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La Cocina Mexicana, Newark report w/ pics

how does it compare to Los gallos, also in newark (if you've been)?


Americano (in the Hotel Vitale)

their french fries are amazing, tried one of their pizzas also it was ok at best, sorry usually just go there for drinks

Happy Hour- Palo Alto?

i never really had a problem at old pro, but there is a good happy hour at Nolas, 2 for 1 well drinks, and 2 dollar pints on every beer on tap (fat tire, sierra nevada, all the good stuff) and the food is pretty decent, honestly though after the drinks we end up going to Mings or Windys

Hip place with good vegetarian food in Palo Alto...

i went there this week, only saw a few trophy wives, other than that it was pretty empty, really good service, good drinks, and good bar food.

Hip place with good vegetarian food in Palo Alto...

Tamarine has been good when i went, fusion food, might fit the bill

Brewerys in SF for Oktoberfest party

Me and My friends are looking to throw an Oktoberfest themed party in San Francisco. looking specifically for a fun microbrewery/bar that would have some bomb bar food and also plays some good hip music as well. so far ive looked at the usual (thirsty bear, 21st, anchor house) but somewhere new or exciting would be just as cool. never done this before, so as much advice i can get the better.

im sorry if this is off topic, and ofcourse you are all welcome to join us once we get it settled.

thanks guys


just remembered My Thai is very good in fremont, their Fire spicy level is off the hook, and will get your picture on the wall

thai orchad in newark is also very good


if i go to sushi locally i usually go to Kioki, however this is important, you have to get the right sushi chef, i think his name is Haan, he really knows his stuff and does a better job overall compared to others.


for afghan food you might wanna check out Afghan Village, pretty good kabobs and such.

minervas has some great sandwhichs made in a pizza oven, on fremont blvd.

Masala Grill has some good fast indian/indian chinese food, no frills, but its a good change. Its also in fremont, i dont have the address, but a search should get it for you.

and theres Pakwaan and Shalimar, hole in the wall indian restaurants, that also exist in other cities across the bay area. both are in fremont, and both are equally as good, (only take cash).

ill update if i remember some more, welcome to the east bay/tri city

Best Chinese in the ______________ bay

my favorite chinese restarant has had an unbelieveable fall off, i need some help finding a new place, spend a lot of time in the south bay, live in the east bay, and am frequently up in the city.

looking for a place thats not too american and not way too authentic. Please help everytime I say I want chinese food, they say "lets go to PF CHangs" and it makes me not want to be there friend.

Pena Pachamama

has anyone been here, im thinking about taking my girlfriend here for her birthday, want to if it would be a good idea or not

dinner and maybe a show?

its my girl friend's bday on wednesday (the 19th), and i wanna take her to a mid price dinner (30-40 bucks per person) restaurant, ideally the place would have some kind of live entertainment thats actually entertaining and not just corny. we both love food very much, so it has to be really good. i cant really find anything, so please hook me up.