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A 10-person, $500, food snob, Chelsea place?

I'm looking for a place to treat 10 people who are coming to NY to support me (from Boston, for a photography show). Where is a good place near Chelsea, where it won't cost me more than $500 to treat for 10? Cuisine/vibe/crowd: 30's, one vegan, three food snobs, bad food makes me sad, up for any kind of cuisine if it's great. Would love any recommendations. thank you!

May 04, 2009
tbags in Manhattan

Hip restaurant on Nantucket?

Hi. I'm looking for hip and swanky on nantucket. Think cool girls in their 30s, not mallard wallpaper, knowwhatI'msayin? Any and all suggestions would be great. Thanks a ton. t

May 05, 2008
tbags in All New England Archive