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Chinatown Groceries All-Stars

Good recommendations...keep 'em coming.

Best New York Style pizza that's not Arinell?

I like Za but it's not NY style. Cornmeal = cheating, which isn't to say I don't like it. It's just not New York.

Chinatown Groceries All-Stars

Hey everyone -

Can people provide some recommendations on particular shops in Chinatown that are recommended because:

- They have better than average quality
- They are known for particular items (eg, Golden Gate Bakery's dan tat)
- They have better than average prices
- They speak enough English to get by

Let's break it down into several categories:

* Produce
* Meat
* Seafood
* Dry goods
* Deli / takeout places
* Bakery
* Specialty stores

Let the recommendations begin! Would love to hear from some Chinatown regulars...

Golden Gate Bakery
1029 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

BBQ in the East Bay: T-Rex, Brick's Pig House, Chef Edwards, Flints??

Has anyone tried Great American BBQ in Alameda recently? Historically, the reviews were bad, but it was bought late last year by a team that does really well in local BBQ competitions. There was one positive review in late 2007 but nothing since then. Would be interested to hear people's opinions on the place since the ownership change.

Best-O-Burger Open

For those not aware, this is the new slider burger concept open on Pine just down the street from Kearney. Today was opening day and I went. Yummy burgers - nice and juicy on the inside, but they definitely have some pink, so you may not like it if you like your meat well done. The side is a fries and thin onion rings combo, which was pretty good but not outstanding. The options I didn't try were a vegie-burger option, gelato shakes, and a salad alternative.

I'd say it's in the top 5 of burgers in the city. Definitely more tasty than other downtown options (e.g., Bistro), but I'm not sure that they be able to handle large volumes of people if it gets popular, so service could be the downfall. Wait times will likely get to be extremely long in the next few days, so go before the buzz hits.

Note: Carry out only, no sit down service.