the organic section, they are cheaper than the others (for some reason)

north 44 or auberge de pommier

defintiely Auberge...
My husband and I Had a small wedding.
We went to city hall and there were 13 people in total.
We had a lovely lunch at Canoe and by three oclock everyone was gone.
We had reservations at Auberge for dinner that night.
So it being our wedding day and all we decided to have the tasting menu paired with wines.
It was probably the best meal we have had in a restaurant in Toronto.
We went back for our anniversary the next year and it was just as good.
Probably my favourite restaurant in the city :)

Diners, drive-ins and dives

Haugens Chicken just outside of Port Perry is a good spot....

August Long Weekend

Wow... Thanks so much for all of the wonderful suggestions.
We are staying at the Four Points Sheraton so we are pretty central.
I had to wait until May 1 to make my reservation for Alinea which they are taking up until July and because we are going there on the Friday which is the 31st of July (if that makes sense)
North Pond sounds like a great suggestion for our Sunday Brunch :)
Another quick question... My husband and I are both in the "industry" him being a chef and myself a Pastry Chef and while we are in Chicago the Sommelier that works with my husband will be in town as well. So we have decided to meet up with him on the Sunday evening. Any suggestions for that?
Again I thank you soooo much

August Long Weekend

My husband and I are coming to Chicago for the August Long weekend. (We are from Toronto)
I have already made reservation for Alinea on Friday night and Topobolampo on Saturday night.
But we still have Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night to fill.
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for those evenings.
We definitely want to try some "Pizza"
Any help would be appreciated.

OMG! I'm getting married! Need a great romantic restaurant for the reception!

I had a small wedding and we went to Canoe for our wedding lunch.
It was absolutely wonderful.
We had one of the private rooms that overlooked the lake.
It was a bright sunny place.
It cost about 80 pp with wine....
Which I though was quite reasonable.
It really made it memorable.
(That night my husband and I went to Auberge du Pommier for dinner) Again it was Outstanding...

ISO: one person bodum

I know that Kitchen Stuff Plus carries them....

Pretty Cheap too

Wedding at Roof Lounge Park Hyatt

I'm with meld la.

I had my wedding lunch @ Canoe and I loved it.
They were very helpful from beginning to end.
The service was great, the food was great and the view was Spectacular.
It was the most memorable day so far in my life....

Another One Bites the Dust - Spices Cafe

Karuchie on College @ Ossington is done as well.....
So sad.

Karuchie Closed???

Just wondering whats up?
I went by lastnight and it was closed.
Tonight too.
Anyone know?

Loose Tea in Toronto

The Golden Mint is really great as well......

It is just south of College On Yonge......

Lots of YUMMY teas

French Lavender Honey

You really need to like the taste of Lavender.... and if you do you'll love it......

I know the Fromagerie on College carries it........

Summerlicious near King & Spadina?

I went for dinner on Monday.....(Not the Summerlicious Menu)
And had a great meal
Great wine, nice Atmosphere

Zucchini (Courgette) Flowers in TO?

I bought some at Dufferin Grove Market on Thurday......
5 for 1.00
Big ones as well
So may the Brick Works MArket on Saturday will have them

Sirs Sam's Resort

I grew up in Haliburton, and its a great little spot.....
I'm not sure about the food anymore, I know it used to be pretty good.
But down the road there is a new place called Rhubarb and it seems to be getting good reviews.
There is a thread on it....(Rhubarb that is)
I recommend going up is defenitely a beautiful place to be
makes me miss home :(

Dinner for 2

I would like to add Karuchie to that list of College Street restaurants.......

One City, One Table?????

Just wondering where all the comments are about One City, One Table......

I saw one Post about it with 8 replies, but thats it....

I thought it was a great, well put together event, and am totally looking forward to it next year.

Any other comments?


You can actually get them at any grocery store......
In the Cookie Aisle.

Looking for an AWESOME pastry shop

Celestin Bakery on Mount Pleasant.......Mmmmmm

Riceworks crisps? Aagh! Can't find them!

Shoppers Drug Mart Carries them....


I am taking a trip to Ottawa this summer and need some suggestions on places to eat while I am there. Lunch and dinner.
I haven't done very much research so I really have no idea whats there. Although I do know that I am not really interested in The Brook Street.....
Any help would be much appreciated

Coming to Montreal for the first time......

I am coming to Montreal this summer for a couple of days and was wondering where the best places to eat would be?
I have done a little bit of research, but wanted some more opnions.
I was thinking Garcon, because the menu that I read sounds delightful.
If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

Malt Syrup

Try Noahs Health Food Store
They have lots of different Syrups.....